‘End of the beginning’ for struggle against race-based policing

t-shirt_free-caledonia-now_sep22-07.jpg“The Germans have received back again that measure of fire and steel which they have so often meted out to others. Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

— Winston Churchill, Lord Mayor’s Luncheon at Mansion House following the victory at El Alamein, North Africa, London, 10 November 1942 [from The Churchill Centre]

For those of us who have invested so much in resisting OPP race-based policing, it was good news indeed to discover that Fantino has been forced to tell Six Nations Confederacy chiefs in an emergency meeting that he will have to enforce court injunctions against native protesters who attempt to extort money from landowners via illegal occupations and blockades. 

Just one day after posting, ‘Dramatic developments coincide with CANACE activities‘ on VoC, the Brantford Expositor has reported that OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino met with Six Nations Confederacy chiefs to let them know the party’s almost over.

“He said if an injunction comes down, the OPP will have to follow it and make arrests,” said a native person who attended the meeting but asked not to be identified in print.”

Brantford Expositor, May 24/08: OPP will make arrests: Fantino  [PDF] [REPRINT]

We’re not dancing for joy yet, because Fantino has obviously been dragged kicking and screaming into this position by the growing resistance to the outrage of landclaim lawlessness and racial policing. We’re not yet at the point where we need to be – i.e. the OPP top 100 officers have been fired and all traces of racially or politically driven policing practices have been eradicated. Still, the fact that Fantino felt it necessary to request an emergency meeting with the chiefs to explain how the rule of law works, tells me that we are now at – as Churchill described it – the end of the beginning of the struggle against race-based policing.

All this just weeks after CANACE (a) released its groundbreaking report, ‘Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations that exposed the utter lack of legal justification for race-based policing,’ (b) assisted a Cayuga builder in gathering evidence for charges against native protesters, and (c) met with 2 federal MPs who distributed 20 copies of 4 CANACE reports throughout Ottawa!

Landclaim lawlessness – the beginning of the end

One only has to read how native thugs threatened to ‘carve up’ OPP officers and kill their families while they were on duty April 26/08 at the Caledonia highway blockade to understand the depths of depravity society is being forced to deal with as a consequence of exempting native protesters from the law.

“Do your job or I’ll kill your family”

“We’re going to carve you up tonight.”

“I can fucking hurt you. Don’t kid yourself. I can fucking hurt you.”

“One officer said he “considered using his firearm.”

“The officers stood on the highway. The OPP documents say at one point the officers were outnumbered “four to one.” But at other points, officer put the number of ATVs at anywhere from 20 to 40. Officers repeatedly ordered the natives to leave the road. They did not obey. Instead, the sped past the police or circled them, coming dangerously close to hitting them. They did “wheelies” and revved their engines. According to documents, at least two officers had to leap out of the way. Another’s hand was hit by an ATV.

“The ATV leader — who told a cop, “We’re on a poker run” — at one point drove onto the open part of Argyle Street, weaving in and out of oncoming traffic, swearing at motorists and forcing drivers to pull over to avoid a crash.”

Hamilton Spectator, May 08/08: OPP seize Spectator photos  [PDF]

This, by the way, isn’t the first time that police have been assaulted recently by native thugs in Caledonia. On Dec 01/07, at least 15 assaults by as many as 20 different natives were perpetrated against OPP officers, but not one of them resulted in a criminal charge. Is it any wonder, then, that natives felt free to threaten and attack officers on April 26/08? (We are preparing some ‘paperwork’ on this subject.)

The thugs who have terrorized Caledonia aren’t going to go quietly, but the writing is on the wall for them. The more violent they become, the more they lose public opinion; the more politically possible it becomes for politicians to choke off the pursestrings to reserves that support violence and organized crime; the more law enforcement activities they will bring down on their communities; the more anger they will engender in honourable natives. Native thugs are their own worst enemy, and they will destroy themselves. 

A long struggle for truth and justice

We have, of course, been warning about the dangers posed by OPP enablement of native extremists for nearly two years, but the OPP leadership and the politicians who direct them chose to smear our names and cover it up rather than acknowledge the growing evil threat their rabid violent nature posed to society . 

Now that police officers who have been assaulted and threatened are taking action, and builders with court injunctions might actually obtain some police protection from the OPP instead of obstructionism, it is inevitable that the whole race-based policing model is going to collapse. One day, all citizens of Ontario will receive equal treatment before the law irrespective of their race or grievance. 

But, don’t break out the champagne just yet…we’ve still got a ways to go before that happens. I must admit, though, I have begun to wonder just how soon can we get rid of the top 100 of the OPP brass? Then again, will 100 ‘early retirements’ be enough to undo the damage?

P.S. Be sure to read Jeff Parkinson’s take on Fantino’s newfound respect for court orders in, ‘OPP may reluctantly do job: Fantino

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Director of Research
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality 

2 responses to “‘End of the beginning’ for struggle against race-based policing

  1. Hi! Mark,
    Just heard today that in the Kingspan injunction in paragraph 4, the OPP are trying to get out of having to respond to that injunction and leave it to the Brantford police alone. I cannot believe that the OPP are fighting so hard not to uphold the law even to help another police department. Apparently this injunction has a great bearing on the outcome of where the OPP will be in the City of Brantford injunction. The OPP are trying so hard to get out of honoring these injunctions that I along with, I am sure others smell something very fishy in this approach.

    Is the Province up to something behind closed doors, or has our OPP finally decided that they will act in no way with Six Nations no matter what?? How can they justify this under their policing mandate as it now exists to serve and protect ALL citizens of this Province???? I am thoroughly disgusted with the OPP approach and believe we need RCMP to takeover now or no one will be safe in Ontario. It is not peace keeping when people are suffering due to blatant OPP inaction towards criminal activity which is based solely on race.


    VoC REPLY: Hi Mary-Lou. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past 2 years, there’s no level too low for the OPP or McGuinty government to sink to. The good news is, the more they try to worm their way out of their responsibilities, the more guilty they look. Not to worry, the OPP know that race-based policing is finished, but they don’t know how to deal with it. They know all their filthy skullduggery and lawlessness is going to end up in the courts sooner or later. Speaking of which…Gary and Jeff were in Cayuga court today filing some private prosecutions against various individuals while I’ve been working on a great big surprise for some OPP officers for their roles in Dec 01/07.

    Regards, Mark

  2. WL Mackenzie Redux

    Having to use self initiated court actions to force police to do their duty…my God! There is such a surreal Alice in blunderland surrealism about Onterrible these days..the mad hatter sits in Queen’s park, the march hare his minister…the mad tea party has lasted too long.

    VoC REPLY: If you think citizens fighting the police to lay charges against criminals is ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ have a look at CWUC and the picture of Fantino [Turtle Island News May 28/08] yucking it up with cop-assaulter Clyde Powless and Floyd Montour, one of the leaders of the builder-blockades on behalf of the HDI extortion program! And, be sure to scroll down to see the picture of Ruby Montour holding a sign proclaiming ‘Indian Wars alive in Ontario.’ Oh yes, and don’t miss the quote from Chief MacNaughton talking about how he and fellow natives are going to go to war if Brantford persists in demanding that the law be upheld.

    This so-called Commissioner of the OPP has spent the last year defaming non-native activists and falsely blaming them for having a violent agenda, all the while he behaves as though his force was bought and paid for by native thugs. He has refused to meet with non-natives to address our concerns about his racist policies and his defamation campaign, but he doesn’t mind meeting with the instigator and perpetrator of violence against his own officers.

    Never mind Alice, I feel like I’m in an Hieronymous Bosch painting. Help!

    Thanks for the comment, WL. Mark