BULLETIN: Natives build smoke shack on private property in Caledonia


Illegal smoke shack on private property in Caledonia. Click for hi-res image.

UPDATE 2117 EST June 29/09: What’s that sharp-looking shiny thing sticking out of your back, Ernie?

UPDATE 1552 EST June 12/09: A very reliable source spoke with OPP today who say they cannot take action against the native occupiers because they have not received a complaint from the owner of the property.

UPDATED 1245 EST June 12/09

We have received several reports from Caledonia that natives have built an illegal smoke shack on private property belonging to an elderly man who has been threatened with violence if he resists. 

OPP may be aiding the natives by trying to convince the owner to allow the shack to remain instead of enforcing the law against the trespassers.

The property is just south of the lights at the end of Argyle Street on the left hand side heading south on Highway #6.

On Dec 01/07 native thugs attacked residents protesting against an illegal smoke shack in the same area that was selling cigarettes to children. Numerous assaults took place against the non-native protesters and OPP officers that sent members of both groups to hospital. Not one charge was ever laid for the assaults on police. The shack was on public property. 

With the exception of the Douglas Creek Estates this is the first time natives have built illegal structures on private property.

Needless to say, residents are outraged. 

VoC Comment:

We have invested countless hours trying to stop racial policing and landclaim lawlessness through peaceful means, and have tried to show residents that using the various democratic processes is better than giving in to the temptation to take the law into their own hands. With every new outrage by native gangsters and every refusal by the OPP to enforce the law against them, however, it takes us closer to the day when the community justifiably resorts to ‘self help’ to defend itself.

Residents are now talking seriously about forming an unarmed milita unit to protect one another within the limits of the Criminal Code, and who could blame them?

It is long, long past time for the federal government to order an RCMP investigation into the OPP’s conduct and the interference in policing by the Ontario government. 

Coincidently, Gary McHale was in Superior Court today arguing that the Crown did not have the right to stop his prosecution of three senior government employees in connection with the Stirling Street occupation in which Sam Gualtieri was nearly murdered by native punks. The case is adjourned until near the end of June.

Let us hope and pray he is successful. Canada’s future may depend on it.

P.S. I guess the abuse of an old man and thousands of motorists in one day  means the answer is ”NO’ to my suggestion that Six Nations apologize for the crimes committed against the people of Caledonia, at least by the extremist/gangster crowd. I wasn’t holding my breath waiting and, by the sounds of it, not too many people in Caledonia were either.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

4 responses to “BULLETIN: Natives build smoke shack on private property in Caledonia

  1. Like I said before Mark,
    Welcome to the Third level of Government—-that of the native agenda. Our constitution does not define three levels of government for this nation, but the cat is out of the bag. We now live at the whim of the illegal native agenda.

    VoC REPLY: Yes ML, cat is most definitely out of the bag: the OPP just arrested Shawn Brant and his gang. How about that, huh? You can bet they didn’t do that because they suddenly woke up eager to finally enforce the law. Clearly, the OPP is on the defensive. I wonder why they can arrest native thugs in Deseronto, but not in Caledonia? Regards, Mark

  2. I’m starting to believe that a citizen’s group may be the only way to safeguard our town. Although I don’t see what effect an “unarmed” militia can do when it’s well known that the thugs are armed to the teeth. Maybe we would have to do it with sheer numbers rather than hardware and hope it doesn’t escalate, but the numbers don’t seem to ever be available, do they? Most of the silent majority out there do not want to risk an arrest or bloody nose to defend their town.

    If these arseholes are going to start putting up their shacks on private property, then how long until I have a trailer on my front lawn! Maybe some of the townsfolk that are a little too sympathetic to Six Nations, or prefer to hide their heads in the sand, may change their tune if one of these scumbags sets up shop in their driveway!

    As usual the OPP position is to do nothing…what else is new? Maybe some of the CANACE group can talk to this old fella that owns the farm and offer some protection, if in fact he has been threatened? There is unfortunately a limit to what can be done short of a total riot, and we know who the OPP will arrest should one break out now, don’t we!

    VoC REPLY: Hi Mark, good to hear from you. First of all, people have made contact. He told them he’s going to first try to convince the natives to remove the shack. Yeah, I know. Me too.

    The Criminal Code allows authorized persons to remove trespassers. In fact, a Superior Court judge told the OPP it was an abuse of power to threaten to arrest the owners if any violence resulted no matter whose fault it was. The CC also says that if violence erupts it is considered to have been provoked by the trespasser. The key is not to use unreasonable force. This means that militia members must maintain discipline. And, of course, it would need expert video coverage to cover its ass, kind of like the coverage Jeff Parkinson did on Dec 01/07 which saved a couple of non-natives, including Gary McHale, from bogus assault charges trumped up by the native smokeshack gangsters.

