WARNING re Sterling bridge overpass in Caledonia



UPDATES 2118 EST Aug 09/08:

Yesterday, at 1235, the Mayor of Haldimand sent an email to the OPP, Michael Bryant, Indian Affairs, MTO, Toby Barrett and Diane Finley warning that the Highway #6 By-Pass at Sterling Road was not safe due to objects being thrown onto the Caledonia by-pass highway below. In addition to the regular bypass traffic, the highway is now being heavily used by residents due to the closure of the northbound lane of the bridge in town for repairs.


—–Original Message—–
From: xxxxxxxx (Mayor’s assistant)
Sent: July 31, 2008 12:35 PM
To: ‘dave.mclean@ontario.ca’; ‘mbryant.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org’; ‘minister@inac.gc.ca’; ‘chris.maher@osaa.gov.on.ca’; ‘minister@mto.gov.on.ca’; ‘finled1@parl.gc.ca’; ‘Toby Barrett (toby.barrett@pc.ola.org)’; DL-COUNCIL; DL-SENIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM; JANIS LANKESTER

Subject: Highway #6 By-Pass at Sterling Road, Caledonia – NOT SAFE
Importance: High

Sent on behalf of Mayor Marie Trainer,


From 2006. Notice the OPP car at the end of the bridge.

Residents have been complaining about the damage caused by people throwing items off the Sterling Street bridge onto the Highway #6 bypass. Could someone please advise of any precautions taking place so that no one is injured or killed as a result.

Thank you.

Mayor’s Assistant
Haldimand County

Sent: July 31, 2008 2:46 AM
To: xxxxxxx (Mayor’s assistant)

Subject: By-Pass NOT SAFE

Again this morning crap thrown off Sterling St. Bridge onto by-pass.

This is the 4th time in the last two weeks.

2 reports, one car missed one car hit.

MTO – OPP should be warning people before someone gets hurt or killed.


I became aware of the situation this morning when a resident contacted me. I then called the Mayor’s office to confirm the story and ask if the public were going to be notified. Her assistant confirmed that the Mayor had sent the email above, and were waiting to hear from the OPP about whether or not they were going to issue a press release.

I was advised by the Mayor’s office at 1125 today that the OPP will be issuing a press release shortly.

Many thanks to Mayor Trainer for her concern and leadership, and for her office’s cooperation.

OPP news release

The Haldimand Detachment of the OPP has now issued a press release:

OPP & town vehicles not permitted even though land is not Six Nations

Caledonia’s bridges have been a favourite tool of native protesters to terrorize the public, and the Ontario government and the OPP have permitted them to take control of the surrounding area and deny policing to residents who are not part of the reserve.

bridge-fire4.jpgThe Sterling Street bridge is actually on 7th Line which is an extension of Sterling Street running west into the Six Nations Reserve. There used to be a bridge across the railway tracks connecting Sterling to 7th Line, but was burnt down by native protesters in 2006.

Even though the bridge is not on the reserve, the OPP is not permitted to police 7th bridge-fire2.JPGLine or 6th Line, or the occupied Douglas Creek Estates. It has, therefore, no access to the top of the bridge.

You can see by the shaded area on the Google map that Six Nations actually begins on the west side of Oneida Road. The occupied Douglas Creek Estates is the large, empty area just south of Thistlemoor Drive between Highway #6 and Argyle Street.

‘Dancer’s’ family lives on 6th Line, near the other bridge over the bypass, just out of view at the bottom of the map. 

Be sure to see the links below for stories on how native protesters and reserve youths have thrown objects at vehicles travelling on the bypass below.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor


8 responses to “WARNING re Sterling bridge overpass in Caledonia

  1. Elizabeth Hutchison

    Objects thrown over the Stirling St. bridge, guns being fired on DCE, arson as part of the normal Saturday night festivities; blocking highways, quads terrorizing quiet neighborhoods, extortion, assault, theft; the list of lawlessness grows like evil in the dark. But here’s the rub. The worst perpetrators of this is our shameful OPP. One day, soon and due to the diligence of folks like you, they will be held accountable for their indifference to the suffering of the residents of Ipperwash, Caledonia, Six Nations etc.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Elizabeth. Thanks for the confidence. Oh, yes, they WILL be held accountable to the best of our ability. In addition to those who participate, lead, or sanction illegal occupations and their associated crimes against innocents, we intend to pursue those who played key roles in allowing the crimes to occur due to misfeasance/breach of trust in the performance of their public duties.

    We recently spoke to a Caledonia service group. The member who invited us wants to set up a bigger meeting for community organizations in the region to do the exact same presentation.

    Also, shortly after being recognized by the Ryerson Review of Journalism, a credible, published author contacted us, reviewed our evidence from Caledonia and Ipperwash and is seriously considering a book. I don’t want to get my hopes up too much, but if it comes to pass, history will not treat McGuinty’s crew or the OPP very kindly.

    I can honestly say, Elizabeth, that if justice is not done, it will not be because we – and a handful of brave Caledonians – didn’t try.

    Thanks for writing, for the compliment and for your help. Much appreciated. Regards, Mark

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  3. WL Mackenzie Redux

    I think you’re all mistaken. The act of throwing things off the overpass is actually two row “education” in action, the stuff thrown was symbolic olive branches and the message sent is, good neighbours share their “stuff”.

    Thought I’d just beat the Expositor to their byline editorial on this “incident of two row cohabitation”.


