Proof positive native extremists have lost PR battle


Swastika painted on home of Caledonia resident.

UPDATE 1847 EST June 13/09: Belleville Intelligencer editorial: Six Days too long to end protest no one wanted. REPRINT.

UPDATE 1415 EST June 12/09: Shawn Brant and his gang have been arrested and the Skyway bridge reopened by OPP and Tyendinaga Police:  CP/TorStar, June 12/09:  ‘lAt least 12 held after police end bridge blockadeREPRINT

UPDATE 1404 EST June 12/09: See ‘Thanks to Six Nations women for helping to expose racial policing during highway protest.’ Another PR disaster for native protesters.

UPDATED 1721 EST June 10/09 with additional info/opinion re latest Belleville Intelligencer editorial: Brant hurting innocent people with blockade  REPRINT.

In my last post, ‘Gov’t source: Caledonia the only grass-roots resistance to native extremism in Canada,’ I revealed that government officials have informed us that they see the Caledonia protests by non-natives as the key grass-roots opposition to native extremism in Canada. According to this contact the Caledonia movement is especially important because we have been able to gather evidence and effectively expose the truth to the public.

Native leaders now concerned about public opinion

My key point of the story was that people in positions of authority are watching the Caledonia resistance with a hopeful eye. Now, we have clear evidence that native leaders themselves have realized that public and government opinions are turning against them, and that they ignore it at their peril.

DESERONTO, Ont. — A small group of protesters who continued to block a bridge today between Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory and Prince Edward County are undercutting efforts to end the dispute, aboriginal leaders say.

Protesters barricaded the Skyway Bridge, which spans the Bay of Quinte, in support of the Akwesasne Mohawks’ dispute over the arming of border guards in Cornwall.

The Tyendinaga protest, which started Sunday at about 6 p.m., came only days after the head of the Akwesasne Mohawks asked First Nations communities across Canada to lobby politicians in support instead of launching blockades or similar protests.

The Akwesasne council sent an email last Friday to reserves across Canada saying they could lose support from the public and politicians if there are disruptive demonstrations.

“A large part of the reason we are not asking others to blockade or cause harm in our name is because we currently hold a lot of sympathy from our surrounding neighbours and some of the Canadian government leadership,” Grand Chief Tim Thompson’s assistant, Karla Ransom, wrote in the email. “If there are random outbreaks of violence, it would detract from our message of a peaceful solution.”

Hamilton Spectator, June 08/09: Aboriginal leaders condemn protest that shut bridge  REPRINT

What is even more remarkable are the condemnations for Shawn Brant and his gang of thugs…

Slap in the face for terrorist leader Shawn Brant

Not only are native leaders calling for peaceful support they are, for the first time ever, openly rebuking those who commit criminal acts in support of the Akwasasne Mohawks:

Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte Chief R. Donald Maracle said his band council doesn’t condone the actions of the protesters. It’s not our place or Shawn Brant’s to hijack their agenda,” Maracle said.

For more info on Brant’s ‘hijacking’ see Jeff Parkinson’s article:

Shawn Brant is a lowlife thug, criminal, self-deluded demagogue who advocates violence and terrorism even if it means the death of the very people he professes to care about

According to Shawn Brant, the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) paid him as he travelled to various reserves to encourage terrorist acts against Canadians, and native people to die for political propaganda:

“I don’t give a rat’s ass if we create victims.”

“Not until every home has suffered like we have suffered will I stop.”

“We will take whatever action is necessary to bring this government to its knees.”

“Even if this year we get shot dead and we’re laying on highways and railways all over this country our kids will benefit from that.”

The media aren’t buying Brant’s ‘heroic warrior’ BS anymore either

It’s gone beyond the point of frustration and annoyance here with Brant’s antics. He’s now hurting his own community members in their own homes and we’re wondering how long his own people have to endure his quixotic antics that never seem to achieve anything but to further denigrate and harm relations between native and non-native communities here.

One bright spot, though. Surely Brant has violated any number of release conditions from his last go-rounds in court, so we can count on seeing him off to the slammer again some time really soon for another spell behind bars.

That may mean a quiet summer. We and the people of Tyendinaga can only hope.

Belleville Intelligencer editorial, June 10/09: Brant hurting innocent people with blockade  REPRINT.

It’s become clear that a small band of malcontents, with minimal support from fringe anarchist and professional protest groups from around the province, have outplayed their protest card and this protest may well be the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

Brant got his confrontation — a couple of protesters were injured in scuffles with police, an officer slightly injured and Brant himself got, too, his place back in a jail cell where he’ll further build his status as a martyr for the cause.

Trouble is, the protest did nothing but further alienate any sympathy or dialogue on the legitimate concerns of native people as the protesters have come to simply feed off their stunts for the seeming thrill of it all and the notoriety it gets them.

All it did was serve to again underscore the need for police to take off the kid gloves when confronted with a barricade or blockage of a rail line or highway.

In future, we would hope Brant and his crew are met with swift police intervention to head off further protests.

It’s the summer in Quinte and that, unfortunately, has come to mean protest season for this small band of rabble rousers who, as has been shown, has dwindling support from the people they supposedly represent.

It’s only a matter of time before large numbers of Tyendianaga [sic] residents — those who don’t actually live in fear of some of the more violent elements of this protest rabble — rise up and begin confronting the protesters to tell them to their faces they don’t represent the wishes of the vast majority of people on the Tyendinaga Territory.

Belleville Intelligencer editorial, June 13/09: Six days too long to end protest no one wanted REPRINT

A big turnaround for the Intelligencer!

