CANACE responds to Amnesty International re OPP Framework


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Sent: Fri 11/14/2008 11:37 AM

Subject: RE: your endorsement of OPP ‘Framework’

Dear Amnesty International Canada:

Your recent endorsement of the OPP ‘Framework’ is most disturbing. Mr. McHale has already provided you with information regarding how this Framework has been used to openly violate the rights and safety of innocent non-natives caught up in land claims through no fault of their own, therefore, I will not spend much time on that issue. I do hope you’ve taken the time to read Mr. McHale’s Charter Application and watched the video of Shawn Brant declaring he doesn’t give a ‘rat’s ass’ how many victims he creates!

SUPPRESSION OF EVIDENCE BY IPPERWASH INQUIRY: You are correct in that the Commissioner of the Ipperwash Inquiry did indeed endorse the Framework as ‘best practices.’ What you likely do not know, however, is that the Inquiry deliberately excluded all non-native Ipperwash residents from testifying. It also refused to publish their evidence.

On March 14/07 we released our ‘Ipperwash Papers’ investigative project at a news conference at the Queen’s Park Media Studio. The Ipperwash Papers consist of over 400 pages of documents that prove the Inquiry deliberately suppressed all testimony and evidence from non-native residents traumatized by years of crime before, during and after the death of Dudley George in conjunction with 3 separate land claims, including one against their homes.

It is absolutely critical that people understand that the Ipperwash Inquiry never allowed the impact of native violence on innocent residents to be studied. This is why, out of 100 recommendations, there is not a single one specifically designed to prevent violence against innocent third parties. No politician or police force (or human rights group!), therefore, has any right to use the Inquiry or its recommendations to justify the current OPP approach to native lawlessness. 

In addition to the links below I have attached a copy of an article written with the help of longtime Ipperwash community leader Mary-Lou LaPratte that provides a short overview of the suppression of evidence by the Inquiry. I urge you to read and understand.


THE FRAMEWORK AND HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS AGAINST NON-NATIVES: I am myself a victim of the OPP’s framework; I was actually arrested (as was Mr. McHale) for trying to place a Canadian flag on a public utility pole across the street from occupied land in Caledonia. The OPP told the Ontario Human Rights Commission in writing they did so to ‘protect me’ from native ‘extreme elements’ who might want to harm me if I was allowed to exercise my rights. Under the Framework, the OPP actually believe they have the right to arrest potential non-native victims instead of dealing with those making the threats. This is like arresting black people to ‘protect them’ from white supremacists instead of defending their right to protest. It is disgusting, but it is a reality under the Framework. 

EVIDENCE OF WEAPONS: You stated that “although a spokesperson …publicly alluded to the possibility that the protesters had access to weapons, Amnesty International is not aware of any evidence to suggest that this was, in fact, the case.” I am shocked that you would suggest that a spokesperson’s threat is not evidence of an actual threat. 

Nevertheless, if it is evidence you seek that native occupiers have weapons, I wish to advise you that CANACE is in possession of many hundreds of hours of audio recordings proving that Caledonia occupiers have weapons and have been authorized by their leaders to shoot civilians and police.  


SUGGESTION: May I suggest that you take the time to read the material sent by Mr. McHale  and I, especially our ‘Human Costs of Illegal Occupations’ report (link below), and that we then meet to discuss this very vital issue? If Amnesty International is going to take a side on this issue, surely you want to understand the whole truth – a truth that includes the fact that innocent people are being victimized, not only by native extremists like Shawn Brant, but by the OPP Framework. 

After reading our ‘Human Costs’ report, I would ask that you take a minute to put yourself in the places of the innocent victims and ask if you would be willing to sacrifice your own father’s brain function and livelihood, or whether you would be willing to have your sister trade places with ‘Dancer’ who must take medication and go to counselling because she is afraid in her home after all she has witnessed. 

I have attached a ‘resume’ for the founders of CANACE to help you understand more about us and our work. 

