Finley, Fantino and Bryant have WAY too much in common

On October 14th tell Ottawa, Queen’s Park and the OPP –
‘Gary speaks for me!‘ 
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Haldimand-Norfolk’s incumbent MP, Diane Finley, didn’t take kindly to Mayor Trainer’s comment that Gary McHale’s candidacy will keep two-tier justice at the forefront of the election in Haldimand-Norfolk:

“Despite the OPP’s and the McGuinty government’s attempts to cast McHale as a troublemaker, Haldimand Mayor Marie Trainer thinks his candidacy is positive. With McHale in the race, Trainer says Haldimand’s quest for peace, law and order, stability and justice will feature prominently in the coming campaign. She says McHale will force the other candidates to state their position on the issue of two-tiered justice. “”I definitely think he’ll get some votes,” Trainer said. “No doubt in my mind. We’ll have to wait and see what happens on election night. People will change their minds right up to when they step in the polling booth. He will keep the land claims issue in the forefront.””

Brantford Expositor & Simcoe Reformer, Sept 04/08: McHale seeks H-N seat in federal election

Instead of listening to the Mayor’s concerns and committing to use her office to help restore law and order, and put an end to the Charter violations that have victimized the people of Haldimand for more than two years, she instead chastised Trainer – a woman who carries the weight of her town’s agony on her shoulders virtually alone – abandoned by both the federal government, the provincial government, the OPP and, of course, by Finley herself.

Trainer asked Finley if she was making progress securing federal cash for the county’s recovery program related to native land claims. By way of reply, Finley chastised Trainer for suggesting in the Sept. 4 Reformer that McHale’s candidacy was positive. In the article, Trainer said McHale would ensure that Haldimand’s issues remain on the front burner in the upcoming federal election campaign. “She was upset,” Trainer said. “She asked why it looked like I was supporting him. But I wasn’t. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with that. But she was not pleased.”

For her part, Trainer described her encounter as “upsetting.”

Simcoe Reformer, Sept 17/08: Finley scolds mayor over comments about candidate

Perhaps Diane Finley should listen to Haldimand’s victims instead of those responsible for allowing the injustices to continue

Ms. Finley sounds as though she has been spending too much time reading propaganda from Liberal ‘Hear No Evil – See No Evil – Speak No Evil’ cabinet ministers and the OPP. Why else would she would parrot the same, tired, ‘outside agitator’ positions of Julian Fantino and Michael Bryant (both of whom have much to answer for in Caledonia, and much to gain from smearing Gary McHale) is a mystery, especially given the grassroots anger at her failure to speak out for the victims in Caledonia.

Diane Finley

Finley has shared her opinion of McHale before. Last week — prior to the Great Tricycle Race — Finley said his candidacy is not helpful. “My concern with Gary McHale is that the peace in Caledonia is very fragile; very fragile,” Finley said. “It doesn’t need anyone stirring it up, and frankly that’s all I’ve seen him do.”

Simcoe Reformer, Sept 17/08: Finley scolds mayor over comments about candidate

Michael Bryant

Now read Michael Bryant’s comment about the fact that the Ontario Human Rights Commission asked OPP Commissioner Fantino to attend a mediation session with Mark Vandermaas who, along with Gary McHale, complained about his arrest and violations of his right to raise Canadian flags in Caledonia on Dec 16/06 and Jan 20/07:

Aboriginal Affairs Minister Michael Bryant said the human rights complaint doesn’t help resolve a complex situation dating back hundreds of years. Most people don’t have much sympathy for Vandermaas or McHale after their tense rallies in the divided town, he said.

“Their activity, generally-speaking, is extremely harmful and, as far as I can tell, unwelcome by everybody,” Bryant said. “I know a lot of people in Caledonia feel that they’re individuals who are just trying to get attention for themselves and are, in fact, stirring it up.”

Toronto Star/Canadian Press, April 07/08: Fantino asked to attend rights mediation

Julian Fantino

So I can tell you, the taxpayers of this province have had to bear over a half million dollars in policing costs when the likes of Mr. McHale come to Caledonia to stir things up.

Hamilton Spectator, Nov 09/08: Full text of the Spec’s interview with OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino

Gary McHale

“Mayor Trainer can say anything she wants. I’m actually flattered that Diane Finley is so concerned by my campaign that she thinks it threatens her re-election. I really think this says something about her (Finley’s) character. This didn’t even involve a negative comment about her; it was a positive comment about someone else.”

Finley, Bryant, Fantino have a lot in common

  1. None will acknowledge the existence of race-based policing.
  2. None will acknowledge their responsibility for allowing it to continue.
  3. None have used, or will use, their positions to oppose it – before or after the election.
  4. Two (Finley & Fantino) have criticized Mayor Trainer’s efforts to speak out on behalf of the people in Haldimand.
  5. All have smeared the character of the one person who has risked everything he has to speak out for the victims of race-based policing they have abandoned – Gary McHale.
  6. None will acknowledge the tremendous contributions Gary has made towards informing Caledonians and keeping the issue of race-based policing in the spotlight.
  7. None have criticized any Native group or leader by name for ‘stirring up’ violence, vandalism and illegal occupations in Haldimand.

Finley vs. McHale – let’s compare Caledonia resumes

Message for Diane Finley from one of the 2,000 participants in Gary McHale's inaugural 'March for Freedom' in Caledonia, Oct 15/06

Diane Finley says that she’s only ever seen Gary ‘stirring it up.’ I suggest that voters – and Ms. Finley herself – take a few minutes to read Gary McHale’s list of accomplishments with respect to the Caledonia crisis and compare them to Finley’s. If I were her, I’d have the very good sense to be embarassed about getting sucked in by OPP/Liberal propaganda and insulting the two people in Caledonia who actually know what the score is.

One thing is for sure: no one in Haldimand was putting up signs wondering where Mayor Trainer and Gary McHale have been for the last two years.

Gary’s positions re Caledonia

Haldimand shouldn’t expect any help from Diane Finley if she’s re-elected

If there was any doubt that Haldimand can expect no assistance from the Diane Finley government after this election, there should be none now. Please…send a strong message to both the provincial and federal governments on Oct 14th by electing Gary McHale.

P.S. Mayor Trainer – keep speaking out for the people of Haldimand. The people know you care and they love you for it. Bullies be damned!

Don’t miss Jeff Parkinson’s great take on Finley’s attempt to silence Mayor Trainer:

Mark Vandermaas, Editor



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  1. Just read on CWUC that a radio station endorces Gary. It is about time.


    VoC REPLY: Richard runs Generation Zel! Radio, an online station. He’s always voted Conservative – until now! Check out Generation Zel! Radio endorses Gary McHale. Momentum is building, ML! Regards, Mark