McHale back in court and other important stories


I’ve been working on another project and attending Gary’s preliminary hearing so I haven’t been able to update VoC for a while. Here are some quick news updates: 

1. On March 25/07 the Crown dropped the charges against two OPP officers discussed in the previous article, ‘Thank you, Jeff Parkinson.’

Lawyers in the courtroom were watching, and one personally expressed his surprise at the Crown’s decision to Gary McHale & Jeff Parkinson afterwards, although is was fully expected by us. An application for a Judicial Review to be filed seeking to overturn this decision.

2. On April 20/09 McHale filed an 800 page document (factum, book of authorities, supporting evidence) with the Court in Cayuga in support of his Judicial Review of the Crown’s decision to drop Intimidation and Extortion charges against Floyd and Ruby Montour. It outlines alleged misconduct by the OPP and Crown in connection with private prosecutions by CANACE members. Adjourned to June 23/09 when it will be heard by Judge Marshall. Factum to be posted. See following  for related info:

3. On March 25/09 Steve Powless was acquitted of assaulting Gary McHale on Dec 01/07 by the judge who came to the conclusion that he had his head turned when Camille Powless falsely accused McHale of assaulting her (for which she was later charged with Public Mischief), and honestly believed he was coming to her rescue by attacking McHale. I wasn’t in the court, but McHale reports that the judged was scathing in his criticism of Ms. Powless for her role in setting off the violence with her false accusation against him. 

4. Also on March 25/09, in the face of the landmark Parkinson v. R. ruling (links in story below), the Crown consented to four criminal charges being filed against Clyde Powless in connection with the events of Dec 01/07.

5. On April 03/09 Hagersville developer John Voortman was granted an injunction against native protesters. It took the judge 45 minutes to read the reasons for his ruling, a ruling that completely vindicated the information that CANACE published nearly one year ago in our report, Legalized MYTHS of Illegal Occupations. I’ll have more to say about this when I have time, but for now take some time to compare the judge’s comments with our MYTHS report and…be prepared to be amazed. BTW, our sources tell us the OPP are shit-scared over this ruling because they don’t know what to do if private security people physically remove native protesters (as they are allowed to do under the CCC) and turn them over to police. The OPP might actually have to make arrests!

When time permits, the CANACE report will be updated.

6. Yesterday, on the first day of the resumed preliminary hearing into the Counselling Mischief Not Committed charge against him, Doug Fleming testified.

Today, it was all Fantino who told the court the OPP doesn’t protect deeded land owners in every case. One of his most memorable quotes was, ‘But for you [McHale], Caledonia would be a peaceful place.’ I almost laughed out loud at such silliness. Julian’s not making much effort to hide his irrational vendetta against McHale no matter what the facts actually say. He actually accused McHale of ‘agitating’ by asking Sgt. Michaud about the OPP’s illegal policy of not protecting deeded land owners, and fully supported Michaud’s ridiculous and illegal position.  

Fantino’s testimony was cut short and Court adjourned early today to give McHale time to review some startling new evidence obtained via disclosure in the form of various OPP emails; Fantino will be appearing next Tuesday at 0900. Can’t disclose more at this time. Reporters from the Spectator, Canadian Press and CHCH were present: Toronto Star. The Spec had the best story of the day that really captured the essence of both the day’s testimony and the irony of Fantino writing a reference letter for the guy who attacked McHale:

Tomorrow several reporters from Turtle Island News will likely testify (some ‘interesting’ facts should be coming to light under McHale’s cross-examination regarding some video evidence presented to the court), and possibly one police officer. The trial continues Friday, Monday and Tuesday when Fantino re-appears. 

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VoC comment

No time to say a lot other than to express my satisfaction that the courts are vindicating the rule of law despite the worst efforts of Fantino and McGuinty to foist their twisted racial policing policies on innocent, law-abiding citizens. Thank God!

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