Faces of hate

Feb03-06 London8Today I received an email from someone containing photos (below) taken during a protest in London, England.

The messages on the protesters’ signs represent pure, unadulterated hate and should be a wake-up call to every peace-loving, freedom-loving human being on the planet regarding the dangers of allowing politically-correct twits to downplay Islamic extremism in the name of ‘tolerance.’

Unfortunately, the email didn’t say who took the photos or when so I contacted Robert Spencer at www.jihadwatch.org who told me they were about 4 years old and that he had published them at the time. He was too swamped to help me find his article, but after much searching I found some discussion board comments, and a Wikipedia entry confirming that the protest took place on Feb 03/06 after publication of the Danish cartoons that portrayed Islam as being a religion of violence.

3 February [2006]

Islamist demonstration outside Danish Embassy in London. Hundreds of Muslims march from the London Central Mosque to the heavily protected Danish embassy. Chants include “7/7 is on its way” and placard slogans include “Slay [also “butcher”, “massacre” and “behead”] those who insult Islam”, “Free speech go to hell”, “Europe is the cancer and Islam is the cure”, “Exterminate those who slander Islam”, “Europe you will pay. Your 9/11 is on its way!!” and “Be prepared for the real holocaust!”[65][66]

Wikipedia.org: Timeline of the Jyllands-Posten Muhammed cartoons controversy

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Despite the fact that they are 3 years old, they are still being circulated because they are so very frightening to those who haven’t seen them. I  believe they represent such a clarion call to vigilance against those who would silence free speech in the name of political-correctness and supremacist ideology (gee, does that sound familiar?) that I thought it important to make readers aware of them and their history.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

2 responses to “Faces of hate

  1. The pictures re the “Muslims Religious Demonstration” were taken in England the first weeks of September 2008. To confirm what I say, key in (Muslims demonstration – England).
    A concerned American took the pictures and she forwarded them on to the U.S. and Canada.
    Isn’t this a nice example of what we are bringing into our Country, not to mention the fact I recently discovered that the men are “Pedophiles”…..

    VoC NOTE: Sorry, I edited your comment a bit to remove a generalization that was a little iffy. Mark

  2. The above pictures are the moderate Muslims in Britain. There are Youtube video posts during a EDL and BNP display that showed more moderate Muslims (several dozens) beating up some poor white guy who just happened by the demonstration. he really took a beating while the police stood by watching. However, during that demonstration the police arrested dozens of EDL and BNP protesters. Every time protesters go by Finsbury mosque the Muslims come out by the hundreds. They chase down legal indigenous British protesters while the police look on. You can find information on the EDL and BNP websites as well as Youtube and Google.

    VoC REPLY: I haven’t seen those videos, but if these photos represent the ‘moderates’ – we’re in deep trouble. As for the ‘indigenous’ nature of a protester/citizen I could care less – all I care is that the police enforce the law equally. I’ve never bought into the ‘they were here first’ argument for justifying violence against innocents – NOT that that’s what you were saying at all (just going off on a semi-related tangent here). I’m just uncomfortable classifying citizens as indigenous vs. non-indigenous as though it should matter before the law.

    To me, that argument is like saying if someone from Jamaica arrives in Canada after I was born here, then somehow their citizenship or value before the law is less than mine – and I reject that argument completely.

    Thanks for writing. Merry Christmas. Mark