Revisionist BS piles up in Caledonia


UPDATE 2004 EST June 18/09: Brantford Expositor corrected a story quoted in this post. See, ‘CORRECTION – $300 Million not $300 Billion needed to bring Six Nations reserve to appropriate standard. REPRINT The article has been updated to reflect the correct figure.

UPDATED 2053 EST June 17/09: Link to Spec article below changed to PDF of original story after Spec rewrites history. For details, see, ‘More BS in Caledonia: Spectator helps smokeshacker spread it thick & wide.

The Canwest News Service published a good article by reporter Jorge Barrera about Doug Fleming’s decision to organize an unarmed Caledonia milita group to help defend property owners in Haldimand County where the OPP refuse to do so.

The Canwest story was picked up by the National Post, Montreal Gazette, and the Hamilton Spectator and the Western Standard. At least one radio station in Toronto is talking about it, and people like Doug Fleming, Merlyn Kinrade and Gary McHale have been interviewed numerous times by other media outlets across Canada.

The revisionist BS just keeps on flowin’…

samgualtieri-sm.jpgA Six Nations councillor quoted in the Canwest story – Claudine VanEvery-Albert – actually had the nerve to say that creating the Caledonia Militia was “anarchy.”  Pardon me? Where was her voice of reason while the nutjobs from her community have been terrorizing innocent residents during the past three years:

Six Nations approve blockade

Six Nations Council votes to endorse Caledonia highway blockade, April 2008. Click to enlarge.

This is the same Six Nations Council who voted to support the Caledonia by-pass highway blockade by the Haudenausaunee Men’s Council in April 2007 who were in turn trying to force the OPP not to enforce the law against Shawn Brant and his gang in Deseronto.

This is the same Six Nations council whose chief can’t promise there will be no more illegal occupations unless warrior31.jpgdevelopers comply with the Council’s plan to set up an illegal level of government to collect the $300 million dollars he says the reserve needs to upgrade services for its 12,000 residents.

Yes, this is the same Six Nations council who has so far not seen fit to speak out against the victimization of Caledonia or apologize for it.

What planet are these people from? Earth to Claudine. Earth to Six Nations. Is there anybody out there?

…and the filth keeps piling up.

caledoniaaug10-07_kkkanada_not-terrorists.jpgThis is, of course, the reaction we should all expect. Already those who support the use of crime and violence by native extremists are trotting out their tired old sleazy accusations of ‘white supremacists,’ ‘racists’ and ‘KKK’ to hurl at Doug Fleming, Caledonia residents and non-native activists in order to divert attention from their reign of terror. 

Here are some comments posted by ‘traveller’ regarding the Western Standard article:

Is there going to be a travel advisory issued by the Government warning people that something that might resemble a white supremecist group had formed in Caledonia and has taken over the policing?

I’d be selling my house really fast now if I lived in that hell hole of a town. It’s got to be the worst place in Canada now to live. I hear the Mayor is a real wing-nut also and backs up these lawless groups trying to form military style vigilante groups. Are the white robes and hoods on order from a uniform supply store yet?

Systemic persection of Six Nations natives by the racist element in Caledonia, Haldimand and surounding areas is what has kept the problems going. The racists keep agitating things so that possibly blood will flow and it will justify guns being brought out just like Mississippi in the 1960’s. The Caledonia racists/militia will not rest until natives start dying and even if it’s at the expense of that town being destroyed. The racial hatred in that Town is like something I’ve never experienced before. I was suprised to see the White Supremecists from Stormfront recently take an interest in some of the ringleaders of racial hatred in Caledonia.

I believe Doug Fleming and a few others may very well find themselves in jail and charged with “incitement” shortly. There’s one non native ringleader behind this all and he takes advantage of both the limited intelligence and inbred racially motivated hatred of others who can’t figure that out and get played like a fiddle.

Racists who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

nazi.jpeThe native extremists and the intellectually-challenged twits who support them are the most racist, rabid proponents of supremacy ideology in the country – and the most dangerous because their delusions are fully supported by the Ontario government and the OPP.

In their twisted minds native radicals are allowed to burn, assault, blockade, vandalize, attempt to kill, occupy, steal, threaten, intimidate innocent non-natives because they were ‘here first’ or because they have roadfire1.jpggrievances – real or imaginary – against whites who victimized their ancestors, but when non-natives organize to protect themselves or protest against their crimes…out come the bogus accusations of ‘racist!’

(Of course Six Nations was not ‘here first’, they were invited by the Canadian government who wanted to give them a refuge from persecution in the U.S., but let’s not let the facts get in the way of their story – at least in this article.)

