Motion Record: City of Brantford v. Ruby, Floyd, Hazel, Aaron, HDI and others


In a VoC post of May 15/08 called, ‘Brantford Council takes a stand while Haldimand dithers,’ I commended the leaders of Brantford for uniting to pass two by-laws directed at illegal work stoppages and extortion by native protesters on behalf of the Haudenosaunee Development Instituted (HDI).

Today, Brantford went even further by submitting a document to the Superior Court of Ontario seeking $110M in damages and asking the Court to notify the Attorney general that “the services of the Canadian Forces are required in aid of the civil power because a disturbance of the peace or riot is occurring or is likely to occur;” (p4, item (b)).

City of Brantford Motion Record
May 20/08, 135 pages – PDF

The Corporation of the City of Brantford – Plaintiff
– and –
Ruby Montour, Floyd Montour, Clive Garlow, Charlie Green, Mary Green, David Martin, Hazel Hill, Aaron Detlor, The Haudenosaunee Development Institute, Jane Doe, John Doe and persons unknown – Defendants


Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Director of Research
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality 

7 responses to “Motion Record: City of Brantford v. Ruby, Floyd, Hazel, Aaron, HDI and others

  1. The day in court was postponed until May30th at 10 a.m. because HDI did not have enough time to prepare their documents. Aaron Detlor declared in court he does not speak for HDI. In fact the Judge was told no one does even though Hazel Hill was there as well. Odd that Detlor has done so many radio interviews about HDI, but does not speak for them now that Brantford has found some intestinal fortitude to take him on.

    Perhaps denial is his way of saving his law license. I was disappointed that the Judge did not award an interim injunction to act until the next court date. Ruby of course went to great lengths to tell the Judge that the court house is on native land. He was not impressed.

    I fail to see why the OPP attended a court case for the City of Brantford in the city of Brantford.
    It involves the Brantford Municipal Police.

    Hope this Judge is not in McGuinty’s back pocket.


    VoC REPLY: Our info is that the case wasn’t postponed. The lawyer for the city (same lawyer for Frontenac Ventures, by the way) was very aggressive and went toe to toe with Detlor once he showed up. They just couldn’t get through everything in one sitting. I’m not surprised the OPP were there, after all they’re getting a very black eye from doing McGuinty’s bidding and the Brantford determination not to give in to thuggery is making them all look like idiots.

    Gee…the recommendations of the Ipperwash Inquiry have now taken us to the brink of another Oka crisis in Brantford and another Ipperwash in Deseronto. I wonder when the media will begin to pay attention to our exposure of the Ipperwash coverup??? Regards, Mark

  2. History repeats itself Mark when those in power refuse to look at all sides of an issue. I knew this would happen as surely as the sun comes up when Sidney Lynden did his very biased Inquiry.
    Those learned men were paid a lot of money to put us where we are today.

    We continue to pay too much money for the inactions of those who think victims should be sacrificed for their safety be it political for re-election or physical in the inaction of those hired to serve and protect. Heads should roll over this fiasco and the public deserves to see a few decision makers behind bars.

    I don’t think that Mr. and Mrs. John Q.Public should have to pay for the natives, the police, the cowardly politicians and the law suits while still being victimized by a corrupt system. Some of the role players responsible for this should be personally accountable to the law and with their own money.


    VoC REPLY: Well said, Mary Lou. Mark

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  4. WL Mackenzie Redux

    It shouldn’t be Brantford taking on this six nations lawlessness themselves, The whole damn media should be on side….they should also be hammering McGuinty night and day for pointing fingers at everyone from Gary McHale to the feds…THIS IS YOUR MESS DALTON….CLEAN IT UP!!

    It’s insane that a city in McGuinty’s jurisdiction has to fight lawlessness and fraud itself and cope with the resulting renegade violence by appealing to the federal military…where’s Dalton? Where’s the protection we pay all his property and administrative tax for?

    VoC REPLY: Well said, WL. Of course, one could also ask, Where was Brantford when Caledonia was/is under seige? When Gary McHale was forced to speak on the grass under the streetlights in Brantford on Oct 05/06 because Mayor Hancock reneged on his room rental agreement? When the Brantford Expositor ran that disgusting editorial making fun of McHale’s injuries suffered Dec 01/07 at the hands of native smokeshack thugs?

    The City of Brantford deserves sympathy and some credit for standing up, but they sure aren’t ‘heroes’ in any sense of the word. They remained silent when Caledonia was under attack and they tried to silence a true hero who tried to warn them about the dangers of native extremism and OPP duplicity.

    Of course, Haldimand’s continued silence and refusal to help either themselves or Brantford is nothing short of scandalous.

    The media…yes, the media…

    Even now that McGuinty’s Ipperwash recommendations have taken us to the very edge of anarchy, the media still refuses to expose the Inquiry’s coverup of evidence from Ipperwash residents. In recent weeks I have been pleading with 3 major news outlets to run our op-ed article, ‘McGuinty’s Ipperwash Cover-up: how the Ipperwash Inquiry suppressed evidence of native crime against residents and set Ontario on a collision course with land claim anarchy,’ without success, despite the promise of one to do so – which is why we wrote it in the first place. It has become apparent that we will have to publish it ourselves.

    If there is bloodshed in Brantford, in Caledonia, in Deseronto, or anywhere else in Ontario due to landclaim lawlessness it will not be because we did not do everything possible to try to stop it. It will be the fault, in large part, of so-called ‘mainstream media’ who refused to tell the truth even though they knew it well. Shame on them.

    Thanks for writing, WL. Mark

  5. WL Mackenzie Redux

    Mark said:
    “one could also ask, Where was Brantford when Caledonia was/is under seige?”

    Touche’…or where was Sloat until Dunville got gooned? It seems that not only craveness in Government but good old fashioned community NIMBY has allowed the lawlessness to spread.

  6. Murray Hilton

    This most certainly is McDinky’s mess. He and his Provincial Government is most assuredly responsible for the policing of the province; they are the ones directing the two tier (in)justice system for sure.

    But it is solely, 100% the Federal Government that has to get the land claims settled. Unfortunately with the Federal and Provincial elected members along with their ‘joined-at-the-hip’ simple servants; they can continue to point fingers at each other and do nothing worth mentioning, thereby leaving Native and Non-Native victims all over Ontario.

    There are two distinctly different levels of responsibility that needs lots of work and much less gibberish.

    Thank goodness for CWUC and VofC for bringing this mess to the rest of Ontario and Canada, or it would likely have sat for many more years with the citizens of Caladonia being the real prolonged victims.

    Very good for you all, for ‘sticking to your guns’.


    Murray Hilton

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