McHale campaign exposes last minute Liberal smear effort

Two well-known Liberals close to the Hoskins campaign have recently made false allegations that the McHale campaign is being secretly funded and/or backed by people other than grassroots voters as required by Canadian law:

Questions arise about the finances of this election campaign. McHale’s campaign is estimated to cost from $10,000 to $50,000. A truly independent candidate could not raise that amount of money. How could McHale pay these additional debts? How can he arrange financing while claiming to be nearly bankrupt?

The Sachem, Oct 10/08, Letter to Editor: Darrell Doxtdator – Are you getting your money’s worth? 

Mr. McHale’s initial response to these sleazy statements and others by former MP Bob Speller can be found on


2 responses to “McHale campaign exposes last minute Liberal smear effort

  1. Politics is always a nasty business. Remember the Liberal fear mongering ads and accusations of Harper having a soldier armed on every street corner?? The truth will always out the lies. Considering where this letter is coming from and his Liberal ties, I would say Hoskins in behind the eight ball to explain a staunch supporter’s comments, Gary, not you. You are a class act. You have outed this person. Now relax and do what you do best and ignore him. Let Hoskins have the headache to deal with.

    Good Luck


    VoC REPLY: Thanks for the comment, ML. Residents have been visiting the Hoskins camp to let them know how angry they are. Doxtdator’s smear attempt may well backfire on his candidate. I also suspect that The Sachem is going to be pretty careful when/if they decide to print any more of his letters.

    I never cease to be amazed by those who oppose our efforts to speak out for the victims of Haldimand; every time they try some sleazy trick against us, it blows up in their faces like an exploding cigar. You’d think they would have learned by now that we don’t lie and we make the most of every opportunity given to us. Doxtdator should have learned from Fantino that when you come after us, you better have real evidence to back up your statements.

    Hoskins says Doxtdator wasn’t acting on his instructions, and we want to believe it. Well, it’s up to the voters to decide how they feel.

    Thanks again, ML. Regards, Mark

  2. Voters aren’t stupid Mark,

    Whether they love or hate McHale has no bearing about how the electorate will feel about Hoskins on this one. Anyone who wants to be perceived as honest and for the people would not allow such crap to happen, and would very much be involved with how that campaign unfolds. Signs stolen and replaced by Liberal signs. Swastikas on Gary’s signs, rumours of a certain group tied to Gary. I do not believe for a minute that Hoskins does not know. He will take the brunt of the underhanded, dirty tactics.

    Not Gary.

    VoC REPLY: I wouldn’t want to hold Hoskins responsible for something he didn’t know about and/or couldn’t control. Imagine if someone who supported Gary went around without our knowledge pulling up or vandalizing another candidate’s signs, or decided to write a sleazy letter to the editor; I wouldn’t want us to be accused of being involved.

    Still, imagine if Merlyn or Jeff or I or someone else who kept close company with Gary’s team was making false accusations against another candidate, especially if it were accompanied by sign thefts and vandalism – Gary would be blamed for it whether he knew or not. So, I do see where you’re coming from. The people making the statements are just a little too close to Hoskins’ team. Plus, I have spoken to 2 separate witnesses to whom Doxtator has made false allegations in the past about us.

    If you sense some reluctance to blame Hoskins personally, you’re right: we’ve been the victims of false accusations ourselves, and I am very careful to try not to do the same thing to others.

    In any event, Doxtdator may well have done his candidate more harm than good. The voters will decide.

    Thanks for all the support ML. It is very much appreciated by the entire McHale team.

    Regards, Mark