OPP lied to Kinrade at Caledonia flag raising

UPDATE 1627 EST June 02/09: see CaledoniaWakeUpCall May 24/09 protest feature page for links, photos, video and text of speeches.

UPDATED 1000 EST June 01/09: Click on photo below to see video footage of Sgt. Carter lying to  protest organizer Merlyn Kinrade as to why non-natives were not allowed to put up Canadian flags. Also includes a short clip from an illegal Hagersville occupation in which Carter threatens to sue CANACE videographer Jeff Parkinson. Carter was present while two OPP officers – later charged with Mischief thanks to Parkinson and Gary McHale – helped natives build a barricade to keep out the legal owner. See, ‘Thank you, Jeff Parkinson!’

“If I feel that way and I think that way, it makes it so.”

Sgt Carter at Cdn_Tire May24-09
Instead of telling Merlyn Kinrade the truth – that native racists threatened to breach the peace if OPP allowed Cdn flags to be raised, Sgt. Carter tells Merlyn Kinrade non-natives can’t put up flags across from DCE in Caledonia because of the arrest of a non-native man who dared to walk onto DCE holding a Canadian flag. (Video link to follow)

In ‘OPP line up to stop Canadian flag raising,’ regarding the May 24/09 protest in Caledonia, I related how Sgt. Carter blamed the lack of a deal allowing us to put up a flag on the arrest of Randy Fleming, a resident who was brutally taken down by the OPP for daring to calmly walk onto the Douglas Creek Estates (provincially-owned land) holding a Canadian flag. Carter blamed Fleming’s actions on Kinrade, and told him the deal he originally offered (that Kinrade would be allowed to put up a flag on another day) was off because of the arrest.

Not true! The REAL reason for not respecting the rights of non-natives, as it turns out, is that the OPP went, cap in hand, to the natives occupying DCE who outright refused to grant us ‘permission’ to exercise our right to put up flags.

Racists make threats against non-natives to OPP!

The DCE occupiers not only refused to ‘allow’ non-natives to raise flags, but went even further by threatening to directly interfere with our rights by breaching the peace should the OPP allow us to do so against their wishes. How do we know?

We can thank the native newspaper Tekawennake for exposing the threats in a story called, ‘Merlyn’s Flag Fiasco,’ a story they obviously thought showed how ‘heroic’ the DCE racists were in defeating the evil non-natives. One of the story’s ‘heroes’ was none other than Ruby Montour (facing a charge of Mischief for blockading a development site) who was quoted in this paragraph:

“Initially we just thought that with your approval, and it wouldn’t make too much of a problem, for him to put up a Canadian flag on the other side and leave again because I’m tired of being the flag police,” said Carter. The Six Nations overwhelming response was no, the flag was not going to be hung across from the site. Carter then tried to negotiate an area between the makeshift Caledonia border and the DCE site as to where the flags could be hung. His inquiries were met with numerous concerns from those on site. “We’ve given enough, this is confrontational. “How many flags do we need over there for them to say they got a flag on the reserve,” said Ruby Montour. “This is confrontational and we are going to answer the call. They are trying to instigate our people.”

Tekawennake News, May 27/09: Merlyn’s Flag Fiasco REPRINT

OPP meekly comply with native demands to violate our rights

Sachem-Dring Randy Fleming May24-09

Randy Fleming arrested during peaceful, one-man, Canadian flag protest. Note the officer's knee on his head. Photo by Neil Dring, the Sachem.

The OPP simply complied with the demand by natives to deny us our rights instead of informing them that they would be arrested should they follow through with their threat to breach the peace if we raised flags. Instead of telling the truth to Merlyn Kinrade they blamed the refusal to respect our rights on Randy Fleming’s arrest.

I have reviewed video of Randy Fleming’s protest and arrest, and I am as disgusted as those who can be heard in the background watching the event unfold in front of them. The contrast between the brutal OPP treatment of a non-native man threatening no one with his flag, and the deferential ass-kissing of racist natives making threats against peaceful non-natives is nothing short of disgusting. 

Non-natives do not need ‘permission’ from natives to exercise their rights, and vice versa. Our rights are NOT negotiable. Carter should have told Montour and company that his force had a duty to protect them, and that they would be arrested if they interfered or made further threats.

Thanks to Erin Tully of the Tekawennake News!

Many thanks to the Teka. Not only did you provide the valuable information that exposed the DCE occupiers as the racists they are, you also helped us expose (once again) how the OPP take their orders from native protesters instead of the Police Services Act. Well done, Erin! 

