Caledonia – Brantford: Is it time to call in the military?


Swastika painted on Jim Smith's Caledonia home.

A reader with native members in his immediate family who has personally suffered at the hands of native lawlessness in Caledonia poses a question that seems to be on a lot of people’s minds after the attacks on Brantford Police and subsequent threats against the city made by Steve Powless when one of his goons was arrested: 

Should we call in the Canadian Forces?

“They’re going to have one hell of a fight now,” said Steve Powless, who spoke on behalf of the protesters. “This is going to be Caledonia Part 2. They don’t understand what they’re in for.”

Is Six Nations going to hire the Mohawk warriors?

If so learn from Oka, Ipperwash & Caledonia call in the ARMY!!!

Jim Smith

VoC REPLY: Hi Jim. I appreciate your sentiments. I think if the police just do their jobs and arrest those committing or encouraging the crimes, the incentive to commit them will disappear. Law abiding native people will also breathe a huge sigh of relief; we’re hearing reports about how embarassed and concerned they are about the sociopaths in their community following the latest attacks on police and threats against Brantford.

The problem is that McGuinty and the OPP have spent the past few years doing everything they could to give the criminals the impression there was nothing wrong with what they were doing, so it’s going to be a little tough to say now, ‘Gee, guys, I know we’ve let you get away with terrorizing people all this time, but now you’ve got to stop. We never thought you would go this far! It was OK to wreak havoc in Caledonia, but Brantford is just too much. At least give people a chance to get used to the idea of having no rights and no protection for a while before you go to a new town.’

Still, I don’t think it’s time to bring in the army just yet. We just have to apply enough pressure to convince the Liberals that innocent people – native and non-native – shouldn’t be victimized by native extremists, and that they should stop interfering with the police and allow them to do their damn jobs as outlined in the Police Services Act.

I would certainly agree that given the open threats by some of these maniacs the military should be on standby working on contingencies, but the Brantford Police and OPP have enough combined capability to put an end to this threat – if the will is there to use it. If they need they can call in the RCMP for backup. Besides, the nutbar extremists who thrive on hurting innocent people would just love to have the military come in so they can call on other whackjobs to come and help them cause more violence and economic devastation.

The fact is, there are lots of things victims of this lawlessness could have been doing to oppose this all along, but their leaders (for the most part) refused and outright opposed the use of aggressive, peaceful, legal means of protest, preferring to write meaningless letters to those who have been victimizing them. Instead of helping us resist race-based policing the politicians have enabled it to continue.

I am very grateful to MPP Toby Barrett for speaking at the first March for Freedom on Oct 15/06 when everyone else, including John Tory, said Caledonia would disappear in a nuclear holocaust if the event went ahead. Still, not one politician was willing to stand with 15 year old Dancer and the brother of Sam Gaultieri on Oct 08/07 two weeks before the election. Not one member of Haldimand Council was willing to attend our May 07/08 presentation where we released CANACE’s ‘Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations’ report (Toby did, and spoke). Oh, but Council members didn’t mind attending a presentation to learn about the silly plan to bribe the criminals not to commit crimes! Has Haldimand filed a complaint to OCCPS over OPP policing practices via its Police Services Board? I bet not.

For now, CANACE is laying the charges where the OPP refuse to do so. So far, Gary McHale has filed more than 40 charges for Extortion, Intimidation, Mischief, Rioting, Assault and…Terrorism, approx. 11 of which have been certified by the Court, including 9 vs. the Montours. There is no reason why Haldimand couldn’t have its own lawyer doing the same thing. Of course, that would require leadership which is in very short supply in Cayuga.

Real leadership could help end race-based policing even sooner by supporting these key objectives:

1. Use the media to embarrass the Libs & OPP into stopping all support for native lawlessness, and convincing native leaders to take their grievances into the courtroom. We have to make landclaim lawlessness as repugnant as drinking and driving. The Opposition parties could play a big role in creating and encouraging their backers to fund a united campaign against race-based policing – if they wanted to.

2. Use education – through the media and private presentations – to help Bay Street and Wall Street understand that billions of dollars of their money are at risk because the OPP don’t recognize Land Title deeds, and that the economy is being seriously damaged as the McGuinty Liberals continue to allow the rule of law to collapse. Once the money stops flowing to the political parties who support the criminals and their violence, the will to stop it will suddenly appear at Queen’s Park.

3. Use the courts to hold the OPP, the Libs, and native extremists and the leaders in their community who support & encourage them accountable via civil suits and criminal prosecutions. John Findlay is pursuing civil justice via the Caledonia Class Action. CANACE, at the present time, is pursuing criminal charges against those who committed the crimes against the innocent people in Haldimand. In the near future, however, we will do what we can to pursue charges against those in positions of power who encouraged or enabled crimes against the people of Ontario to be committed through ‘misfeasance’ in performance of their public duties.

Unfortunately, it’s a tough fight – CANACE is doing our best to make the pain of committing or supporting lawlessness so great that those involved – natives, police and Liberals – will have to stop ignoring the rights of non-natives and sit down and talk about how we’re going to create a province where our duties to native peoples will be fulfilled without creating victims.

Bottom line, I don’t think we need the military – yet. The police, government and native leaders, and even ordinary citizens have all the tools they need to solve this without calling in the army. The army should be a last resort. If, however, there is violence or a ‘clear and present danger’ serious enough for the army to be needed, the blame will be on the shoulders of those who refused to listen, refused to do their jobs, refused to reign in the extremists in their midst, and on all those who refused to support the struggle – in public or behind the scenes when they were needed most.

Readers might want to check out VoC’s feature page, Provoking Violence, for some perspective on how one of the greatest civil rights leaders in history used non-violent confrontation to create ‘useful tension’ to bring about change through negotiation. Highly recommended, especially for those who would appease those who violate our rights or bury their heads in the sand hoping things don’t get worse.

Thanks for asking the question, Jim. Regards, Mark

From Fantino & McGuinty should apologize for assaults on Brantford Police officers, 2008/07/15 at 9:21 PM

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Director of Research
CANACE (Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality)

2 responses to “Caledonia – Brantford: Is it time to call in the military?

  1. Well Mark,
    May be Canadian Justice is not for sale.
    However, this week it has been proven that threats and fear still rule the criminal element in SN. Try to serve a summons when police tell you it is unsafe to go there. What I predicted after the fiasco at Ipperwash and resultant detrimental policies on policing land claims has come to pass in other parts of Ontario. Natives can do the crime repeatedly, irregardless of injunctions sanctioned by the courts, and have the safe haven of small pockets of Ontario where police and authorities will NOT tread because it is too dangerous for personal safety. It is too dangerous because no one now has the guts or ambition to obey the courts. Our so called court and Justice system is not only laughable at this point , it is downright pathetic.


    This thing is getting way out of hand, and it is stretching further, even the Anishnawbek first nations here are looking into all this shit and are protesting it…Christ, call in the army and stop it before the entire country is so deep in shit we can’t even see out.