White people can apply Dr. King’s lessons, too

CANACE is holding a protest march in Caledonia next Sunday at 1:30 pm to once again try to raise a Canadian flag across the street from the occupied Douglas Creek Estates where 3 Canadians (including VoC) have been arrested while attempting to do so.

If you would like to know why flag-raising events are so important, please see the links at the end of the article.

Here is the official CANACE announcement:


Flag Raising Event

May 24, 2009

Start at 1:30 pm outside the Lion’s Hall in Caledonia

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. demonstrated that by Marching down a road you could change a nation. There is no more peaceful way to demand your Rights and Freedoms than simply walking down a road and raising a Canadian Flag.

OPP Race Based Policing Policies are now a fact as testified to in court by OPP Officers. In direct violation of the Charter of Rights the OPP have discriminated against non-Natives as well as repeatedly failed to protect non-Natives against the violence committed by a handful of thugs.


By joining CANACE (Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality) on May 24 you can send a powerful message to the OPP and to McGuinty’s Government that you will not submit to the illegal actions of the OPP.

Our elected officials may not have the backbone to fight against Race Based Policing but the People can demand change. Average people coming together to confront an injustice.

This is your community. It IS worth standing up for!

For more information you can email info@CaledoniaWakeUpCall.com

or phone Merlyn at 905-765-5131


VoC Comment

The OPP have already threatened to arrest Caledonia resident Merlyn Kinrade should he attempt to put up the flag he served under as a UN peacekeeper in the Canadian Navy. Three other Canadians, including resident Bo Chausse have been similarly arrested. Here are some links that will help you understand the importance of supporting the struggle to defend the values represented by the Canadian flag.

1. OPP Racial Policing – the proof:

2. Why it is wrong to condemn someone for exercising their rights (i.e. to put up a flag) because it may provoke others to violence: 

3. Governor Faubus calls in Arkansas National Guard to appease violent white racists. President Eisenhower calls in 101st Airborne to protect black students from the State of Arkansas.

4. McGuinty stands by as OPP calls out London riot squad to help appease violent native racists:

5. White people can learn and apply Dr. King’s lessons, too:

The OPP, the Ontario and federal governments, and all the collaborators who have sat in silence counting their money and/or votes are on the wrong side of history.  Not so for protest organizer Merlyn Kinrade.

Seventy-four year-old Kinrade – long-time Caledonia resident, formerly of the Canadian Navy, former UN peacekeeper, father, and generous community contributor, will quite likely be arrested this Sunday as he stands against racial policing and acquiesence to violent native racists.

I can only hope you will be there to watch and support this great man as he attempts to make Canada a better place for his children and yours.

Merlyn is at the top left of the maple leaf facing left away from Canadian flag. Click image to enlarge.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality

One response to “White people can apply Dr. King’s lessons, too

  1. Terry Jamieson Jr

    How about Malcolm X? He said something like this- ” Why is a white man alloud to strike a black dude? When a black man raise his hand to strike back he is branded an untamed savage?” So any ways white folks are allowed to take all of our living space. eh? When we say something to disagree it falls upon def ears. The “fair kanadian system” changes the law to suit its own wants. Genuine logic requires no court or militancy. Kanada is a con-artist in papal clothing.

    VoC REPLY: 1. Malcolm X believed in violence against white people. If Caledonians followed his twisted logic they would be fully justified in using violence against the native thugs who have victimized them and their friends/family in Ipperwash. We reject this philosophy and choose to follow Dr. King’s path of non-violent resistance, a path by the way which eclipsed Malcolm X’s hateful supremacist ideology.

    2. White people are not allowed to strike anyone; the difference is that some natives think their so-called grievances justify their use of violence against whites.

    As near as I can tell (especially from my personal experience on Dec 1/07) the only people committing threats, false accusations of assaults, land theft, attacks on infrastructure and cowardly assaults on innocent people come from Six Nations and ‘outsiders/interlopers’ from other reserves. So spare me your revisionist history about poor natives being the victims in Haldimand. I have no more patience for it. Those who truly are victims don’t justify violence against innocent people. You don’t see Jewish people attacking people because of what happened to them and then trying to justify it because they themselves were victims.

    3. As far as ‘living space’ goes, as near as I can tell Six Nations (with 10,000 people) has about the same land as all of Hamilton and Stoney Creek combined – about 250,000 people. If you want more land buy it – the same way the rest of us have to.

    By the way you might want to check out the Nazi justification for their territorial aggression: it was called, ‘Lebensraum’ and it translates to ‘living space.’

    4. If Six Nations has grievances they can do what everyone else does – TAKE THEM INTO COURT AND PRESENT YOUR EVIDENCE. Of course, if you don’t have evidence…

    (Readers may want to see, ‘Caledonia land claim BOGUS? 16 Questions for investigators’.)

    5. Spare me the garbage about the courts being unfair to native people, please. The courts have bent over backwards to accommodate native people. Where do you think the Duty to Consult came from? How did Oral History became acceptable as evidence (bizzare decision, that one!)? Who was it that recognized Aboriginal Title? Answer: The Supreme Court of Canada.

    Just because the courts won’t let natives victimize other human beings doesn’t mean they’re biased against native people. Just remember this: every time you try to justify the use of violence against non-natives as a means of settling grievances, you are also justifying the use of violence against natives by non-natives. Both are wrong.

    For three years I/we have done our best to try to give the non-native victims in Haldimand hope that we can combat native aggression and police racism peacefully. It is distressing to hear people still making excuses for violence, and playing the victim instead of being part of the solution.

    Despite our efforts not one single person from Six Nations has ever reached out to us to help. And yes, we have tried to reach out several times only to have our hands slapped away. In the case of Clyde Powless, we even let him speak on Oct 8/07 only to have him cowardly attack Gary McHale from behind on Dec 01/07.

    If there is to be justice and peace and equality, it must be for all – native and non. That is what I seek. How about you stop blaming white people for all your problems and start helping?

    A good start would be an apology from Six Nations for the crimes committed against Caledonia. Until that happens, there will be no healing and no reconciliation. How about sponsoring an event that reaches out to Caledonians with THAT message?