CUPE and criminals work together against Haldimand victims


UPDATE July 27/10: On July 14/10 the Six Nations newspaper Tekawennake published the first of two ‘clarifications’ and an op-ed series which make it clear the paper had NO evidence that Mark Vandermaas (VoC), Gary McHale, Merlyn Kinrade and Doug Fleming were associated with white supremacist groups:

  • Tekawennake News op-ed series, July 14-21/10: Healing Two Communities [PDF, 7p] (complete series)


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Unfortunately, I’m too busy preparing some legal documents today to get up a fully detailed post on the protest against the Caledonia Peacekeepers presentation yesterday in Cayuga where members of various locals from the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) led by protest organizer Tom Keefer made fools of themselves in so many ways.

The left-wing lunatic fringe was definitely out in force yesterday and they didn’t disappoint,  making idiotic, false and defamatory statements that left my mouth hanging open more than once. Best of all, we caught it all on tape.

Over the next week watch for posts on CUPE, Tom Keefer, their support for the criminals who have victimized Haldimand citizens, and their belief that Canada is a ‘colonial power’ that ‘occupied’ Somalia using the ‘101st Airborne’. Keefer even managed to smear my service with the UN.

Hate to tell you Tom, but the 101st Airborne is a US Army unit. And I didn’t spend ‘years’ in the Middle East. And I’ve never made any disparaging comments about Jews or Palestinians. But hey, what do you care about facts?

The Big Lie

Yesterday, it was all about the ‘Big Lie.’ Participants in the CUPE protest were handing out a flyer which explains the bizzaro logic used by Tom Keefer and others in denouncing non-native activists:

“McHale consciously uses the language of civil and human rights, and his reliance on ‘peaceful activism’ serves to distinguish between those who are civilized and those who are not. So while McHale and followers define the CWUC movement as rooted in peaceful activism, they cast the Six Nations reclamation as terrorist in nature. This is a racist tactic and a very old colonial justification for violence against Aboriginal people.”

So, there you have it – the Lunatic Fringe position on rule of law and equality in a NUTshell: When non-natives emphasize the importance of human rights, and use peaceful means to protest against illegal/violent land seizures by native extremists they are racists trying to justify violence against native people.

Say, what?!?

The key question I posed to media who interviewed me was this:

Why is CUPE and Tom Keefer demonstrating against the innocent, law abiding victims of Caledonia and trying to smear them as racists while the union openly supports the Haudenosaunee Mens Fire – a criminal organization that a judge says has been victimizing non-native people via Extortion and Intimidation?

(See links proving the CUPE 3903 support for the criminals near the end of this article.)

I then told reporters that if CUPE protesters are looking for racism they ought to go home tonight and look at themselves in the mirror.

Google ‘Tom Keefer CUPE’

Just for fun, Google ‘Tom Keefer CUPE’ and start reading.

Jeff Parkinson highlights the CUPE -Keefer – organized crime connection

samgualtieri-sm.jpg Jeff Parkinson got up a great post prior to yesterday’s presentation regarding the open support CUPE 3903 is providing to the HMF.

Not only does CUPE 3903 proudly support the HMF, it sent people to support the Sterling Street occupation in Caledonia where Sam Gualtieri was nearly murdered by native thugs in a house he was building for his daughter. He still suffers from a loss of brain function. 

A member of the HMF was a speaker at the CUPE – Tom Keefer protest, and a supporter of the Tamil Tigers terror group was also photographed wearing his TT shirt. Flags of another organized crime group, the Mohawk Warriors, were on display with the CUPE flag. One woman wearing the Warrior logo on her T-shirt was a speaker; she later yelled disgusting things at us at the local Tim Hortons. Naturally she stopped when I pulled out the camera. A carload of natives drove by me in the parking lot and one made a filthy comment to me before yelling to the screaming woman that I had a camera.

Oh yes, it was a most ‘interesting’ group that answered CUPE’s call to accuse law abiding non-natives of being racist members of the KKK.

