Thanks to Six Nations women for helping to expose racial policing during highway protest


UPDATED 1130 EST June 13/09: See editorial comment by Gary McHale re the contrast between how natives and non-natives are treated during protests – includes copy of warning from OPP to participants in Caledonia Convoy not to break the law.  

Racial Policing? What Racial Policing?

If you happen to be a non-native activist named Gary McHale who merely suggested to a resident that he ask others to help him block the road he already blocked in retaliation for the native who blocked it first, you are charged with ‘Counselling Mischief Not Committed.’

If you’re the native guy named Clyde Powless whose orders resulted in the road being blocked, and who assaulted Gary McHale and OPP officers during the same protest you get a charge of Assault Police dropped and a letter of reference thanks to Julian Fantino, and the Crown later drops the charge of Mischief for blocking the road.

  • VoiceofCanada, May 02/09: McHale hearing: OPP officer confirms existence of racial policing!
  • VoiceofCanada, Jan 03/09: McHale, Caledonia fight Fantino attempt to rewrite history
  • VoiceofCanada, Jan 21/09: EXPOSED: How the McGuinty gov’t refused to investigate criminal allegations against Fantino (see Part 1).
  • If you are a non-native resident of Caledonia named Randy Fleming walking down a street with a Canadian flag you get jumped by OPP officers, roughed up and then charged with Obstructing police.

    If you are a native protester named Ruby Montour occupying the Douglas Creek Estates – stolen from its original owner who was then forced to sell it to McGuinty – you get to instruct the police to make sure Randy Fleming gets arrested for exercising his rights.

    Hey, the Tamils did it…why not us?

    And, if you are a native protester named Ruby Montour who has illegally blockaded construction sites in Haldimand and who has faced Extortion, Intimidation and Mischief charges for same, you get the Extortion and Intimidation charges dropped by the Crown, and you and your 7 other partners in crime get a police escort from both the Hamilton Police Services and the OPP while you block three major highways between Hamilton and Brantford.

    The Six Nations group – about 10 women and two children followed by eight vehicles bearing signs and flags so far – walked onto the southbound Red Hill Valley Parkway shortly after 8 a.m. with half a dozen Hamilton police cruisers, a motorcycle cop and one marked OPP cruiser behind.

    Hamilton Spectator, June 11/09: Native Protesters cause highway chaos REPRINT

    Gee, how dare we have the effrontery to suggest that there is Race-Based Policing in Ontario?

    Look at me – I support organized crime and I want your sympathy!

    One of those inconveniencing motorists in the name of freedom from annoying border guards with guns was holding a Mohawk Warriors flag, a symbol for the organized crime gang that is responsible for violence during Oka, Ipperwash and Caledonia as well as smuggling tobacco, drugs, guns and firearms. For links to info about the Warriors and their criminal activities see:

    Hmm, I wonder why the Warriors don’t want armed guards at the border? Duh.

    Children are our future, so let’s exploit them!

    Exploiting children to aid in the commission of crimes is nothing new for native protesters. The most outrageous example of this had to be in Ipperwash when a 14 year old boy named Harley George was instructed to crash a busload of kids through the main gate at the Army base as a diversion for the main attack on the base.

    He then smashed into the drill hall and backed into a jeep. How do we know these details? Straight out of the Ipperwash Inquiry report. Of course, the Commissioner of the inquiry managed to make the story sound a whole more heroic when HE told it. You can find the references in this CANACE report that was published as a 2 part series in the Regional News:

    Many, many thanks to Ruby and gang!

    I would like to thank Ruby and her other handful of cohorts for demonstrating what little support they have on Six Nations for abusing the rights of other Ontario citizens. They did exactly what they were urged not to do by the Mohawks at Akwasasne.

  • VoiceofCanada, June 08/09: Proof positive native extremists have lost PR battle
  • I especially appreciated knowing how frustrated you were that the media wasn’t buying the BS ‘oppressed natives defending themselves against racist, trigger happy border guards’ propaganda regarding the native lawlessness at Akwasasne:

    Melissa Elliot, who is walking with the protest, said native women decided Tuesday to hold the march to protest armed border control at Akwesasne. Elliot said the natives are hoping others will join them as they march to their final destination at the court house in Brantford, adding the demonstration is part of the Six Nations Haudenosaunee response to Akwesasne’s plea for support. The march became necessary, she said, because there has been a “lack of media support for Akwesasne” and the public does not know about the Mohawk’s objection to having a border control point on native land.

    Hamilton Spectator, June 11/09: Native Protesters cause highway chaos REPRINT

    Finally, thank you from the bottom of my heart for demonstrating the repugnant existence of racial policing on our behalf to thousands of people who probably didn’t care about Caledonia one way or another. It was very kind of you to do all that walking just to help get our message out about Race-Based Policing. You’d almost think you were on the CANACE payroll!

