Race-based justice at its worst

After hearing the details of how a native man with 43 previous firearms-related convictions (out of 73 total convictions!) was sentenced to a mere 4 1/2 years for blowing a hole through a man’s arm at an illegal Caledonia smokeshack after threatening a woman and child on the occupied Douglas Creek Estates I was planning to write a post expressing my outrage when I calmed down a bit. Fortunately, Jeff Parkinson saved me the trouble with this great article: 

The details of Mr. Donald VanEvery’s life of violence and attack on the Caledonia smokeshop can be found in the following stories:

Although the most recent Spectator story listed above or the OPP news release of May 17/08 don’t mention it, we have eyewitness reports documenting that the incident actually began on the occupied Douglas Creek Estates where Mr. VanAvery threatened to kill a woman and child before leaving to empty the magazine of his AK 47 automatic rifle into the nearby smoke shack and the arm of one Todd Porter. The witness ran out to the OPP nearby who refused to intervene, instead calling for Six Nations police miles away. The witness received notification that their testimony might be required, but it was not necessary. The OPP neglected to mention the DCE connection, and the fact that the weapon was a fully automatic assault rifle. 

The smokeshack shooting showed clearly how the OPP manipulate the truth about events to give the impression that native occupations are peaceful. In fact, it was around the same time that we revealed, contrary to Fantino’s assertions that everything was peaceful, we had obtained approximately 1,000 hours of audio recordings showing just how dangerous the DCE occupiers were:

  • VoiceofCanada, May 17/08: Audio recordings reveal OPP hid DCE dangers from public 
  • Race-based justice at its worst

    If this case doesn’t point out the evils of racially-based law enforcement and justice, nothing will. How is it that a man with 43 prior firearms convictions was allowed to walk around in the first place? If he had been any other race the Crown would have sought Dangerous Offender status to keep him locked up forever after, say, his 5th conviction for a gun offence. Instead, this maniac was given kiss after kiss by our justice system to keep him on the street. And now, another kiss to make sure he can shoot someone else in the near future.

    The Crown has bigger fish to fry

    As Jeff Parkinson rightly points out, the Crown had bigger fish to fry than a gun-running maniac who happens to be native; after all, his office is preoccupied with following Fantino’s instructions to nail Public Enemy #1 – Gary McHale – for ‘Counselling Mischief Not Committed.’  

    Victimizing native people with politically-correct racism

    In addition to a Supreme Court ruling that allows for reduced sentences against aboriginal offenders, Canada’s Firearms Registry virtually exempts aboriginal people from the regulations our government insists are necessary to protect people from gun violence. If the Firearms Registry is such an effective weapon against gun crime, one wonders why native people don’t deserve the same protection as the rest of us. 

    Has it never occurred to the Supreme Court and those who pass race-based laws that allowing one race to remain unaccountable for their crimes will lead to more victims – victims which will include those who happen to belong to the favoured race? 

    Our justice system is being corrupted by politically-correct racism that is victimizing the very people it seeks to favour. Where will it all end?

    Mark Vandermaas, Editor

    One response to “Race-based justice at its worst

    1. My one and only question is will the courts be held accountable when he gets out and really kills someone next time????? Anyone who empties a whole magazine of bulletts into a building is either out of control or is doing exactly what he intended to do. Notre Dame in Montreal ended up with 14 dead at the hands of a sniper. The only difference here, thank God is no one got killed. This sentence is insane. The sad part is I don’t think it would have made a difference if he had killed one. He is native.

      VoC REPLY: Hi ML. The blood of this maniac’s next victim is on all those who continued to let him walk the streets after his 5th conviction for firearms offences, never mind his 43rd. I spit on them all. Regards, Mark