    If you haven’t already done so, have a look at these items which directly address the right to remove occupiers:

    voC, June 05/09: Ontario Superior Court: OPP refusal to aid Cayuga land owner an ‘abuse of power & police discretion.’

    VoC feature: Caledonia Lawsuits (see John Voortman v. HMF)

    The OPP can try to charge non-natives all they want, but the law isn’t on their side. All they’ll end up doing is getting more egg on their face for not doing their job in the first place.

    Thanks for writing, hope to see you at our ‘Support Randy Fleming’ March on July 20th. Please be sure to introduce yourself. Mark

  3. Mark & Mary-Lou:

    First of all I want to commend the great effort & resources that you and many others have contributed to ensure that all Canadians are treated equally with respect to the laws of our land. The (in)actions of the OPP & in particular the McGuinty government are allowing these illegal crimes to continue. The “Ipperwash Inquiry” was a sham and I am completely disgusted with it. The innocent people of Caledonia deserve our support.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Rob, your support and kind words mean a lot. It has been an exhausting, exhilarating, frustrating, rewarding struggle, but tomorrow CANACE will make an announcement that, for me at least, signifies that we are now at the end of the beginning of the struggle. See, BULLETIN: CANACE to announce important breakthrough re Caledonia protests.

    As Gary once said to me, people will not want to acknowledge or learn from our Ipperwash Papers project today; its true value will come in the years to come as people (such as a university professor we met with) use it as a reference. Truth always rises to the top and so it must with respect to Ipperwash and its Caledonia legacy.

    Thanks again, Mark

    P.S. Toby Barrett sent a strongly worded letter to McGuinty today re the takeover of private property for the latest smokeshack. Hoping to have it up tonight.

  4. shawn michael

    You Say you are printing the truth, but i read items in your site that arent truth.
    Like the “This photo is taken along #6 hwy in Caledonia and shows a new illegal smoke shack that has been placed on private property. The owner of the property is an elderly man who lives by himself and he has been threatened repeatedly to ensure the Native thugs can operation their illegal trade from his property – of course, OPP have done nothing but ensure no one interferes with these Native thugs. The OPP continuously function as the protection arm of these thugs.”
    The old guy was on the news, and he indicated he wasnt threatened. Man, you guys are disgusting with trying to bend the truth to your advantage, its propaganda at its finest.
    yours truly
    shawn michael

    VoC REPLY: Well Shawn, I just love it when people accuse me of something I didn’t do, or of writing something I didn’t write:

    1. I don’t know where you got the quote above, but it isn’t from my website. I just checked my posts about Ernie’s smokeshack and I can’t find it, and I know I didn’t remove it. What’s suspicious is that you’ve got a grammatical error in it that I would never make. You got it somewhere else, maybe on CaledoniaWakeUpCall.com, but not here.

    2. As for my integrity or lack thereof in spreading ‘propaganda,’ I updated this post (see June 12/09 update) as soon as I heard the OPP claim that Ernie had agreed to the shack on his property, even though I had my suspicions.

    But, guess what, it turns out that Ernie didn’t give permission; he didn’t want the smokeshack on his property; the OPP misled Haldimand Council about it; and Ernie WAS intimidated. Who says so? The Regional News reporter who talked to Ernie and came to the almost exact same conclusion I came to.

    I’m pretty sure you’re more interested in trying to find some silly way to criticize me as a way to support the criminals who have victimized Caledonia than in knowing the truth, but other readers might want to see this post: ‘What’s that sharp-looking shiny thing sticking out of your back, Ernie?’

    I reported the facts as they came in. I linked to media stories that contained Ernie’s backstabbing comments against Doug. I updated the stories with new facts. And in the end, I was right. And a professional journalist came to the exact same conclusion as I did. How about that, huh?

    The only propaganda going on here is 1. Ernie trying to blame an honourable man who offered to help him; 2. Powless trying to blame Doug Fleming for squirreling a deal he had no intention of honouring; 3. YOU – for being so gullible, and self-righteous as you falsely accused me with a quote that wasn’t even mine.

    We’ve had journalists tell us that they can rely on our material because “you guys never lie.” I may occasionally get some facts wrong, but I fix it when I know about it. And, based on our 3 years of experience of working in Caledonia, we get it ‘right’ more often than the pros.

    Do you think that our experience in covering Caledonia might be the reason Gary McHale and I were cited by the Ryerson Review of Journalism, and you weren’t?

    Nice try, Shawn. Thanks for helping get my message out. Mark

    P.S. At least I’ve got the guts to use a real email address.