Caledonia Militia seeks volunteers to defend Haldimand property owners

Doug-Merlyn post-flagraising May24-09

Caledonia flag raising protest, May 24/09: Merlyn Kinrade, Doug Fleming (white shirt) and Peter Kamerman following their placing of a Canadian flag on a hydro pole near DCE.

UPDATED 1120 EST June 16/09: Caledonia Militia story goes across Canada thanks to Canwest newswire story, ‘Ontario residents eye ‘milita’ as aboriginal dispute drags onPDF, which was picked up by the National Post, Montreal Gazette, Hamilton Spectator and Western Standard. See links in References below.

This announcement from Caledonia resident Doug Fleming was released this evening:

Caledonia Militia

by Doug Fleming
June 14, 2009

Enough is enough! Due to the ongoing reality that the OPP refuses to enforce the Criminal Code with regards to people’s property rights I am forming the Caledonia Militia to ensure that the criminal code is upheld in Haldimand County.

Section 38 – 42 of the Criminal Code outlines the rights of all citizens to lawfully protect their property against trespassers and against those who would steal private property. Parliament has seen fit to allow citizens the right to use reasonable force to remove trespassers from private property.

The OPP has threatened the legal owners of properties stating they will be arrested instead of the trespassers. Superior courts have already ruled that such arrests by the OPP would be illegal. The Cayuga injunction ruling stated “the police have no right to prevent the plaintiffs from acting within their rights under Section 41 of the Criminal Code. Their warning to the plaintiffs that they would arrest anyone who is involved in a physical confrontation, regardless of the circumstances, is an abuse of the power conferred on them (the OPP) by Section 31 of the Criminal Code”.

Any member of the public who wishes to join the Caledonia Militia to aid in the enforcement of the Criminal Code is welcome to attend an information session at Cayuga Lion’s Hall, Tuesday, June 23rd at 7 P.M. Hotheads need not apply. We’re opposing terrorism, not engaging in it. We will follow established procedures on the use of reasonable force to remove illegal trespassers. Trespassers will be arrested and turned over to the OPP for the prosecution of their offences.

Your community needs you.


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VoC Comment

Regretfully, this was an inevitable development given the OPP and Ontario Government’s refusal to enforce the law against native law breakers in Haldimand County. It’s probably fair to say that the placement of an illegal smoke shack on private property was the final straw. 

Reporter Monte Sonnenberg of the Simcoe Reformer once predicted that if the rule of law was not protected by those sworn to uphold it, the inevitable result would be citizens’ militias. And now it has arrived.

“The weaklings at Queen’s Park responded [to the Caledonia occupation] by reining in police and promising the lawbreakers that the province would not call in the military. The province then appealed an entirely reasonable cease-and-desist order from a judge in Cayuga. Having created an absolute power vacuum, the province tosses this hot potato into the lap of the federal government.

As we saw in Hagersville, natives are going to test the limits of this power vacuum until somone pushes back. This cannot go on forever. More of this and our reluctant leaders will have a militia movement [VoC emphasis] to contend with along with growing native unrest.”

Simcoe Reformer, May 28/07: Passing the buck

Perhaps the arrests of Shawn Brant and his gang of idiots is a sign of good things to come. If so, then it will be wonderful if the Caledonia Militia becomes irrelevant. The sooner the better. In the meantime, Caledonia’s residents are right to prepare to defend themselves and their properties.

It is not commonly known that when Dudley George was shot the native protesters threatened the OPP and ordered them out of the community…and they left, abandoning the non-native residents completely for weeks. And no one called in the military or RCMP to come in to defend the rule of law on behalf of residents. 

Despite the very positive developments in the past few days regarding the OPP’s willingness to respect the rights of non-natives to protest near DCE, residents can never really trust the OPP not to abandon them until there has been a formal apology for their conduct and a complete overhaul of senior management and a commitment to police land claim disputes in accordance with the Police Services Act.

I fully support Doug Fleming and this militia so long as they operate within the law, but as a former Canadian soldier I am distressed that it had to come to this. The quisling politicians, bureaucrats and Aboriginal Industry players will ring their hands and declare it to be ‘unhelpful’ (everything non-natives do to seek justice is ‘unhelpful’) but they must all shoulder much of the responsibility for creating this milita because they refused to listen. Not one of them can say they weren’t warned this was coming.

Doug is a proactive, well-read, level-headed man who has proven time and again that he is willing to pay a price for the struggle to end racial policing in his town, and I wish him well. I can’t think of anyone I would rather see initiating this endeavour.


In addition to the contextual references cited below readers seeking to understand the history of Caledonia and the suffering of its residents can find links to key evidence, in-depth reports, and FAQ here:

Mark Vandermaas, Editor


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