One of the best illustrations of racist native supremacy and Ontario’s tolerance of it are the threats by natives against peaceful non-natives who wish to march with, or raise a Canadian flag across from the occupied DCE. The native radicals are no better than the racist whites in the south who tried to stop black children from going to a white school.

Racist extremism is racist extremism no matter which sewer it overflows from. Native extremism = KKK extremism = Islamic extremism.

VoC reply to anti-Caledonia hatred

This is the comment I posted on the Western Standard to counter the disgusting propaganda directed at Caledonia residents:

I am the editor of and a co-founder of Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality (CANACE). We have been involved in the struggle against native extremism and OPP racial policing on a full time basis for nearly 3 years.

CANACE founders have been interviewed at length and quoted by the Western Standard regarding our Ipperwash Papers project, and other key stories regarding Caledonia.

We are very well acquainted with Mr. Fleming. He is anything but the racist inbred redneck some have tried to portray him as. He is a level-headed, well-read man who believes that all people should be equal before the law, and that native people should not be allowed to victimize the innocent to get what they want.

When we first got involved we experienced the same disgusting allegations of ‘racist KKK white supremacist’ BS simply because we dared to protest against the victimization of innocent people in Caledonia, and because we dared to gather and expose the evidence of the crimes committed by the thugs.

Anyone who wants to know the truth behind the frustration of Caledonia residents – including the conduct of Doug Fleming – can visit the page below. It has links to legal documents, in-depth reports, and stories documenting the victimization of both Caledonia & Ipperwash. I suspect you will wonder why it took 3 years for a militia unit to be formed.

My/our ‘qualifications’ can be found in a PDF at a link on this page:

One of the Western Standard articles we consulted on can be found here.

I hope this will be helpful in sorting truth from the outright lies that some are promoting here.

Mark Vandermaas
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality

Posted by: Mark Vandermaas | 2009-06-16 10:57:19 AM


Dr. King on ‘law and order’

I had hoped that the white moderate would understand that law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice and that when they fail in this purpose they become the dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress. I had hoped that the white moderate would understand that the present tension in the South is a necessary phase of the transition from an obnoxious negative peace, in which the Negro passively accepted his unjust plight, to a substantive and positive peace, in which all men will respect the dignity and worth of human personality.

United Nations on Law and Order

It’s time for Canada and Ontario and the OPP to respect the Rule of Law.

We will NEVER submit

Let me be clear about this for Claudine and every other politican, police officer, negotiator, radical, and smoke shack criminal whackjob:



Mark Vandermaas, Editor


  • VoC, June 14/09: Caledonia Militia seeks volunteers to defend Haldimand property owners
  • VoC, June 17/09: More BS in Caledonia: Spectator helps smokeshacker spread it thick & wide
  • 2 responses to “Revisionist BS piles up in Caledonia

    1. This situation of accusing anyone willing to stand up and say the situation for innocent land claim victims of violence is intolerable, is a method used by militant natives for decades now. Their accusations of racism, anarchy, white supremists etc. is now a weak, flawed way of taking the media away from their real issues of violence and destruction.

      Others have lived through this kind of accusatory dribble and come out better people because the truth will always prevail. ( unless it is at an Inquiry that is declared public but the public is Not allowed to testify) This utter crap from the natives to dishonour innocent people at the end of their rope is becoming irrelevant. Too many have now been touched by their lawlessness. Too many are now documenting the illegal acts and collecting a paper trail and videos.

      The electorate has awakened and are refusing to live at the whim of an illegal, corrupt native agenda and a government who is not allowing the law to be enforced for the safety and security of all.

      You are right to state that we in Ontario will not succumb to race-based policing, or the extinguishment of our rights to appease those who break the law for political gain.

      VoC REPLY: I’ve got nothing more to add to that, ML. Thanks. Mark

    2. I believe the tide is definitely turning.
      Having read the article about the Caledonia Militia and the comments from Rick Bartolucci and Brad Duquid, I was impressed with the level of support from the public in declaring that the government of Ontario and the OPP are collectively NOT doing the job to keep Ontario safe. Mr. Duquid still insists it is a Federal Issue to negotiate and settle the land claims.
      The Land Registry is not being re-negotiated.
      The duties of the OPP under the Police Act are not being re-negotiated. Both are under the auspices of the Ontario Government. Stop passing the buck you too idiots and get the job done. Caledonia is divided already due to you slackers and the militia could not possibly create a bigger wedge in the populance than you and your peers have already allowed.