    VoC REPLY: 🙂 Mark

  4. I have only one question. Why would the OPP want to be informed by anyone about someone on the overpass when they will not go there because the natives don’t want them there??
    What is the agenda here??? The OPP can stand and watch someone else get hurt and do nothing once again so residents know exactly where they stand—–reality, the OPP don’t care if residents get hurt but will go berserk if it is a native.

    Seems to me to be a useless press release.

    VoC REPLY: Sadly, experience to date suggests that the OPP leadership and the Ontario government care very little about residents being hurt or victimized by native extremists or OPP policies.

    I know for sure there are some good officers who hate what the OPP has become but, as sympathetic as I feel for the frontline officers, I’m having a hard time getting past the ‘I’m just following orders’ mentality that history rejected so long ago. That a Canadian police force should fall so low…it makes me want to cry. Thanks for the comment ML. Regards, Mark

  5. Nothing else seems to work. Maybe larger pressure should be brought to bear on our tax-funds NOT being spent on anything with the words “Native” or “Aboriginal” in it. QED

    VoC REPLY: Hi Joe. I appreciate the the frustration, but we have to remember that it’s a very small group of extremists within the native communities that are responsible for victimizing their neighbours. While I do expect the feds and province to hold reserves accountable for the money they receive, I don’t think we should penalize the many for the actions of the few.

    This is a law enforcement issue that has been complicated by political interference. It is outrageous that OPP are not ‘allowed’ access to the bridges (or DCE!) – even though they are NOT on the reserve – simply because the extremists don’t want them there! Let’s direct our frustration where it belongs – on Fantino and McGuinty.

    Thanks for writing. Mark

  6. Well Mark,
    I guess history repeated itself on Labour Day weekend and Fantino announced that the residents blocking the road were disobeying the Law. Not one peep about the natives that started the blockade, or burned tires , or threw cement blocks over the overpass again. McGuinty as usual made an ass of himself full of concern for the poor OPP who may need better helmets to protect themselves. McGuinty did NOT mention anything about rampaging natives on private property armed with 2×4’s either.
    This man is blind, deaf and dumb, and so are the members of the electorate that voted him in .
    I guess they all got what they voted for–a liar, malinger, OPP pimp, and a self-centred, hardnosed bugger.
    The residents did a great job showing the OPP how shameful and pathetic they really are. They should gather enmasse everytime this happens and let the OPP know what scabs they really are.


  7. Must be a deal for the natives on DCE to be good after the arrest of the one called ‘Sleeper” today by the OPP.

    For some reason the OPP camera van and cruiser have pulled off the bypass. It has been stated that the OPP left because the natives didn’t want them there. Those lights won’t protect anyone from falling debris. They will however help the culprits see what they are doing. Without cameras the whole light thing is a waste of time.


    VoC REPLY: We all knew the OPP would stop monitoring the bridge when they thought no one was looking, didn’t we? Kind of a shock that the OPP actually went on DCE to make an arrest. Wow. Given Fantino’s statement to the OHRC justifying my arrest and the interference of my right to raise a Canadian flag because the OPP wanted to ‘protect’ me from native ‘extreme elements,’ I wonder why Julian just didn’t arrest Dave and company instead? 🙂

    Dawn Smith (one of the woman who initiated the illegal occupation of DCE in 2006) was on TV saying Sleeper was just an innocent man roughed up by the OPP for no reason at all, that the poor guy was pointing binoculars at Dave and friends, not a gun. She was upset because she had police pointing guns at her during the arrest, and how it was Ipperwash all over again. Let’s see…native protesters take over land by force. Native protesters terrorize local community using a ‘homefree zone’ for protection that police are not allowed to enter. Police allow native crime to escalate until it can’t be ignored any longer. Native protesters blame OPP for trying – too late – to enforce the law. Residents who speak out are all smeared as racists and white supremacists. Yup, just like Ipperwash. If Dave had been shot, the DCE history-rewriters would find a way to blame him for stealing their bullet. Mark

  8. The OPP are not on the bypass tonight and the newly installed lights are not on.
    Now there are rumours the arrested man has life threatening injuries due to the way he was arrested. So far no mention of the threat to residents with a gun. He was supposedly arrested as involved in the blockade Sept. 1st.

    Not one news outlet has mentioned the gun threat. The natives are saying he was holding binoculars. What does it take to tell the community the truth about what happened??
    Merlin says it started at 11a.m yesterday. The Opp told the school prinicipal it was 8p.m. but no one is referring to the actual gun incident.

    Sounds to me like the OPP don’t want the real story out and made a deal with the natives to leave the bypass to avoid another uprising. This whole thing just sickens me.


    VoC REPLY: We have to be careful not to rely on rumours. I think the TV report I saw mentioned the gun incident and the ‘binoculars’ defence.

    The OPP have never acknowledged that the AK47 shooting incident last year began on DCE either even though a witness was recently notified they would have to testify about seeing the gunman threatening a woman and child on DCE before leaving to shoot the man at the illegal smoke shack.

    Don’t you find it an interesting coincidence that the OPP suddenly go on DCE to arrest a native suspect and charge him with 13 crimes(!) during an election where the Mayor stated that Gary McHale’s candidacy would be positive in keeping two tier justice in the spotlight? Of course, some of our behind-the-scenes ‘paperwork’ might have something to do with it, too.

    This is just another day in Caledonia. Regards, Mark