Mohawk Warriors: Canada allows organized crime to seize border crossing


UPDATED 2311 EST June 04/09: Link added to U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security report, ‘Tobacco and Terror.’

UPDATE 1134 EST June 04/09: A criminal organization from the Six Nations reserve known as the Men’s Fire has threatened to attack Caledonia by closing a major highway there should police attempt to enforce the law at Akwasasne.

Mohawk Warriors followed through on their threat to take over the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) checkpoint on the Akwasasne Reserve in an effort to force the Canadian government to abandon its policy of arming border guards.

“We are going to clear them out,” said Thomas Stacy…Sunday night at 12 o’clock (midnight) we have to have an answer. If that answer don’t come, that’s it. Monday is going to be the worst. That’s the crackdown. It’s going to be over. It’s going to be done. No more signing papers, no more negotiations – nothing.”

Canwest News Service, May 30/09: Mohawk Warriors vow to storm border post  PDF  REPRINT

“CBSA is a foreign oppressive force who occupies our sovereign community and territory. (They are) unwelcome, uninvited and now carrying firearms. For lack of a different description, that is considered by some an act of war,” said King. “We cannot be held responsible or control what could transpire. There is a real possibility of unrest.”

Ottawa Citizen, May 29/09: Armed border guards an ‘act of war’  REPRINT

Canada allows Mohawk Warriors to seize border crossing

Border guards have now abandoned their posts at Akwasasne out of fear for their safety: 

Mohawk Warriors – organized crime protecting its turf 

road-barr4.jpgFor nearly three years we have been warning people of the dangers of appeasing native extremists, and doing our best to peacefully oppose racial law enforcement in Caledonia. Now we have had a direct attack on the Canadian state by the gangsters who caused so much heartache in Oka, Ipperwash and Caledonia – the Mohawk Warriors.

roadfire1.jpgNot only have the Warriors terrorized non-native communities, their organized crime activities have also victimized native people. In fact, the Canadian side of Akwasasne itself had to be evacuated due to Warrior initiated violence after the community refused to sanction its gambling casino. A hint of just how violent and criminal the Warriors are can be found in these links:

sxnbarricade.jpgAfter reading the above material, only the most naive could believe that the Warrior attack on a Canadian border post has anything to do with protecting native rights against racist border guards, but rather it is another attempt by a criminal organization to intimidate the state into not enforcing the law against illegal activities.

The Warriors are not native heroes; they are nothing more and nothing less than violent gangsters parasitically leaching off Canadians – native and non. Little wonder, therefore, that they don’t want armed border guards scrutinizing their activity. Today’s attack demonstrates perfectly that arming guards is long overdue.

Failure to defend against Warrior crime makes us all unsafe

opp.jpgIt is outrageous that the government of Canada refused to defend an international border crossing against threats by Mohawk terrorists. Their failure to do so, despite having advance knowledge of the threat, makes all of us unsafe.

As people in Ipperwash and Caledonia have discovered, the police will abandon non-natives when ordered to do so by native thugs. In Ipperwash, the Warriors helped launch a violent takeover of a Canadian Forces base. Now, the CBSA has abandoned an international border with a neighbour who already believes our attention to security issues is a danger to their own country. 

This latest attack on Canada has been made possible by the politically-correct racism doctrine espoused and practiced by those who should have been protecting us all along. I strongly suggest that readers purchase the Donner Book Prize Finalist, ‘Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry’ in order to understand the policy failures that have brought us to this very sad day.

The very survival of Canada as a nation of laws depends on what happens next

warrior4.jpgFor three years the Canadian government has refused to intervene to protect the people of Caledonia from native gangsters flying the Warrior flag and the police who provide security for their illegal activities, just as it refused to protect the people of Ipperwash before them.

usflag_on_home1.jpegPeople in Caledonia have actually placed U.S. flags on their lawns begging for help from our southern neighbour, and Canadian citizens, led by Gary McHale/CANACE have actively worked to provide evidence to U.S. authorities to help prosecute violent native criminals when the Canadian government refused to do so.

If there is anything we have learned from the Ontario and Canadian governments, it is this: If you belong to the favoured race and are willing to threaten and/or use violence to get what you want, the government will cave in to your demands no matter how bizzare or illegal. This is a most dangerous lesson to be teaching, not only to the criminals, but those of us who believe in the rule of law. 

We will wait to see if Canada will defend itself from this insurrection. If not, then we should all fear what is coming next. 

Be sure to check out Jeff Parkinson’s commentary:

NOTE: The photos in this post were all taken in Caledonia.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

3 responses to “Mohawk Warriors: Canada allows organized crime to seize border crossing

  1. Winston Smith

    Any nation unwilling to defend its sovereigty is no nation at all. The Native extremists proved this true in spades. Canada’s lack of response to an open aggressive assault on its sovereignty is the act of a failed state.

    Pathetic! Maybe the thugs deserve the territory they steal from this nation’s contemptibly craven government.

    Maybe it’s kismet.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Winston, thanks for writing. I share your dismay. Still, there are some hopeful signs – namely that native leaders are starting to speak out against sympathy attacks by other reserves. This is no accident. There is no doubt in my mind that the U.S. has expressed concern (CANACE founders have met with U.S. authorities to provide evidence against violent native protesters when the Canadian gov’t refused to assist) to the feds and the feds have been quietly telling native groups that the party is coming to an end, and they are starting to see the writing on the wall. This is due in no small part to the Caledonia resistance. See my most recent post, ‘Proof positive native extremists have lost PR battle.’ Thanks for the comment. Regards, Mark.

  2. “After reading the above material, only the most naive could believe that the Warrior attack on a Canadian border post has anything to do with protecting native rights against racist border guards,”

    Oh please. Having been on the island the day before the blockade I object to the drivel about “Warriors” attacking the border. Mothers, children and the community were steadfast in their determination that guns not be allowed on their territory. Enough said.


    VoC REPLY: This is a joke, right? 1. The border was abandoned because members of your ‘peaceloving’ community threatened to attack the guards if they were armed. That is an attack in my mind.

    2. The Canadian side of Akwasasne once had to be evacuated because of the extreme Warrior violence. Of course, you already knew that, didn’t you?

    Maybe some of the gullible, liberal media types will swallow your line about innocent native women and children on a gun-free Akwasasne being oppressed by racist border guards with itchy trigger fingers, but come on – I do this every day. How about you stop trying to BS me that there wouldn’t be any guns on Akwasasne if it weren’t for the border guards, and tell the truth:

    Akwasasne is a haven for organized crime and the biggest users of guns there are native criminals. You know it and I know it. No one’s buying your lies anymore. Borders everywhere in the world are defended by people with guns. Get used to it. Mark

    BTW the OPP just arrested Shawn Brant and his gang.

  3. This is native land, read the treaty or the contract the Canadian government signed. Murder the native people take their land starve their children and then act like were righteous. EU has gotten rid of borders they exist and not everyone carries guns. I do not agree with the blockade but I do not agree with a freeway or highway through sovereign native land. They are nations separate from Canada and each other sooner or later Canada will have to recognize that or go to war or assimilation policy once again.

    VoC REPLY: Hate to tell you this, but the members of the EU are subject to one another’s laws. I don’t care whether native extremists are domestic criminals or foreign terrorists – they’re still subject to Canadian law. Grow up. Mark