With few exceptions the media has refused to take a clear stand against landclaim lawlessness or racial policing, so the strong Intelligencer position is important – especially given how they once endorsed an outrageous move to stifle debate about the Deseronto lawlessness.

Way back on June 07/07, the paper ran an editorial applauding Deseronto town council and the Royal Canadian Legion for refusing to rent rooms to us so we and some Caledonia residents could inform people there about the realities of Two Tier Justice. I exposed the irony of that editorial in a VoC piece called, ‘Feeding the Crocodiles in Deseronto.’

Nice to see the Intelligencer is now endorsing the very position we have been advocating for the past 2.5 years. (In fairness, reporter Samantha Craggs was very fair to us in her story about Deseronto’s undemocratic stance towards us.)

Native extremists have lost the PR battle

For the nearly three years we have been working to gather evidence about the dangers of landclaim lawlessness and expose it to the public and government sources, we have have been opposed by those who have supported the use of violence by native groups against innocent third parties.


Caledonia builder Sam Gualtieri - attacked in a home he was building for his daughter during an illegal occupation by native protesters who beat him almost to death with a piece of oak stair rail, Sept 13/07.

We have been called racists and white supremacists simply for insisting that all human beings should be equal before the law, and no group had the right to victimize other people to get what they want. Now, it seems, native leaders have realized the truth – that victimizing their innocent neighbours, however satisfying it may be to the small group of sociopathic extremists in their midst, is not conducive to the long term well being of native peoples at large. Hallelujah!

It has been a tough struggle, and this is only the beginning, but I for one have been waiting for this day for a long time.

I think it would be fair to say that this happy development has at least something to do with the sustained campaign for truth and justice by Canadians from inside and outside Caledonia. 

Insofar as CANACE is concerned, our sources inside the federal government once told us that “the bureaucrats were running for cover’ after they distributed 20 copies of several CANACE reports within Ottawa circles last year after meeting with us.

The publishing of the groundbreaking Donner Book Prize finalist, ‘Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry‘ has also helped although it was only published in November 2008. While it does not document the victimization of non-natives during land claims, it exposes the politically correct racism that is at the root of Caledonia’s misery.

The instructions by the Akwasasne Band Council that other reserves not commit illegal acts in support of the Mohawks’ seizure of an international border crossing may sound bizarre given that Mohawk Warrior threats are responsible for causing Canada to abandon the post, but it does signify that native leaders have realized (likely with the help of federal negotiators behind the scenes) that ordinary Canadians are rising up to aggressively confront the violence and criminality of native groups by attacking the most valuable asset they have – public and government good will.

He was right – about everything


Gary McHale after being swarmed, kicked and punched by native smokeshack supporters in unprovoked attack, Dec 01/07. In keeping with his commitment to follow the teachings of Dr. King he did not retaliate with violence or angry words against those who assaulted him and/or made fun of the injuries that sent him to hospital.

I would be remiss if I did not say this: Gary McHale was right. He was right about the dangers of native extremism and state tolerance of it. He was right about targetting the police and government. He was right to tell us this would be a long struggle. He was right about using the media. He was right about using the courts to prosecute native protesters. He was right about using the courts to prosecute and expose police – even though it meant turning down a plea deal to the politically-motivated charge against him. He was right to follow the non-violent methods of Dr. King. He was right to believe that public opinion could be a weapon and that he could help shape it. He was right – about everything.

When will Six Nations apologize?

When other native leaders take up the call against landclaim lawlessness, Canada will truly be on the road to healing the rift between natives and non.  Just as the government of Canada apologized for residential schools, I urge the leaders of Six Nations to apologize for the crimes committed against the people of Haldimand by the extremists in their community. The people of Stony Point also should urge their leaders to apologize to the non-native victims of Ipperwash as well.

Then, and only then, can true healing and reconciliation begin, and we can put aside our ‘activist’ work clothes and return to our lives. What a happy day that will be!

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality


2 responses to “Proof positive native extremists have lost PR battle

  1. There is one side to all this that remains disturbing. The chief has declared that he does not support Brant and his thugs in the Skyway lock down. It is the Mohawk police handling the security. They are not acting in the best interest of the reserve as they will NOT arrest their own people. The same happened at Ipperwash. Kettle Point denounced the occupiers of the base and the park, but refused to take on the policing of these areas due to being related to the occupiers. Where does this leave non-native Canadians???? In a stalemate. It is great to say we don’t support this from the reserves, but once again non-natives are left in a no win situation. We know the police won’t act on both sides for whatever reasons they can justify. Who is left to clean up this mess. Any thoughts??? The declaration by the chief of no support is just useless. He has no intention of stopping any protest, and he also knows the OPP will not intervene. Useless PR guys and I don’t see any reason to celebrate considering been there, done that at Ipperwash.

    VoC REPLY: Given what went on in Ipperwash, I am tempted to agree with you, but this is the first time it has happened outside there. Even if it is BS, the optics are not good here for the thugs in Deseronto, especially given the Intelligencer editorial.

    BTW, the 10 natives (eight women and two children – oh, don’t we just love to use the kids to help us commit crimes! They learned that from Ipperwash.) who were allowed to block highways from Hamilton to Brantford today said that the reason that all 10 of them were protesting was because:

    “Elliot said the natives are hoping others will join them as they march to their final destination at the court house in Brantford, adding the demonstration is part of the Six Nations Haudenosaunee response to Akwesasne’s plea for support.

    The march became necessary, she said, because there has been a “lack of media support for Akwesasne” and the public does not know about the Mohawk’s objection to having a border control point on native land.”

    Hamilton Spec, June 11/09: Native protesters cause highway chaos

    Thanks for the insight, ML, Mark

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