Fantino yuks it up with Clyde and Floyd, ignores victims of native violence


UPDATED 2317 EST May 31/08

This post began as a comment by WL McKenzie Redux in response to my reply to a reader in which I mentioned that Jeff and Gary were filing private prosecutions in a Cayuga court.

Having to use self initiated court actions to force police to do their duty…my God! There is such a surreal Alice in blunderland surrealism about Onterrible these days..the mad hatter sits in Queen’s park, the march hare his minister…the mad tea party has lasted too long.

VoC REPLY (updated 2317 EST May 31/08): If you think citizens fighting the police to lay charges against criminals is ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ have a look at the picture of Fantino  [from Turtle Island News May 28/08] yucking it up with cop-assaulter Clyde Powless and Floyd Montour, one of the leaders of the builder-blockades on behalf of the HDI extortion program! This so-called Commissioner of the OPP has spent the last year defaming non-native activists and falsely blaming them for having a violent agenda, all the while he behaves as though his force was bought and paid for by native thugs. He has refused to meet with non-natives to address concerns about his force’s racist policies and his defamation campaign, but he doesn’t mind meeting with the instigator and perpetrator of violence against his own officers on Dec 01/07. Powless led the swarm of native smokeshack supporters who kicked and punched Gary McHale in an unprovoked attack by cowardly jumping him from behind as officers were trying to escort him to safety.

Our sources say that Fantino never even offered to visit Sam Gualtieri until long after the attack on him, and only then because of media pressure. By then, the Gualtieri’s lawyer told him not to bother since they had already started an action against the OPP.  [For more info on the many victims of race-based policing, see, ‘CANACE report: The Human Costs of Illegal Occupations‘ (downloaded more than 20,000 times since December!).]

Never mind Alice, I feel like I’m in an Hieronymous Bosch painting. Help!

Thanks for the comment, WL. Mark

From ‘End of the beginning’ for struggle against race-based policing, 2008/05/28 at 7:15 PM


5 responses to “Fantino yuks it up with Clyde and Floyd, ignores victims of native violence

  1. Dear Mark,

    Like I have said before, if we hadn’t experienced all this first hand, the book would have to be published under science fiction.

    Oddly, the military had been put on standby at Ipperwash as well, but after the death of Dudley George, the press went bezerk on the requisition for personnel carriers etc, and totally ignored any info about what the natives had been up to that caused the whole confrontation in the first place. At least this time the natives are being vocal before hand on what is coming if the injunctions are honoured by the police. Of course their threats as usual are veiled in how the non-native community will once again be at fault for native lawless decisions.

    Fantino is a disgrace, at no time in his role as commissioner has he found even an hour to so much as at least listen to what residents in Caledonia and Brantford have been through. However, he has had all the time in the world to talk to native dissidents about their complaints. He is going to have a really hard time blaming all this on innocent residents. I suppose now it will be on developers and Mike Hancock to be the scapegoats for his disastrous approach to NOT enforcing the laws of this Province equally as opposed to race.

    For once I think Fantino will be behind the eight ball and McGuinty and gang will make Fantino the scapegoat. Isn’t absolute power wonderful , that is while it lasts.


    VoC REPLY: Yes…while it lasts.

    Did you hear? John Findlay beat the best McGuinty could throw at him when a judge dismissed a motion (yesterday, I think) to have the Caledonia Class Action dismissed. The next and final stage is Certification. Once that’s accomplished, Findlay will be the defacto spokesperson for Caledonia, and will have the right to subpoena lots and lots of documents from lots and lots of people who would really prefer not to turn them over. No doubt the lights were burning late last night in QP and Orillia.

    This is a good day, ML. Those who have oppressed our rights are being backed into the corner as we speak, and we will not stop until race-based policing is dead and buried so that no more Ontario children will grow up in fear because the police take orders from thugs not to protect them.

    Regards, Mark

  2. WL Mackenzie Redux

    The dark irony of the situation , Mary-Lou, is that McGuinty’s stupefied, craven handling of the matter and Fantino’s malfeasant toadying to Dolton’s mad butt covering dictums, has put this situation to a point where military intervention will be inevitable.

    The Renegades are just that; renegades …filled with hate and insane orthodxies who can be expected to do nothing less than what a delinquent raging brat would do…it was up to the government to show them that this is not conducive to their best interests or long term welfare.

    The government is run by a weak foolish man who has never had to confront such nihilistic lawlessness and mad anarchisms.

    At the outset of trouble ALL government funding to SN shoiuld have been suspended,,ALL including entitlement payments. The leaders should have been rounded up or tracked down and incarcerated and the reserve sealed off until calm prevailed…whatever the cost.

    Putting that task off for 2 years will now take a greater toll than if it was the first line of response.

    I believe this is now the only option, because clearly the lunatics are in charge of SN and you cannot reason with, bargain with or satisfy the madness of a lunatic.

    VoC REPLY: Hi WL. I can’t believe that these extremists have the nerve to talk, as Ovide Mercredi did in threatening Canada on Friday (see Brantford takes a stand for democracy in Canada against native threats!) about the ‘rule of law’ out of one side of their mouths while they make outrageous threats out of the other side! The Supreme Court has defined what aboriginal rights are and what they aren’t. The Supreme Court has defined the limitations on Duty to Consult. There is no Colour of Right to commit crimes and illegal occupations. We know because we did the research:

    CANACE report: Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations

    How dare these thugs and extortionists talk about the ‘rule of law’ and threaten the country with lawlessness and violence at the same time! At least, it’s out in the open, now. They’ve given up pretending that their goals have anything to do with peacefully settling legitimate grievances, but are nothing more than a violent cash grab and sociopathic insurrection founded on ignorance. What a surprise! Gee, who could have known? Regards, Mark

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  4. Fantino is still yucking it up with natives.
    Now he is blaming the switching of flags from the towers to Canadian Flags as an excuse for natives to build a driveway into the smoke shacks. Ergo no action to stop this.
    This is completely insane. The equipment was in place long before the flag switch took place. It would take quite some time to climb those towers and switch those flags without native intervention unless of course, the natives did it to give them an excuse to do more outrageous acts. That driveway will cause someone to get killed turning onto Argyle St. The OPP, the government of Ontario and the MTO don’t give a hoot about anyone not native getting hurt.
    These men should be prosecuted and sent to jail for reckless endangerment to the public. This whole scenario is so bizarre. Is Ontario now a third world country with a dictatorship and no law?????


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