VoC comments on ‘A bold new way to slam Whitey’

On September 23/08 National Post editor Jonathan Kay wrote an editorial highlighting just how ridiculous some human rights commissions had become. It had the shocking title of, ‘A bold new way to slam Whitey.’

Kay’s commentary about a mindnumbingly ridiculous case proving that discrimination doesn’t actually have to occur in order for one to be liable for prosecution is a clarion call to Canada to rein in out-of-control human rights commissions. Today I was sent a link to a story that shows the wisdom of that call…

In another shocking article for the National Post by former Western Standard publisher Ezra Levant, he exposes how the Canadian Human Rights Commission is prosecuting a former Saskatchewan MP for sending information to constituents related to the issue of addressing out-of-control Aboriginal crime:

Jim Pankiw, an MP who served from 1997 to 2004, is on trial for sending out flyers criticizing Indian crime in Saskatchewan. If convicted, Pankiw can face massive fines. He could also face other orders, ranging from a forced apology to a lifetime ban on commenting about aboriginal issues. If Pankiw refuses to comply with such an order, he could serve time in jail.

Aboriginal crime was a big issue for Pankiw’s constituents. According to Statistics Canada, aboriginals make up only 9% of Saskatchewan’s population, but they are 52% of the province’s criminally accused.

National Post, Ezra Levant, Oct 24/08: A new low for ‘human rights’  

Colour of ink in brochure is ‘proof’ of racism, ‘expert’ says

According to Levant’s story (himself a victim of the CHRC) the ‘evidence’ presented against Pankiw included a ridiculously silly opinion from an ‘expert’ who said the proof of his racism was found in the fact that the brochure was written with black and red ink on white paper. Yes, really.

Take one of the “experts” relied upon by the CHRC, Derek Smith of Carleton University. As Terry O’Neill reported when the complaint was filed more than four years ago, Smith found proof of Pankiw’s racism in the colour of ink used in the brochures: black and red, on white paper.

Those are “colours very much associated with aboriginal people, for whom four colours have come to be associate with the four cardinal directions and have great spiritual significance,” wrote Smith. “One can hardly claim that the symbolism in this pamphlet is not inflammatory.” A real judge would laugh that out of court. A real prosecutor would be too embarrassed to run with it.

Wow…and I thought we had problems with bizzaro-world thinking in Caledonia.

CHRC violates Supreme Court ruling

The suit against Pankiw is clearly unconstitutional. In 1990, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that human rights commissions could only pursue “hate” cases against Canadians whose messages were pure evil — they were explicitly forbidden from touching political speech. Whether or not Pankiw’s views on Indian crime are “right” should therefore be up to the voters.

Levant posted a table from a Statistics Canada report showing the disproportionate share of Aboriginal crime in Saskatchewan in one of his prior articles:

If Pankiw can be prosecuted…

Levant argues that ‘If Pankiw can be prosecuted for spreading “discrimination,” every MP is at risk.” I would argue that if MPs can be prosecuted, so can the rest of us. Where does it end?

Former Ipperwash community leader Mary-Lou LaPratte sent Levant’s NP article to me and Gary McHale today. Shortly afterwards, I posted the comment below on Levant’s blog under his article entitled, ‘My column in the National Post’:

Dear Ezra:

As someone who gave up a real estate career two years ago to work full time alongside Gary McHale in opposing race-based policing and land claim lawlessness in Caledonia, your ‘A new low for ‘human rights’ sent a shiver down my spine.

It’s no wonder we have such a tough time getting politicians and MSM to expose the outrageous civil rights violations that are going on there at the hands of the OPP!

Here’s a unique twist on Human Rights for you: Both McHale and I submitted complaints to the OHRC after we were arrested on Dec 16/06 while attempting to raise a flag across from the occupied Douglas Creek Estates in Caledonia.

Recently, the MoAG lawyer for Julian Fantino and two arresting officers made a written submission to the OHRC. In addition to refusing to attend an OHRC mediation session, they defended themselves by saying they were ‘protecting’ me from ‘extreme [native] elements’ who might want to harm me! The Commissioner of the OPP actually believes he can arrest innocent non-natives instead of arresting the native extremists who made the threats!

More details if you’re interested at: https://voiceofcanada.wordpress.com/2008/09/16/human-rights-complaint-forces-fantino-to-tell-truth-part-1/

I’ve submitted a written response, and am now waiting to hear if the OHRC buys into the OPP’s twisted thinking.

This is, of course, just the tip of the iceberg of outrageous civil rights violations in Caledonia, violations the MSM don’t seem willing to touch with a ten foot pole because they involve native extremists. Even the NP has gone completely silent on Caledonia.

