Big win for Brantford and for Canada!

In ‘Brantford takes a stand for democracy in Canada against native threats,’ VoC commented on how Brantford’s lawyer, Neil Smitheman, warned the court not to give in to Ovide Mercredi’s threats of violence because it would mean the end of democracy in Canada. Thankfully, the judge agreed.


Yesterday, Justice Taylor granted the injunction sought by the City of Brantford, ordering that there be no more blockades, threats, intimidation, work stoppages.

The judge rejected a defence request to appoint a separate judge to case-manage the proceedings, and a defence motion to strike down City of Brantford by-laws passed to stop natives from interfering with development sites.

Thank you, Justice Taylor!

Thank you, Brantford!

Thank you, Neil Smitheman!

Thank you for standing up for democracy, for the rule of law, for justice, for everything I thought my country was about.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Director of Research
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality


6 responses to “Big win for Brantford and for Canada!

  1. WL Mackenzie Redux

    What was that movement I caught out of the corner of my eye? Was it that worm turning?

    VoC REPLY: I saw it, too! Thanks, WL. Mark


    VoC REPLY: Thanks for writing, Lloyd. Yes, maybe the majority of native people will realize that the extremists in their midst are no friend to their cause and reign them in. Maybe. Regards, Mark

  3. Well, two years on and finally a judge rules that extortion is illegal when -minority- criminals do it.

    I’m relieved that victim group politics hasn’t trumped the basis of Canadian law, that being ownership of land and the right to go about one’s business unmolested.

    At this point a note of caution regarding the OPP. Their purpose under the law is to keep the peace, not protect private property. Its going to take more than one measly injunction to get Fantino and the boys to urn around and face the Indians instead of the construction workers in Caledonia.

    VoC REPLY: Yes, indeed Phantom, it probably will, but at least Julie and co. know they’re in a fight. Regards, Mark

  4. E. Omahkataayo Esq.

    I’m sorry but I do not agree with the statement, Big win for Brantford and for Canada. You speak of democracy and the constitution, what I see is the blatant disregard for democracy, the constitution, and rulings by the Supreme Court of Canada.

    Canada was slowly moving forward on constitutional and human rights, but now we see it backsliding. We cannot disagree with the decision made by Justice Taylor, not because it is right, but because of the lack of evidence and or legal representation on the part of the Indigenous persons. You speak of extortion, but appear to be stating that it is one sided, on the part of the Natives. History must start when you say it does and only those who go against your views are on the wrong side, prejudice comes in many forms and is un-constitutional, or does your opinion only matter on this or these issue(s) as well?

    VoC REPLY: You said you see disrespect for democracy, the Constitution and the rulings of the Supreme Court by Brantford/Canada. This suggests to me that you have not read our ‘Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations’ report cited in the article. Do that, and then explain to me how natives are respecting those institutions with illegal occupations of land affecting people who have no legal duty or liability to consult or accommodate them. If natives have grievances, they can take them to court like the rest of us. The problem is, native thugs have learned – with the assistance of people like Dalton ‘Neville Chamberlain’ McGuinty that using extortion, crime, violence and terror are a whole lot easier than having to actually prove their claims in an open, transparent legal process.

    I fear the day when non-natives decide that the law no longer applies to them either.

    Thanks for writing. Mark

  5. A big step in the right direction. The law must and should be respected by all Canadians.

  6. Karonerora:kwe

    Ahhh Mark,

    Keep your eye on the bouncing ball. The “Fat Man” has sung his victory song prematurely methinks. I guess you lost sight of everyone’s right to appeal and counter strategy. You, and your ‘followers’ have that which you wished for; we are in court. There is every possibility the “Big win for Brantford” could be reversed. And, if it should be reversed under the “Rule of Law” you cram down our throats at every opportunity, what will be your response then?

    I wouldn’t be so fast to gloat Mark. We have a long path in front of us and many obstacles to overcome in our quest for justice. I would think….the one characteristic of our people you have overlooked is, our long-enduring tenacity and determination.

    Remember. you have us where you have publicly stated over and over and over again, you want us….in YOUR court system. We will see, what we will see.