News from the McHale campaign – Sept 25/08

UPDATED 1117 EST Sept 26/08

Things are moving!

1. Gary is now a confirmed guest at All-Candidates meetings in Simcoe (x2), Dunnville, Kohler, Delhi, Caledonia and Hamilton where Cable 14 TV will be hosting – and broadcasting live – a debate in the Hamilton Spectator auditorium which will also be aired throughout the campaign.

This weekend, you’ll find Gary at our booth at the Caledonia fair from Thursday till Sunday evening, noon till closing. I’ll be at the fair on Saturday from approx. 2pm until closing.

Gary was at opening day of the fair yesterday and many people stopped by to wish him well and pick up small lawn signs like the one shown above. They also made positive comments regarding his ‘Dare to Believe’ ad (see link in #5 below). Be sure to read it if you get a chance; it’s terrific!

Check out the Events Calendar at for details and maps.

2. Following an hour-long conversation at the Delhi Harvestfest, Gary received an endorsement from longtime Conservative supporter, Richard Robillard, producer of Generation Zel! Radio at See Generation Zel! Radio endorses Gary McHale.

3. Gary received a warm welcome from Delhi as he participated in the annual Harvestfest parade. Check out, Gary experiences Delhi Harvestfest hospitality. Lots of photos.

4. More and more McHale signs are popping up. Be part of history and put a McHale sign on YOUR lawn. Click here for more info on how to get yours.

5. Gary ran a full page ad in The Regional News on Sept 24th called, ‘Dare to Believe.’ It is an absolute ‘must-read’ for every voter in Haldimand-Norfolk. 

6. We are starting to receive donations from people we haven’t known in the past, but we still need more. If you can spare some money for this most important cause AND you would like a very generous tax credit at the same time, please visit the ‘Gary needs your help‘ page.

7. Gary was in Port Dover yesterday going door to door on main street talking to business owners. He received a very warm reception with several people asking for campaign literature to distribute on his behalf.

8. Comment by Bill Jackson of The Regional: 

“…one could also make the argument (and many people do) that no one has taken the concerns of Haldimand to heart more than Gary McHale. Although people have questioned his actions at times, most would admit that his reasoning is predominantly justified. Many people would also say that he’s done more for Haldimand than any other politician, simply by putting local issues on a bigger map.”

The Regional News, Comment by Bill Jackson, Sept 24/08: Does it matter where a candidate lives?

Right on, Bill!

VoC comment

Right from the beginning when Gary decided to run, we got positive feedback from voters that they were enthused about Gary’s bid to become H-N’s MP and things have only gotten better. We, and others not known to be vocal supporters, honestly believe that he has a very good chance of winning this election, thereby giving H-N – and especially Caledonia – a real voice in Ottawa for the first time. You can help make that happen with your donation or by hosting a meet-the-candidate event at your home or for your club.

At the very least, please…please…plan to go to the polling booth and mark an X beside the name of a man who has earned your vote, a man who has proven himself to be an unintimidatable voice for the people: Gary McHale. Still not sure? Take a few minutes to check out these items:

Mark Vandermaas, Editor


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