I just got off the phone with Gary; he and I have already shared a jail cell for trying to put up Canadian flags, we have no problem doing the same for free speech if the CHRC decides to target us. We will not be silent, we will not be intimidated, we will not apologize for speaking and writing the truth.

As MLK wrote in his 1963 ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’:

Actually, we who engage in nonviolent direct action are not the creators of tension. We merely bring to the surface the hidden tension that is already alive. We bring it out in the open, where it can be seen and dealt with. Like a boil that can never be cured so long as it is covered up but must be opened with all its ugliness to the natural medicines of air and light, injustice must be exposed, with all the tension its exposure creates, to the light of human conscience and the air of national opinion before it can be cured.

As a former Cdn soldier and peacekeeper, I am beyond distressed at how our country’s values are being illegally subverted. Thank you for bringing attention on the CHRC.

Sorry to go on so long. Thanks again for your good works.


Mark Vandermaas | Homepage | 10.24.08 – 12:28 pm | #


 Later this evening, I was contacted by one of Levant’s readers who sent me this comment:

Hi Mark,
I found your website off of the comment you left on Ezra’s blog. I want you to know that I am an Orthodox Jew who has developed utter contempt for Dalton McGuinty. People can’t believe it when they find out why. The reason is Caledonia.
I live in suburban Toronto but to witness the lawlessness that is tolerated in Caledonia makes me feel fearful for my children’s future. If Islamists decide to initiate violent demonstration, and the government decides that it’s not politically correct to enforce the rule of law, who will protect me? When I attend synagogue services on the holidays, I have to go through security. It’s like being in an airport.
And since the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Barbara Hall has declared “Islamophobia” to be a new focus, reality will be irrelevant and inconvenient.  There is no longer right or wrong, or one rule of law for all. Politically correct thinking, identity politics, and white guilt has paralyzed our government’s ability to distinguish right from wrong, and to encourage behaviour that can potentially undermine society as a whole.
Keep up the good fight, your plight sends chills down my spine and makes me feel fearful for the future of this country. I wish you the best of luck for your fight for justice.

I sent the commenter a lengthy email from the heart talking about my love for Israel and my hate for the evils of racially-dispensed justice. I also asked for help in reaching out to the Jewish community who have been strangely silent about the victims of Caledonia. We shall see. I also sent links to a few related stories:

I hope and pray that the Jewish community will find its voice and come to the aid of not only the victims of race-based policing in Caledonia, but also to the victims of politically-correct racism who are suffering at the hands of the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

It’s getting scary out there!

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

2 responses to “VoC comments on ‘A bold new way to slam Whitey’

  1. Free speech, the right to free assembly, and the right to tell the whole truth about any situation has become taboo in Ontario for fear of being fined or jailed. Now we must also beware of the colour of paper and ink when writing about a subject for fear that we may offend.

    What happened to government for the people by the people??? What happened to common sense????? It is obvious that in our not so great Country, Multiculturalism is being heralded as the new approach to silencing the masses. I refuse to live in an environment in which one race is virtually eliminated from any rights whatsoever. The white guilt for everything has got to stop. Most of the subjects being silenced in one way or another are about history or religion for which today’a society cannot possibly be held accountable.

    Different Mores, different laws, different problems that we were not here for or influenced in any way. With my last breath I will denounce senseless crime against others no matter what race is involved. I will denounce a government that turns a blind eye to useless suffering that will never help a cause. I will denounce a police force who refuses to help those innocent victims crying for justice.

    What have we allowed this Country to become, when the people we pay to enforce the law and protect the law-abiding, can ignore , ridicule, vilify, and assassinate the character of individuals as well as jail them for no justifiable reason?????? I call that Dictatorship.

    VoC REPLY: I sense a growing awakening in Canada to the evils of politically-correct racism. There will be a price to pay and it will be a long fight, but it does seem to be under way. Regards, Mark

  2. WL Mackenzie Redux

    “Politically correct thinking, identity politics, and white guilt has paralyzed our government’s ability to distinguish right from wrong, and to encourage behaviour that can potentially undermine society as a whole.”

    Agreed. This is the result of cultural Marxism or PC (politically correct codes). Those in government/bureaucracy who have adopted the codes of political correctness over the mores of liberal democracy have perpetrated a soft dystopian tyranny upon this nation.

    The lot of them, are the ideological descendants of the despotic middle managers of some banana republic, to whom “Freedom” is an ironic brand name, a buzz word you reach for, when you want to get away with its very opposite.