VoC poll results

At the beginning of the campaign I posted a PollDaddy.com poll asking the following question:

“Who will you vote for in the Canadian federal election in the riding of Haldimand-Norfolk?”

Voters could only vote once, including me. The poll was open to all VoC readers no matter where they lived. VoC attracts a lot of views from pro-McHale readers referred from his website, therefore, the poll can hardly be considered scientific.

Here are the results as of 0921 EST Oct 14/08:


  • Diane Finley, Conservative: 9 votes = 9%
  • Eric Hoskins, Liberal: 7 votes = 7%
  • Gary McHale, Independent: 72 votes = 74%
  • Stephana Johnston, Green Party: 4 votes = 4%
  • Steven Elgersma, Christian Heritage: 2% = 2%

NOTE: the poll was originally posted without listing the Green or Christian Heritage Party candidates. This oversight was corrected the next day. One Green Party supporter wrote to advise that they chose to vote for the NDP instead since their candidate was not listed.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor


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