A reader comments on Haldimand Tract Good Neighbours Coalition appeasement plan

UPDATED 2123 EST July 14/08

“An appeaser is someone who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

Winston Churchill

CANACE released three editorials yesterday to aggressively counter an attempt by a coalition of Brantford builders called the Haldimand Tract Good Neighbours Coalition to sell out Canadian justice by urging municipalities to turn over taxpayer’s monies to the Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI), an organization that has shut down development sites in Hagersville, Cayuga and Brantford with intimidation and illegal occupations.

The HDI has been accused of extortion by both MPP Toby Barrett and MPP Bob Runciman:

So far, 2 HDI activists have been charged with Extortion, Mischief and Intimidation by CANACE co-founder Gary McHale, and a 3rd – Brantford occupation spokesperson Steve Powless – was charged with Assault by the OPP for punching Mr. McHale in the head in an unprovoked attack on Dec 01/07 at a protest at an illegal smokeshack in Caledonia. 

Today, less than one day after the release of the three anti-appeasement CANACE editorials, native thugs punched two Brantford police officers, one of them in the face, as one was being arrested for blocking access to a development site. That wasn’t enough – the gang’s spokesperson (the same man who attacked Mr. McHale on Dec 01/07) issued a threat against the people of Brantford:

Powless showed the unmitigated arrogance of native gangster/extremists with this unbelievable taunt while threatening the people of Brantford:

“They just have a little rinky-dink force,” Powless said. “I don’t know how they’re going to stop us.”

Hamilton Spectator/Canadian Press, July 14/08: Aboriginal protesters in Brantford vow ‘one hell of a fight’ after arrest  [PDF]

Tomorrow Mr. McHale plans to file charges against 5 key organizer/ringleaders of the HDI tomorrow.

Yes, these are the upstanding, reasonable gangsters who the HTGNC would have taxpayers believe would stop committing crimes if only they were bribed with municipal funds not to do so. CANACE isn’t buying it, and neither should you:

A reader comments on the HTGNC appeasement plan

A longtime VoC reader who goes by the name of WL Mackenzie Redux had some thoughts on the HTGNC plan to give his money to criminals in order to bribe them not to commit crimes:

Nobody is going to use MY taxes to pay criminal extortion fees incurred by a private enterprise. Particularly when they have an obvious legal remedy to rid themselves of the claim. There is no judgement on the claim and there should be no public funds expended as if the claim was settled.


There are charges you can lay against private enterprises who do this, and certainly against any government who would release public funds for this purpose….an injunction at least. I suspect that a class action by taxpayers is also viable.

The only thing worse than the perfidity of a malfeasant bureaucrat is a sleazy crony capitalist who dips their beak into public funds to escape liability risk.

When you see the mutual alignment of patronage capitalism and kleptocratic statism …combined this is the pith of fascist economic feudalism….collusion between private capital and state to plunder public resources.

Anyone who would open a major business enterprise in this environment is either naive or part of the insider crony cabal colluding with the kleptocrats for public business subsidy.

This developer’s “association” seeking public subsidy to pay illegal demands should be served with notice by a public officer or someone acting as the public’s agent.

WL Mackenzie Redux, July 14/08

VoC reply: Hi WL. If anyone attempts to aid and abet the HDI extortion program, CANACE will pursue all remedies to stop it if the authorities refuse to do so. This birdbrained scheme to flush taxpayers’ money down the toilet by bribing criminals needs to be squashed like a bug – and fast!

I can just see it now. Brantford & Haldimand send millions of dollars to the current group of thugs today. Tomorrow, a new group of thugs says, We weren’t consulted. Pay up! Five years from now the next group of thugs says the first two groups of thugs were cheated, so send another cheque…or else. And then disingenuous politicians and media types will be asking, “Gee, who could have known that paying criminals not to commit crimes wouldn’t work?”

Meanwhile, the developers get to keep making money, and McGuinty and the OPP sit back and laugh because they were able to evade complete responsibility and political repercussions for ignoring the Crown’s obligation under the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Duty to Consult issue by downloading their responsibilities and liabilities onto the innocent victims of the criminals they aided and enabled! It’s the scam of the century!

Spread the word, WL. Let’s put this turkey on the dinner plate before we all have to waste a lot of valuable time and energy chasing it around the barnyard.

Don’t miss Jeff Parkinson’s brilliant bit of satire on the subject:

I strongly suggest that readers take a few minutes to read CANACE’s latest report, ‘Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations.’

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Director of Research
CANACE (Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality)

2 responses to “A reader comments on Haldimand Tract Good Neighbours Coalition appeasement plan

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  2. John in Caledonia

    How is this any different from using our tax dollars to pay for the utilities at the occupied DCE site?

    It appears we are doing that so as not to offend the occupiers. Why can’t we stop those payments?

    A Bribe is a Bribe.