The death of democracy in Canada

UPDATED 1254 EST Sept 26/08

I’m a little swamped right now with the election, but I wanted to draw attention to some stories that show how native extremists are cowing Canadian governments and police forces into submitting to their violence, crime and intimidation.

I fear we are witnessing the beginning of the end for democracy in Canada. Is this why so many Canadians gave their lives in Vimy Ridge, Dieppe, Normandy, Hong Kong, Korea, Afghanistan and peacekeeping missions – so that spineless politicians and police forces could throw away everything they bravely defended by appeasing thugs, sociopaths and criminals just to get past the next election?!?

I hope and pray that Gary McHale wins the seat for Haldimand-Norfolk. It won’t solve everything overnight, but it will send a strong message that politicians will lose their jobs if they continue to allow innocent people to be victimized because of their race.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

One response to “The death of democracy in Canada

  1. Why do the Politicians and OPP constantly flaunt the “fragile peace ” that they are maintaining in Caledonia??? How can it be peaceful when people are being harassed, threatened, assaulted, vandalized , homes broken into and no where to go for help???

    Caledonia is NOT peaceful. It is a community under seige by lack of lawful enforcement and cowardice by the very government elected to serve and protect our rights. We are in deep trouble as a nation when one race becomes justified to do outrageous acts against others, when court injunctions are ignored, and when authorities simply turn a blind eye. Caledonia is the Twilight zone. Ipperwash was called “limbo.”

    A community with no law, no acting government , no Province and no Country that recognized or cared about the extent of agony perpetrated on innocence victims by the thugs of native violent, militant activity.

    When is enough , enough. How many victims will turn the tide???? I suspect too many for me to contemplate before the citizens just plain revolt. We are victims of a flawed Ipperwash Inquiry Report and of the Political parties in control who will not risk their careers or the safety of their families to tell the truth or address the root cause of the growing count of victims in land claim disputes. It is pathetic that educated people are content to sit back and watch the chaos claiming “I am not the one responsible for this” We the public are the enemy. We are allowing this to happen. We can stop it, but first we must feel the outrage for what our neighbours, friends , and families are suffering. This isn’t a Caledonia or Brantford, Dunnville or Hagersville problem. This is an Ontario Problem and it is time the Province and the Feds stop this madness instead of hiding and ducking the inevitable.


    VoC REPLY: Dear Mary-Lou. What an eloquent, passionate, insightful call to action and to the conscience of Ontario and Canada! Thanks for making it. We have worked hard for two years to provide people with peaceful, lawful, effective outlets for their frustrations. Politicians and senior police officers must lose their jobs and/or go to jail before people lose complete hope in the system. Regards, Mark