New protests being planned 

The OPP willingness to brutally take down non-native protesters under the directions of racist thugs is an outrageous, blatant abuse of non-native rights, and it must be vigorously opposed. New protests are being planned. For now, we must allow the illegal conduct of the natives and OPP to sink in with the public. This has already begun thanks to the Teka, the Spec, the Sachem and the Regional News:

‘Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them’

There’s a book with that title out there somewhere, something to do with American politics. Or, I could simply pose the question: When is the OPP going to stop lying to non-natives? WHEN??? When are these instruments of racist thugs going to simply tell the truth for once?

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

2 responses to “OPP lied to Kinrade at Caledonia flag raising

  1. Dear Mark,

    Years ago I tried to tell the public and the politicians that Ipperwash was functioning at the whim of the native agenda. Well, I guess history is repeating itself with the help once again of the OPP, the Politicians and the native so-called militant leaders. What have they got to worry about??? Ipperwash is proof positive that violence produces the results the native agenda is seeking.

    We are paying big bucks to all of them out of our pocket for the privilege of being victimized over and over again. When is John Q. Public going to take a stand and say enough is enough??? DCE will be the next gift of appeasement. The writing is on the wall. There is no one anywhere willing to step up to the plate and have the Rule of Law restored. What we are witnessing now is the great Canadian give away supported by lies, deceit, cowardice and ignorance.

    VoC REPLY: This latest deal to A. turn over a provincial park on which natives had NO claim; B. build a monument to a participant of a violent insurrection; and C. give Ipperwash natives $4.5M for waiting a mere 2 years for the proceeds from the sale of their land while denying Ipperwash residents interest on legal fees incurred fighting the bogus land claims on their property since 1992 is the denouement on the most disgusting example of appeasement in Canadian history. Especially so given how residents in Ipperwash were terrorized by natives for more than a decade and ignored by the Inquiry (see ‘The Ipperwash Papers’ feature page for info and links)

    Hey, ML, if you want to participate in a protest at the unveiling of this monument and/or the opening ceremonies for the turnover of the park I’m up for it. Jeff has already said he’d go. I’d like to stand there with a sign that says, “Ipperwash Cover-Up = Caledonia Legacy.”

    As for people waking up, haven’t you heard? Grice, Sloat and Boyko think the non-natives conducting flag-raising protests in their quiet little town are the problem, and they just want to get on with life so people can start making money. Damn those of us who still believe in justice!!!

    Thanks so much for writing ML. Let the protests continue!
    Regards, Mark

  2. I don’t understand why do you need to keep doing the same thing over and over. Are you like, expecting that something will change? You’ve been trying to raise the flags for a few years now with only two outcomes: either you are blocked by heavy police presence, or someone is arrested. It seems to me that if people keep trying the same thing which does not work over and over, something is wrong with them. Why not trying something different for a change?

    VoC REPLY: Hi Aaron, what makes you think our flag protests aren’t working? Our goal is to expose and oppose the existence of racially-based policing, not to get up a flag! Our flag protests have helped us gather evidence for OHRC complaints; lawsuits; private prosecutions; lawsuits; and they’ve helped us gather media coverage which no other person or group in Caledonia has been able to get – coverage which, by the way, has appeared across the country.

    They have also inspired others – like Randy Fleming – to be willing to expose themselves to the risk of arrest which has given racial policing even more exposure in the media and will undoubtedly result in even more complaints and more lawsuits and more media coverage.

    What you see in public – the flag raising protest – is about 10% of what CANACE does. The rest of the time is invested in taking advantage of all the opportunities created by various protests. The flag raisings are without a doubt the most productive tool we have because no one in the country can understand why non-natives aren’t allowed to put up a flag. And we owe it all to the OPP.

    And, if you’ve read VoC for a while, you know we also support protests organized by residents such as the Dec 01/07 protest at the smoke shack. Thanks to that protest and the resulting charge against Gary we have been able to expose important evidence such as how Fantino made a charge disappear against Clyde Powless, and the confirmation of racial policing by an OPP officer under oath.

    One of the key things Gary McHale taught us is that racial policing isn’t going to magically end with any one or two or three protests. It will only end when the courts order it and/or police & politicians lose their jobs over it. It takes a sustained effort to gather the evidence and use it effectively against those who suppress our rights. Our protests are helping us achieve that long-term goal.

    We KNOW our flag protests are effective because the OPP put so much effort into trying to stop them. Because the negotiators have told our sources how ‘unhelpful’ they are. Because Haldimand politicians hate them. Because the OPP have no reasonable explanation to offer for why non-natives can’t put up flags.

    If you doubt that our protests have been effective I suggest you might want to see these two posts: ‘Gov’t source: Caledonia the only grass-roots resistance to native extremism in Canada,’ and ‘Proof positive native extremists have lost PR battle.

    Perhaps you might share with me some of your ideas for a more effective protest? I’m sure CANACE would be pleased to support any (peaceful) protest you might want to lead so keep me posted if you decide to organize something.

    Thanks for writing, Mark