Globe & Mail: ‘Caledonia’s forgotten family’

Dave & Dana are on left side of maple leaf facing right. They are just one example of innocent victims 'caught in the middle' between native extremists and political correctness gone insane. Click image to enlarge.

What with all the work associated with trying to get Gary McHale elected in Haldimand-Norfolk I didn’t have time to comment on a hard-hitting story about Dave Brown and Dana Chatwell that was published in the Globe and Mail by well-known writer/reporter Christie Blatchford.

In the two-plus years that I have been involved in helping Gary McHale to try to restore the rule of law to Caledonia, Blatchford’s story is probably the very best ever written on the perspective of those who must suffer the agony of OPP/McGuinty race-based policing. The entire article is a ‘must-read’ but here are a couple of key quotes:

Fantino and McGuinty should apologize on bended knee

Now, I hope this sucker [the Apology Act] passes fast, because then Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and the present and former commissioners of the Ontario Provincial Police (Julian Fantino, who inherited the mess from his predecessor Gwen Boniface), and all of those who have so betrayed Dave and his family can get down on bended knee, publicly lash themselves and cry to the heavens how sorry they are.

Globe & Mail, Christie Blatchford, Oct 11/08: Caledonia’s forgotten family a symbol of national shame [PDF]

OPP and Ontario government directing race-based policing

My conclusion is that if there haven’t been formal directives to turn a blind eye to native criminal conduct, these marching orders (or rather non-marching orders) have nonetheless been absorbed by the officers on the ground from their superiors and by the government. The message to avoid confrontation with native lawbreakers at all costs, to go onto DCE only in the most exigent circumstances, has been sent and received.

Effect on Dave and Dana

The family has been utterly decimated – emotionally and financially – by all this.

Dave & Dana’s $12M lawsuit

Scroll down to #2 on the VoC feature page listed below to read the Brown/Chatwell Statement of Claim and related stories that will shock you.

Thank you, Christie!

Many thanks to Christie Blatchford. Finally, a reporter who truly ‘gets it.’ I wrote to thank her and offer any assistance/evidence we could provide.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor


2 responses to “Globe & Mail: ‘Caledonia’s forgotten family’

  1. Hi Mark:

    I couldn’t help but feel elation when when I read Christie Blatchford’s article in the Globe and mail re Dave and Dana’s plight.

    After all this time we finally have a reporter with her eyes open calling it as it is and laying the blame for this atrocity where it belongs at the feet of the McGuinty Government and the two OPP leaders who have failed us all so completely.

    Having been at the receiving end of false criminal charges and seeing my family also targeted and persecuted by the very police we expect to protect us and our civil rights I can totally relate to what Dave and Dana are going through.

    Christie obviously has the guts and the right stuff as a reporter to bring the truth to the surface and will prove one day to be a catalyst to bring an end to this politically correct BS that condones violence, terrorism and extortion simply based on ones race.

    We cannot forget the persecution that Dave, Dana and Ruth Anne are experiencing at the hands of the Cayuga Crown while we have all witnessed so many serious Native crimes go unpunished. One only has to sit through the many court sessions that we all have to come to the conclusion that the Courts, the Prosecuting Crowns and the OPP are in collusion with the impotent McGuinty Government to protect the terrorists and punish the victims.

    It has been a refreshing summer to finally see that the truth is getting out and the people bent on destroying the Victims’ characters, their families and their futures to further Native crime with no penalities will be brought before their peers to answer to this travesty.

    Cracks are even appearing within the ranks of the OPP and Fantino cannot hope to escape from who and what he has demonstrated he is.

    Without You, Gary and Jeff and your tireless efforts to expose this injustice they just might have smoked another Ipperwash whitewash by the sleeping guards of democracy and civil rights in Canada.

    Looks like you have finally woken up the sleeping bear and lets hope that Christie does follow up reports and helps to make a better Canada for us all.

    Keep up the good work.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks so much for all your good work, too, Jim – both in Caledonia and with the Wheel-to-Walk fundraiser. You and your family certainly have paid a price for speaking out against injustice.

    Although I am very grateful for the Dave/Dana story I’m trying not to get too excited about Christie Blatchford being an advocate for Caledonia’s victims. Other reporters and other papers have promised great things while breaking their arms patting themselves on the back only to go deafeningly silent.