    Anyway, I hope your feet don’t hurt too much – not from the exercise, but from where you shot yourselves.

    P.S. My gratitude notwithstanding, I’m sure Gary McHale can find some time to lay some new charges if the OPP/HPS can’t be bothered.

    Don’t miss Jeff Parkinson’s article:

    Mark Vandermaas, Editor


    One response to “Thanks to Six Nations women for helping to expose racial policing during highway protest

    1. abettermanwouldawisermanwill

      Mr. Vandermaas;

      Did you not participate in a slow moving convoy of Caledonia residents to Queen’s Park on May 2, 2007 that saw the OPP provide a full escort from Caledonia to Toronto where TPS took over the escort??

      Yes, Sir, you did. I saw you there.

      At times, the OPP would slow oncoming traffic on the main arteries and block on ramps. Toronto Police Services had their motorcycle brigade in action blocking intersections in the busiest city in Canada to allow the protest to proceed together to Queen’s Park.

      No doubt in my mind that commuters were inconvenience with that protest, but you never complained for one moment about the police assisting with that protest blocking lanes and roads on highways, towns and cities.

      This article smacks of hypocrisy Sir.

      During that event the traffic on the 400 series of highways was controlled by the OPP to ensure the safety of the protestors and motorists on the road.

      VoC REPLY: Are you kidding me? The only ‘hypocrisy’ going on here is your specious comparison between a well-organized protest in cooperation with police (CANACE was not involved in organizing the convoy) during which we drove at the speed of the traffic to Toronto which happened to be around 60km/h. We did not break the law, and we certainly did not inconvenience thousands of motorists for hours (Interfere with Traffic) by illegally blocking the highway (Mischief) by completely closing a lane to walk on it (Pedestrian Using Controlled-Access Highway). We did not have thousands of cars backed up behind us.

      What if someone had been hurt by a motorist while your friends were committing the crime of Mischief? (Mischief Endangering Life) I wonder if anyone died yesterday or suffered irreversible health damage because they were delayed getting to a hospital because of the brave warriors? We’ll never know, will we? But, hey, why should these protesters care about anyone else? They want what they want, and who cares if anyone else gets hurt, traumatized or victimized? Right?

      If the protesters had forewarned the police (and NOT just before beginning it!) about the protest and all they had done was to run a slow moving convoy down the highway without backing up thousands of people by walking on it, I’d be the first to say that democracy tolerates some civil disobedience if it doesn’t victimize other people.

      But, you see, the point of my story isn’t that the protesters committed crimes as much as it is that they managed to introduce many, many thousands of people to the concept of racial policing that can only benefit those of us who struggle against it and, they managed to piss off most of them while doing it. All while achieving no benefit whatsoever for themselves.

      Today, no one curses the residents of Caledonia when they remember the Caledonia Convoy, but I’m betting that Thursday’s pathetic highway stunt is going to be seared in the minds of a lot of people who are going to remember that a small bunch of native protesters from Six Nations were allowed to screw with them because they think they have the right to tell the Canadian government not to arm border guards like they do everywhere else in the world. What a loser of a cause!

      The 6N protesters shot themselves in both feet with their blatant disregard for public safety and the rights of other citizens and their foolish disregard for the potential impact on public opinion. And the OPP helped them do it by putting racial policing on display for all to see.

      I’m not saying I have any evidence of this, but you’d almost think the OPP had a secret plan to undermine public support for native extremists by being so very, very accommodating in assisting them to break the law. Has it not occurred to you that people in high places know they need public opinion on their side before lowering the boom on land claim lawlessness and are quietly cheering us on while we take advantage of every opportunity given to us by the illegal actions of native protesters? You might want to read this:

      Gov’t source: Caledonia the only grass-roots resistance to native extremism in Canada

      BTW, I was told early today that the OPP just arrested Shawn Brant and his band of thugs. Of course, I’m not saying it had anything to do with the government realizing that we have helped turn public opinion – on and off the reserve – against the radicals so much that even the Tyendinaga Police were willing to help the OPP end the bridge blockade in Deseronto.

      I for one believe the majority of native people are tired of the sociopaths, liars and criminals in their midst. Those who live near their non-native friends in Deseronto must be very happy today, even if they are too frightened to cheer out loud.

      Public opinion matters. That’s why the 6N protesters should have listened to the Akwasasne request not to do what they did. Doh!

      Thanks for writing. Mark

      P.S. Readers can read a copy of the warning given by the OPP to participants in the Caledonia Convoy to Queen’s Park on page 2 of this editorial by Gary McHale regarding the racist manner in which the OPP treat native protesters committing crimes vs. non-native protesters who are not breaking any laws. The charges listed in my reply to Betterman etc. come straight from that document. Wonder if the native protesters blocking the highway yesterday got a copy from the police? I’m betting not.