MPP Toby Barrett: HELP WANTED!!!

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Sent: Tuesday, September 30, 2008 4:11 PM
Subject: HELP WANTED!!!!

Toby here,

A recent issue of Ontario Legislative Highlights states, “Newly installed Economic Development Minister Michael Bryant is moving most of his senior advisors to his new portfolio,” leaving, “Brad Duguid, who replaced Bryant in Aboriginal Affairs, looking to fill almost every” staff “position.” plus staff in Duguid’s office have also indicated they are staying in his old Ministry (Labour).

It looks like it’s time to dust off those resumes!!

WANTED: Staff to fill vacant positions in the office of the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs.

QUALIFICATIONS: at least 2 1/2 years experience with ongoing aboriginal occupations, lawlessness and related chaos, mayhem and economic disruption. Further proven skills in persevering through 26 months of government inaction will be considered an asset!

Please send resumes and cover letters to

Any thoughts on local talent to fill these positions?

Would you believe it…EVERY CANACE founder applied for these jobs!   

Dear Mr. Barrett: 

I have attached the ‘Caledonia resumes‘ for four Canadians who I believe may be (almost) over-qualified for positions within the Aboriginal Affairs Ministry left vacant by Michael Bryant’s staff. I would be very grateful if you would pass them on to the new minister, Mr. Duguid.

We all have extensive experience with race-based policing as well as many valuable connections with the OPP and within the native community. You may check our references with Mr. Fantino, the Ministry of the Attorney General, Mr. McGuinty, Mr. Bryant, Mr. Kwinter, Mr. Powless and Ruby & Floyd Montour as we are all very well acquainted and have extensive experience working together.

One of our number is a long time resident. One has three brothers born in Caledonia. A third sold real estate in Caledonia before moving to London. The fourth member of our team has no real connections to the town other than having driven through a few times before deciding to become  an outsider/interloper/troublemaker like us. The fifth member, Mary-Lou LaPratte has more experience in dealing with doubletalking politicians, OPP two tier justice, and landclaim lawlessness than all of us combined. 

I should note, however, that one of our group may be employed in Ottawa after Oct 14th, but the rest of us would still be available, and we really, really need the money these positions could provide. I’m fairly certain that, as with all those in the OPP and McGuinty government we, too, could be convinced to sell out our fellow Canadians in Caledonia for 20 pieces of silver. (Or perhaps even less…make us an offer!)

Please allow me to thank you for your assistance in providing access to these employment opportunities. I believe we could be a real asset to the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs in undermining the rule of law in Ontario.


Mark Vandermaas
Gary McHale
Merlyn Kinrade
Jeff Parkinson
Mary-Lou LaPratte  

P.S. Nice one, Toby! 

VoC Comment 

You know, if I could get a government job promoting “aboriginal occupations, lawlessness and related chaos, mayhem and economic disruption” in places like Cashedonia, I could dig myself out of debt and wait for my gold-plated pension. Of course, I’d have to break every mirror in the house so I wouldn’t have to look at myself in the morning…but, hey, who cares about a conscience when there’s money to be made?  

P.S. Be sure to read Toby Barrett’s ‘Haldimand Proclamation for Peace, Order and Good Government.’

Mark Vandermaas, Editor



One response to “MPP Toby Barrett: HELP WANTED!!!

  1. Very Cute Mark!

    Somehow through all the rough times at Ipperwash and in speaking to communities outside of Ipperwash on what we went through including the Queen’s Park release, I never entertained breaking the Law myself to get what we as a community thought was just plain common sense. Equality of the Law, Charter of Rights upheld, Peaceful enjoyment of property, Safety of person and possessions and Respect from all involved in the process of settling land claims.

    From the job description above, I am afraid I would not succumb to the policies of the McGuinty government or the OPP. The Liberals were at the helm Federally during the Ipperwash crisis and did absolutely nothing to stem the rise of victimization in the militant actions of the native element. Provincially the Conservatives wouldn’t even talk about it with most of us because they were all being personally sued in the Dudley George wrongfull death law suit. I personally asked why if being sued they could not even speak to us about it, didn’t they just step down during the suit and let someone else do their job???? You guessed it.

    Most just wrote letters about how offended they were that we didn’t have sympathy for THEIR situation. The bottom line is the ordinary citizen didn’t matter then, and they still don’t matter. The pre-conceived resolution to this all, The Ipperwash Inquiry Report, just put the icing on the cake so the Provincial Liberals could continue with the see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil approach. In time this will all bite them in the ass.

    I feel I am too qualified for the job, but in the opposite direction. I believe in Law and Order and the rights of everyone to be free from violence no matter race, gender, religion or political affiliation.


    VoC REPLY: You mean you don’t want to play a key role in destroying the rule of law in Ontario and undermining the faith of thousands, millions even, in the justice system? I guess you’re just not a team player ML! 🙂 Me neither. Regards, Mark