July 08/08 – the day ordinary citizens took back Ontario


UPDATED 2045 EST July 11/08

UPDATED 1126 EST July 10/08:

One of the most important legal decisions in Ontario’s history with respect to ending landclaim lawlessness was released today in a Cayuga courtroom by Justice of the Peace Dan M. MacDonald when he announced that summons for Floyd and Ruby Montour were to be issued so that they can face criminal charges in connection with their occupation of construction sites in Cayuga and Hagersville.

Today is a landmark day in the struggle to end race-based policing in Ontario. Remember July 08, 2008, for this is the day that ordinary citizens, led by CANACE Executive Director Gary McHale – against overwhelming odds – stood up proudly and defiantly to wrest responsibility for preserving Canadian values such as the rule of law and equality before the law away from corrupt politicians and police until they are once more worthy of being entrusted with it.

See, ‘CANACE ‘extortion’ charges certified by Ontario Court of Justice‘ for the whole story on todays developments, including a copy of the court ruling and info on other charges CANACE will be pursuing in the coming weeks and months.

Please keep in mind that the Montours have not been convicted of any crime and are innocent until proven guilty.

CANACE message to the OPP and Liberal government

I trust that you have, by now, come to understand that you will NOT be allowed to take away our rights. You will NOT succeed in allowing us to be victimized for politically-correct expediency. You will NOT destroy the rule of law in Canada. You will NOT conduct policing based on race. You will NOT silence us.  We – ALL Ontarians – are stakeholders in the relationship with native peoples and we will NOT be kept from the table as you deal away our rights as Canadian citizens. You will ignore us no longer. It is now time to talk about how to end this shameful chapter in Ontario’s history. Please, give us a call if you’re ready to hold meaningful discussions about finding ways to address legitimate native grievances without violating the rights of non-native citizens.

We’re ready to talk if you are.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Director of Research
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality



4 responses to “July 08/08 – the day ordinary citizens took back Ontario

  1. VoC note: This comment was submitted to another post – McHale wins judicial review hearing in Cayuga court! – prior to this article being published.

    Dear Mark,

    I just read on the Canace site the certification of the charges against Ruby and Floyd Montour.

    I am overwhelmed by this victory and so thankful that people like you, Gary, and Jeff have come so far with no money and no legal expertise. I hope the OPP hang their heads in shame, and now the Brantford police for also having everything at their disposal to do their jobs and not doing a damn thing.

    It is gratifying to know that any individual with a true cause can make a difference without violence, but by using the law as it should be used.

    We owe all of you a debt of gratitude for even trying to go the distance with virtually nothing but the will to right an indescribably detrimental wrong being allowed to escalate by the very people entrusted to protect us.

    McGuinty may be intent on turning Ontario into a lawless land in lawless hands, but now we know for sure with the sacrifices of you people and your small support team there are those who will do whatever is necessary at great personal hardship for the benefit of those who have floundered and delayed taking a stand.

    There can now be no excuses for those who do not standup for the rights of others. You men have shown the way. Those who are compromised in any way by native lawlessness and violence need to press their own charges if the OPP or any other police force refuses. The hope is that the courts will continue to endeavour to hold up the law equal to all.

    Thank You. You are all awesome.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for the kind words Mary-Lou. They mean a lot coming from you. Regards, Mark Readers should take time to read, ‘The Strength of a Woman’ – Mary-Lou LaPratte, Ipperwash hero.’

  2. Tim Hopkins

    The Expositor reports the following from Mondays “insurgency” in Brantford:

    “Ruby Montour was clearly worried that she might have been arrested if she went onto the disputed sites.

    “I’m a surety for someone so I can’t afford to get charged,” said Montour, noting she was pleased at the turnout. ”

    Brave Ruby, is this courageous old lady starting to feel the heat?

    VoC REPLY: Hi Tim. As Jeff Parkinson said in the title of his amazing story from yesterday, “CANACE cancels the Floyd and Ruby show.” Thanks for the comment. Regards, Mark

  3. WL Mackenzie Redux

    Great news in a return to sanity and equitable rule of law! Floyd and Ruby are really poor political targets for prosecution for extortion ( the crooks sent the old folks out to make collections) when it is HDI which is at fault. But I suppose you have to swat some flies before you bulldoze the manure pile.

    Kudos CANACE! I hope this encourages more extortionist-intimidated developers and land owners to come forward and lay private informations of extortion and fraud.

    I also see that this has potential to spray the HCI manure heap right into the Premier’s office, or at least his ministers, with charges of malfeasance and counselling abuse of process. (Where did the Keystone Kops get the idea the legal deeding system is not the final authority of property ownership? Were they trained in Cuba?)

    Again Bravo! This is a good day for Civil justice. The Vampire has been dragged out in the sunlight and the stake awaits.

    VoC REPLY: Floyd and Ruby made themselves the perfect target for charges the moment they allowed themselves to be used by HDI who thought they’d be untouchable. Old or not, female or not, native or not, no one in Canada gets to subvert the rule of law and cause economic disaster to huge areas of Ontario. Having said all that, yes I agree that the crooks who’ve been using the Montours deserve to be held accountable. Believe me, they will be. Someone pass me the holy water, quick!

    Those in the OPP and Ontario government who encouraged it all also deserve some ‘attention’ and we are doing that to the best of our ability and limited resources, too. We’re also working on laying the first-ever ‘Terrorism’ charge against a native ‘protester.’ More research required, but we just got a big part of the evidence we needed.

    As for the Keystone Kops and their disdain for Ontario’s Land Titles System, have you seen the video we just released from our day in Cayuga gathering evidence against the Floyd & Ruby show? Here’s the link just in case. Pay attention as he also says the OPP is taking orders from the Crown Attorney. Stunning stuff! Can you believe the BS bizzaro logic coming out this cop’s mouth! I can’t believe he can even say it with a straight face. Now that you mention it I wonder if the OPP have been sending officers to Cuba to take lessons in logic from Castro’s boys.

    Thanks for the support, WL. Regards, Mark P.S. When we finally get the financial resources we need, a bulldozer will be at the top of the list. Mind you, we’ve got Gary, so I think the dozer is already covered. 🙂

  4. This is great news ! One law for all people!

    VoC REPLY: Yes, it is, isn’t it? Watch for more great news in the coming weeks and months. Thanks for writing Rob. Regards, Mark