History in the making as OPP promise escort for Caledonia protest


Last night OPP Sgt. Phil Carter called Merlyn Kinrade to confirm that the force will be providing an escort for the Support Randy Fleming flag march down Argyle Street tomorrow past the occupied Douglas Creek Estates.

If the OPP keep their word, we will make history together by forcing them and the Province to recognize that the rights of non-natives cannot be unreasonably suspended or denied during a land claim dispute simply because they find it easier than confronting the intimidation and threats of native protesters.

Even if we are betrayed this time, even if native gangsters mobilize to block us, it changes nothing but the date that the Rule of Law returns to our province. History is on our side. Justice is on our side. Racial policing will end, we just don’t know the date.

While the struggle against Race-Based Policing is far from over, tomorrow will be a very, very good day, a notable mile marker in the long journey ahead of us. 

Bring your flags tomorrow!

Let’s say ‘thank you’ to the OPP

As we march tomorrow with our flags, can I suggest that you look each OPP officer squarely in the eye when you pass near and say, ‘thank you.’

Let’s send every OPP officer in Caledonia home tomorrow feeling that life is about to get better for them, too.

Reminder: Caledonians have shown so much restraint during the past 3 years, but let me say it anyway: please – no screaming, insults, swearing, racial slurs, etc. Please, do not react if occupiers insult you or intimidate you. Ignore them. Let the police handle them if they try to interfere. The only photos we want published are of us marching peacefully down the street with our dignity on display for all to see – no matter what the occupiers may do or say to us.

To the people of Six Nations

Birmingham_may04-63_dogsShowing respect for the rights of non-natives does not, in any way, diminish your rights or the validity of your legitimate grievances.

If some among you choose to attack us or threaten us or impede our right to march peacefully down a road with Canadian flags, those images will be captured on film and recorded for history, just as those iconic images of peaceful Birmingham_1963_waterhosesblacks being attacked by dogs and fire hoses have been seared into the collective consciousness.

I have often wondered how some of those who operated the hoses and sicced the dogs on other human beings felt after seeing themselves recorded for all of us to see. 

I do hope that if you are tempted to interfere with this march that you reconsider. Aggression towards peaceful non-natives tomorrow will not alter the eventual outcome, but it may not be how you wish you and your community to be remembered in the years to come.

I believe that a people who have been victimized can surely understand that victimizing others can never be the way to peace, prosperity or justice.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality

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