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UPDATE 1145 EST June 03/08: Jim Anderson advises that the Lion’s sponsored Fish Fry event described below raised $4,000! Thanks to those Lions. Well done. Roaaaarrr!!! Jim says, “The public response to the Wheel to Walk Marathon has been excellent, and we can’t wait until the official send off from Victoria BC on June 10th. ” 

I received this message from Jim Anderson who has volunteered to accompany 4 wheelchair athletes and provide tech assistance as they cross Canada to raise money to support ground-breaking spinal cord regeneration research by McMaster University that shows great promise in being able to help some people with spinal cord injuries walk – possibly within 5 years!

Many thanks to Jim for donating so much of his time to such a worthy cause. It certainly is not a suprise to those who know him, though!


Just a note to remind everyone to keep viewing our Blog site http://www.wheeltowalkcanada.wordpress.com/. Also during our 3 1/2 month cross Canada marathon there will be real time posting of our on road position utilizing the latest GPS and internet technology. Check out our main web site for the GPS data and more photos and information www.wheeltowalkcanada.org.
A new post on the very successful Rockton Lion’s Club Fish Fry is now posted. Please check it out and submit your comments. After many conversations on Saturday afternoon I was compelled to dedicate my blog to the theme “Just like the Rats.”

I have attached the latest blog in the hope you will be inspired as I have been to become a part of the solution. Reality tells me that it is up to us you, me and everyone that we can inspire to become engaged in this very important cause that will in the end raise the 10 million dollars necessary for these doctors to finish their Human clinical trials. 30 cents at a time.

Please read the post and forward this email to as many people as you can find email addresses for and you will truly be a part of the Team and Solution.

Thanks, Jim Anderson

Yesterday’s WordPress Blog:

Rockton Lions Club Fish Fry and “Just Like the Rats”

On Saturday afternoon we met at the Rockton Fairgrounds for the Rockton Lion’s Hosted Fishfry.

The event was a complete success and the crowds moved through the Agricultural hall steadily throughout the evening enjoying friendly chats with friends and neighbours and the satisfaction of community participation.

It was nice for me to attend an event in my home community and witness such a large community support for the Wheel To Walk event.

We had the support van and trailer on display and answered many questions. The athletes posed for pictures with friends and supporters.

One interesting comment I heard during the evening was “You mean the Doctors have repaired the severed spinal cords on Lab rats and the Rats are Walking and for only 30 cents from every Canadian they will be able to make injured humans walk again …..Just Like the Rats…..”

We responded “yes that’s correct ….all we need …. to enable these same Doctors to repair the severed spinal cords on Human Lab Rats is 10 million dollars which equates to only 30 cents from every Canadian.”

What an understatement. The Rats are walking and with only 30 cents from every Canadian our Doctors can complete their Human Clinical Trials thus enabling the medical profession to repair chronic spinal cord damage and enable Humans to walk again…..Just Like the Rats! ….. Can you imagine the impact that will have on the quality of lives for all all those individuals presently chained to a wheelchair?

I’d like to thank the Rockton Lions Club for hosting this very successful event in support of the Wheel to Walk cross Canada marathon.

To the many people I talked with today I assure you we will complete our trip and the money we raise will enable these talented research Doctors to complete their science and yes our friends will one day be able to walk again…..Just like the Rats!

Thanks for your interest, your caring and your help.

Jim Anderson /for Wheel to Walk Canada 

Blog site:    www.wheeltowalkcanada.wordpress.com

Main Web Site:     www.wheeltowalkcanada.org



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