Crown turns over another ‘smoking gun’ Fantino email to McHale


UPDATE 1318 EST Nov 14/08: Read Fantino’s emails and McHale’s Charter application: McHale Charter application alleges Fantino misconduct.

Gary McHale has gone into court repeatedly to force the Crown to turn over evidence related to his Dec 01/07 arrest following a protest at an illegal smokeshop in Caledonia.

Evidence that included an email from OPP Julian Fantino revealing how the Commissioner ordered him to be targetted for arrest before any investigation had been done. On Oct 16/08, after reading this email, a Hamilton judge ordered the Crown to turn over all of Fantino’s communications between Dec 01-07 (date of protest to date of McHale’s arrest) concerning McHale and the protest. 

McHale has now received additional Fantino emails. One, dated Dec 02/07, is even more revealing and shocking than the first. It was sent by Fantino to a very high-ranking officer in the OPP. Unfortunately, its content can only be published and/or discussed after it is presented in court.

Suffice it to say that it is highly unlikely that Julian Fantino will be able to avoid having to appear in court to answer McHale’s questions about his role and purpose in vigorously pursuing a minor charge against a non-native victim of violence while allowing the natives who attacked his officers on Dec 1st to escape without a single charge. 

McHale’s case will be heard beginning on Nov 20th. Details to follow. You won’t want to miss this one!

VoC Comment

Gary McHale could have copped a plea long ago to end this farce of a prosecution, but he refused to do so because he wanted to expose two tier justice in all its ugliness for all to see. Thanks to his persistence, race-based policing will finally go on trial.

Gary and CANACE really need your help

It costs money to keep this struggle alive. Please help if you can.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor


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  • One response to “Crown turns over another ‘smoking gun’ Fantino email to McHale

    1. Only when a judge with the cahoonas decides to hold Fantino to task along with participating officers, will all this matter. I have no faith that justice will be served and that really bothers me. Canadians are willing to accept apartheid policies that advantage Natives but would never accept the same rules for any other race…why is that? This is the real question at the root of all the Natives issues we face today. We have established the Canadian people as sick enablers of a long defunct concept called; The Indian Act.

      VoC REPLY: Hi Mark. Gary’s trial is another giant step (consisting of many steps in itself) in a process that is leading to Fantino being called to account for his actions. Your town’s misery was never going to end because of one protest or media story; Gary always said it would take a long time of consistent resistance. We all should be very pleased since Fantino WILL be forced – for the first time ever – to answer questions on Nov 24th and/or 26th about those apartheid policies you refer to…and by Gary McHale no less! Who ever thought THAT would happen? This assumes, of course, that the OPP/Crown don’t decide to cut their losses and drop the charge against him before Big Julie takes the stand.

      BTW, according to Jim Windle of the Tekawenakke News, the ‘real’ problem isn’t native extremists victimizing innocent people or racial policing; it’s a lack of education on our part about the Six Nations people. Here’s a quote from a press release he sent out on Nov 15/08:

      “The lack of education about the people of Six Nations is the root cause of tensions between our two communities,” says TRUE co-founder Jim Windle.”

      Here’s my reply:

      “The root cause of tensions between Caledonia and Six Nations is NOT a lack of education; it is that a small group of Six Nations residents feel it is acceptable to victimize innocent human beings to get what they want. Spare me your propaganda, Jim.”

      Windle’s deluded propaganda shows the folly of allowing apartheid policies to take our rights from us as we wait for the politicians to ‘negotiate’ for their return with those who have victimized us. I can’t believe, that after 2.5 years, anyone – even a reporter for a native newspaper – should pretend that violence, crime and vandalism by native extremists have nothing to do with the tension in Caledonia! Shame on those who insult the innocent victims by blaming them for the crimes committed against them. And, shame on any politician who swallows this swill. Thank God for Gary McHale’s willingness to speak the truth and defend it no matter what the price. Now…where are the truth-tellers and peacemakers on Six Nations? Enough with the propagandists.

      Thanks for writing, Mark. Mark