Will T.R.U.E. complain about lack of media coverage on THESE stories?

The Brantford Expositor today published a lengthy letter to the editor by CANACE Executive Director Gary McHale regarding the attempt by the TRUE (Two Row Through Understanding & Education) group to blame media coverage for the poor image of native extremists in the area.

See article below for links to McHale’s letter and CANACE reports mentioned in it:

I wonder if TRUE is going to complain about how the media didn’t cover THESE stories:

I don’t think so, either.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

4 responses to “Will T.R.U.E. complain about lack of media coverage on THESE stories?

  1. WL Mackenzie Redux

    I saw the mealy-mouthed soft soap sell in the expositor for this new NGO. Why waste the intellectual currency to even pretend TRUE is anything but another single issue narrowly focused political pressure group.

    The Expositor is standing out as a totally disingenuous partisan advocacy voice. They should drop the pretense of balance ….or journalistic/editorial professionalism for that matter.

    VoC REPLY: The Expositor never ceases to amaze me. Any time you have a newspaper that’s willing to use a Christmas carol to make fun of an injured civil rights leader who has never victimized a single person and never retaliated even with angry words against those who attacked him, well…what can you say. Being the fairminded person I am, however, I must thank them for publishing Gary’s recent editorial about TRUE. Of course, it required some not-so-subtle pressure to make it happen, but hey, that’s another story. Believe me, WL, when this story is finally told, there will be chapters reserved for the media outlets like the Expositor and the Spectator (and others) who published junk and refused to educate themselves even though we placed our evidence and ourselves completely at their disposal. Thanks for writing. Mark

  2. WL Mackenzie Redux

    You say; “when the story is finally told”….

    I hope you are collaborating on a book about the dirty politics of the whole DCE/HDI extortion/McGuinty-Bryant-Fantino race politics scandal, the people it hurt, the injustice it created, the enemies it made and the public funds it wasted. How justice was denied and rule of law debased. How morality play roll reversal became the norm. Greed, arrogance, intimidation, fear and loathing….all the elements for a good political tell-all book.

    Properly written, a fact filled account of this scandal will rock the smug halls of Queen’s Park and the native claims industry alike.

    I also hope this book comes out just weeks before these polis beg the public to reelect them.

    VoC REPLY: If this book does, in fact, become a reality (we’ve grown a bit cynical over the past 2 years!) it won’t put McGuinty and crew in a very good light, or anyone else for that matter. What makes you think that ANY political party would benefit from an expose of what happened? 😉

    Regards, Mark

  3. WL Mackenzie Redux

    Mark said:

    “What makes you think that ANY political party would benefit from an expose of what happened? ;-)”

    I’m non partisan Mark…I learned my lesson after a few party alignments and after being ripped off for many many volunteer hrs. , donations and 10s of thousands of pages of free policy critique.

    I came to the conclusion that this Canadian political system ( and it IS a partisan patronage system as opposed to a governing system) means nothing if you expect it to embrace the traditional British principle that protects civil liberty. We’re have a single party state with 3 faces. Collectivist statist authority doesn’t take suggestions about trimming back aggressive law-making when this constitutes government jurisdiction creep or constitutes a civil or constitutional breech…by “old” standards.

    Frick, once in power they ALL do it to consolidate regulatory power in their specific jurisdiction. Our whole system is just a bunch of warring governments fighting over revenue and jurisdictional hegemon. You and your petty civil rights issues are lip serviced but practically ignored…unless you can present a great enough threat by exposure and rallying people…but then , look what you have to work with there, only 10% of the population ever get involved in democratic process in this country and the largest portion of that are those who want to suck on the public teat….real civil libertarians are rare…but they can still kill a goliath with the right well placed rock.

    Maybe people have a right to know that they have 3 choices of the same core functional governing policy….and certainly 3 parties they can choose from to ignore them if they present them with real problems. 😉

    If the book makes people realize it is THEY themselves who they must rely on for change and NOT careerists in the political system…that is a step forward to change.

    VoC REPLY: Astute observation in the last para, WL. That’s been Gary’s message all along.

    Fact is, the PC Party of Ontario was in power while Mary-Lou was being victimized in Ipperwash, and today’s PCs…well, that story will be told one day. I’m not sure if it will be told in the book currently contemplated, but it will definitely be told.

    I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that either a new party is needed, or some fundamental changes directed at reigning in ‘party discipline’ are required. Canadian MP/MPPs seem to think they are elected to represent their party instead of the people who elected them. This must change.

    By the way, WL…in the ‘Gee, THAT’S interesting’ Department, did you know that the primary purpose of private prosecutions, as determined by a federal government committee who examined their use, is to act as a constitutional safeguard to allow private citizens to charge police officers and government officials with crimes? Apparently, this committee realized that such a safeguard was necessary since both groups are naturally reluctant to lay such charges. How ’bout that, huh?

    Regards, Mark

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