    As mentioned, I wrote to Blatchford offering to provide evidence; I’ll get excited if/when I hear back from her. I also wrote, again, to the Spec offering to meet with them to go over evidence (Not holding my breath on that one.). We must remember that the media is not our friend; they are, in fact, THE problem. The ONLY reason Fantino and McGuinty can get away with what they are doing is because the MSM have made the unconscionable decision to refuse to report the truth. Although we can and do use them, they are – until proven otherwise – just as much our enemies as the Libs and OPP. Just ask the people from Ipperwash how they feel about the media. They’ll tell you they’re the worst of the bunch because they knew the truth but refused to tell it.

    Can you imagine how the media would respond if a gang of whites were terrorizing 6N with the full assistance of the OPP and Liberal government? Imagine if the Crown Attorneys were prosecuting peaceful native activists for the equivalent of spitting on the sidewalk while the white thugs were allowed to assault police officers at will without fear of charge? Imagine the Crown dropping charges against the white gangsters while pursuing native activists with outrageous travel restrictions? Imagine the head of the OPP blaming peaceful native activists for speaking out against the OPP protection racket that allowed white punks to terrorize 6N? Imagine native children afraid in their homes because the white thugs ordered the police not to patrol their streets? Imagine whites going into native homes to beat their owners nearly to death?

    The media would be all over this story like flies to honey, and they wouldn’t let it go until Fantino was fired and McGuinty couldn’t be elected dog-catcher. The media establishment in Canada has to be the most racist group of all in our society. They know the truth, but they refuse to tell it because the victims are the wrong race.

    I am encouraged that Blatchford has told one of the thousands of stories of Caledonia. I pray she will not stop. Time will tell.

    Regards, Mark

  2. Mark we should not dismiss Christie Blanchford as an ally.

    Christie is not Toronto born and does have a slightly different outlook on life and reality and should in the end prove to be an ally on the side of truth and justice.

    She was raised in Flamborough two roads North of my home farm on a farm. From what I have seen of her writing she hasn’t forgotten her roots, farm back ground and sense of community.

    I think you should give her the slack and maybe once again approach her with the truth.

    Maybe now that she has had her eyes opened as we all have she will take up your offer and continue to print the truth and become a solution to this cancer in our legal system.

    We need the media on our side to get these stories out and expose the rasism against us perpetrated by our own Government, the Police and the Crown Attorneys.

    Her excellent story on Dave and Dana is a good start and hits hard at the harsh realities of this race based justice system so bent on punishing the victims based on their race.

    You are right about the facts that if the shoe was on the other foot there would be a huge outcry by everyone. Racism doesn’t mean we have to be black, native or any other colour to experience it.

    It is especially appalling when we the white majority are forced to endure blatant racism at the hands of our police, the courts and our government simply because our skin is white and of course political correctness.

    If the Natives were being persecuted in the same way we are it would have been over in a minute.

    Politically correct Canadians would never have allowed it to go on.

    I have one interesting thought though. Should the Government, the courts and our fellow Canadians finally come to the conclusion that we are being discriminated against will the courts give us special consideration in their laying of charges against us, committing those charges to trial and in giving us more lenient sentences.

    Maybe we could all expect to be able to go beserk in our communities, break laws with impunity and only get 4 1/2 years jail time for Automatic weapons offences spraying an illegal smoke shack with machine gun fire and injuring someone inside even though we had 74 previous criminal convictions including 43 gun offences.

    The future doesn’t look so bright when we project where the McGuinty blueprint for law and order and justice are taking us.

    The road to Anarchy may be a short one paved by politically correct good intentions and gutless people afraid to speak up against the injustices against the majority who are left without a voice.

    VoC REPLY: I truly hope Blatchford will be that one reporter who actually grasps the dangers to our country by official tolerance of native extremism and race-based policing and that she will choose to actively seek out the truth, but I’m not pinning my hopes on her. The National Post couldn’t pat themselves on the back hard enough after writing a couple of stories, but where are they today? Silent. We must always have hope, but we must realize that media are a big part of the problem. Let’s hope Blatchford proves to be the exception. As for giving her another chance, I’ve given the Spec so many chances I’ve lost count, so she’s more than entitled to the benefit of the doubt. After all, her single story about the injustice of Caledonia is infinitely greater than the Spec’s contribution of zero.

    I suspect that no one in government or the justice system is going to give the people of Caledonia any slack now or in the future in recognition of the injustices perpetrated against them; they are, quite simply, the wrong race.

    I agree…McGuinty and Fantino are taking us down the road to a very, very dark place.

    Thanks for the sentiments, Jim. Regard, Mark