Please contact me any time, day or night.


Mark  cell: 

    Mark Vandermaas
    Director of Research
    Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality 
    Editor, VoiceofCanada
    Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations
    The Strength of a Woman – 14 year old ‘Dancer

    A cry for OPP protection from a resident on the Sixth Line in Caledonia

    My hope is that one day people will come to Caledonia, not to study the destruction caused by those who would do evil to other human beings for their own selfish purposes, but to learn about your culture, about the damage that was done to it, and how Caledonians – native and non-native – came together as one in the dark days to peacefully proclaim Six Nations and the rest of Haldimand County as a sanctuary from that evil.”     

    VoiceofCanada to native reader, Jan 12/07

One response to “CANACE responds to Amnesty International re OPP Framework

  1. Mark thank God for giving us Gary McHale.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. Where would Caledonia and it’s victims be without Gary McHale standing up for them against all odds.

    People like Donna Prichard and others who blindly follow her drabble on her web site will one day have a lot of crow to eat and I hope they don’t choke on it. The ultimate justice will occur when Prichard finally shows her hand to run for mayor and gets devastated in the poles after her years of diminishing all that others have attempted to do while whining and complaining about them as she does nothing positive to help.

    And Fantino well…… I’m afraid he has made his bed and will have to lie on it and his true colours are shining through for all to see the legacy of what appears to be a Corrupt Cop who has no use for the Weak Crown Attorneys, our courts or the Legal Nuances that he is bound to follow as the Top Cop in Ontario. It is amusing to see this bully finally being stared down by Gary McHale who will be surely remembered for taking on the establishment and holding them accountable to the Victims of Native Lawlessness. Fantino’s Career of bullying is finally comming to an end at the hand of a simple victim speaking the truth who has demonstrated that he has had enough of Government corruption and lies.

    It is interesting to learn that because of all of this illegal activity perpetrated by our provincial Government and the OPP huge amounts of our tax money is now being doled out to pay up for some of the wrongs borne by the victims of Native Violence endorsed by the McGuinty Government and the OPP Facilitators.

    The Government owes their exposure to this litigation solely to the poor leadership and handling of a Native illegal occupation by their police leaders, government facilitators and McGuinty’s inability to recognize that Illegal occupations create victims and these victims have equal rights under the Law and Canadian Charter.

    I can’t wait to hear from the rest of the Crown’s star witnesses to see if they too are smoking Illegal Native Wackey Tobacco and can’t tell right from wrong or a tickle from a brutal assault.

    Testimony like that that was already presented to date can only make one wonder what the OPP and McGuinty Government are thinking when they give the Victims and Voters of Ontario so little credit for knowing truth from fiction.

    The Main Stream Media seems lost forever in the political correctness of Canadian Journalistic culture and obviously can no longer be trusted with the important job of protecting and safeguarding our Charter and democratic rights.

    Nothing will be the same after this is over. The importance of people like Gary McHale, Mark Vandermaas and Jeff Parkinson who have printed the truth so plainly for all to see who choose to watch with open eyes and open minds will be remembered by all in power who tried to subjugate justice and deny us our rights to equality under the Charter and Canadian Law in the interest of political expediency.

    We all owe these gentlemen and all those from Caledonia who have supported them a huge debt of gratitude for exposing this rot from within our Government and posting it for all to read.

    Contrary to all that has been said by Fantino, the OPP in press releases and the McGuinty Government Gary McHale et all have been consistant in their message against two tiered policing, lawlessness and race based policing and have always advocated peaceful protest.

    It wasn’t Gary McHale et all that lied to the press and the victims of the Native crime spree in Caledonia and throughout Ontario it was the OPP, Fantino and the McGuinty Government trying to cover for their huge blunders, political mistakes and weak response to Native Terrorism in our towns.

    Thankyou Gentlemen for all you have done and all that you have demonstrated to us that you are.