CANACE presentation to City of Brantford

On Sept 29/08 CANACE founders Merlyn Kinrade and Mark Vandermaas presented, ‘Reconciliation: the CANACE Path‘ to the Public Forum Committee of Brantford City Council.

Full details and copies of documents/evidence provided to Council can be found at ‘CANACE presentation to Brantford Council.’

This presentation occurred despite the worst efforts of those who tried to intimidate Council into reneging on our agreement to appear as a delegation. Thank you to Council, and to those who spoke out against the attempt to once again muzzle the rights and voices of the victims of land claim lawlessness. These included Brantford residents, the Expositor and Tekawenakke News reporter Jim Windle.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

One response to “CANACE presentation to City of Brantford

  1. Well Mark,
    Even explaining to councill what their rights really are in land claim disputes has not stopped militant natives from once again shutting down construction in Brantford. Eagles’ Nest was on the list again even after builders and workers had dug a road up to supply services to the site.
    Why are police picking and chosing what sites they will make an arrest and ignoring others. This site is in the no go zone in the injunction.
    Why do police have the right to ignore a court sanctioned injunction to the detriment of developers?????