Merlyn Kinrade’s ‘Ode to CANACE’

3 CANACE founders were included in this masterpiece capturing the essence of the Caledonia crisis. Merlyn Kinrade is at top left of maple leaf facing away from Canadian flag.

UPDATED 2023 EST July 13/08

CANACE’s Caledonia Liaison Merlyn Kinrade was feeling both creative and optimistic thanks to CANACE’s accomplishments in its struggle to end race-based policing and landclaim lawlessness, and decided to turn his thoughts into the following poem:

‘Ode to CANACE’

Merlyn, Mark, Jeff and Gary
On their backs they continue to carry
Fantino, Dalton and Mr. Bryant
These three amigos couldn’t be silent
They continued with their slanderous rant
But the CANACE founders said, You can’t!
Slander us at your peril if you will
We’ll make your scam seem all uphill
Two tier justice can never work
So Mr. Fantino don’t be a jerk
Instruct your officers one and all
To make arrests without the race call
For if you choose wrong over right
CANACE members will continue the fight
Law and order must prevail
Or democracy will surely fail

M. Kinrade
RCN Ret;d
Co-founder & Caledonia Liaison
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality 

VoC Comment

Merlyn has been nothing short of an unmoveable rock in speaking and acting for the best interests of Caledonia and all victims of landclaim lawlessness in Ontario. One day his town will recognize the tremendous debt they owe to him.

Merlyn was immortalized in Caledonia artist Barb Patterson-Tucks amazing painting depicting the Caledonia agony called, ‘Caught in the Middle.’ She painted him right where he belonged – at the top of the maple leaf. Two other CANACE founders, Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas are also depicted.


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