To CUPE and Tom Keefer

I have left a detailed message on the voice mail at CUPE’s National Headquarters for a member of the management team asking them to call me to discuss how we can put a stop to 3903’s defamation campaign. We will be sending legal notices to CUPE in the coming weeks.

BTW, Keefer, my parents grew up in Nazi-occupied Holland and my father escaped a Nazi work camp. He eventually served as a union steward with Stelco 1005. He would not have liked you at all.

Tom Keefer ‘didn’t need’ to hear Doug Fleming’s presentation

Doug invited Tom Keefer to come to listen to the presentation, but he refused, preferring instead to make a fool of himself outside spouting nonsense to numerous media outlets thereby exposing himself and CUPE to legal liability for spreading the lies in his Local 3903 news releases.

Tom Keefer threats of intimidation & violence

Later on, after allowing a rep from the HMF criminal organization to speak, CUPE’s mouthpiece Tom Keefer actually was stupid enough to make threats of violence if any native person was hurt due to intervention by the Caledonia Peacekeepers. And, he said that if Doug’s meeting had been held in Toronto, they would have made sure it was never allowed to take place. He said there were people who didn’t want to even come to the CUPE protest in Cayuga unless they were going to make sure the meeting didn’t happen.

But, Tom Keefer and his rabid gang of anarchists would have you believe that the law-abiding non-natives are the problem!

Takes all kinds to make a world my mother used to say.

Earth to CUPE…Earth to Tom Keefer…

Send a message to CUPE’s national headquarters!

Click here to ask CUPE why one of their locals is supporting Extortion and Intimidation of innocent non-natives by an organized crime group that also threatened the Court if it ruled against them! Just copy and paste the material between the dotted lines:


Dear CUPE:

Why is CUPE and Tom Keefer demonstrating against the innocent, law abiding victims of Caledonia and trying to smear them as racists while Local 3903 openly supports the Haudenosaunee Mens Fire – a criminal organization that a judge says has been victimizing non-native people in Haldimand via Extortion and Intimidation?

A. Voortman ruling showing judge’s comments re HMF threats against Court and involvement in Extortion & Intimidation against non-natives:

B. CUPE 3903 support for HMF:

C. CUPE 3903 supporters at Sterling Street occupation in Caledonia where Sam Gualtieri was nearly murdered by native thugs:

D. VoC, June 24/09: CUPE and criminals work together against Haldimand victims –

E. CWUC blog, June 23/09: CUPE 3903 supports organized crime –

F. CANACE reference page: Race-Based Policing –


Mark Vandermaas, Editor
Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality


5 responses to “CUPE and criminals work together against Haldimand victims

  1. This Keefer sounds like a piece of work. A certain sign of the rot deep in the unionist movement in this country today.
    I’m still disgusted by the media’s coverage of this situation. In particular, CFRB has given prime drive-home time to this clown to spout out his nonsense and lies for the last two days. The temp host for John Moore, Ben Mercer gave him a nice soft interview for at least twenty minutes yesterday and then offered no counter-point or open phones! He thought the story of a Belgian stripper-bus driver was far more compelling for the average Toronto area listener.
    Keep up the good work Mark!

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for the support, James. We heard about CFRB. Some in the media are printing their garbage and disgusting allegations. Some aren’t. This is nothing new for us; after nearly 3 years we’re quite used to it. The only reason these whackadoos target us is because we’re very effective at exposing their BS. You’re nobody in Caledonia until you’ve been called a racist. Check out the link in the right margin to the book review for Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry for more on that.

    Unlike Tom Keefer we shall turn to the courts for justice. It’s been working well for us. Thanks again, Mark

  2. Good Rant, Mark. I’m right with you and have sent the complaint to CUPE as you requested. I’m looking forward to the next meeting where I can sign up. I don’t know if I’m physically fit enough to “arrest” anybody (bad knees) but I would definitely like to do my part to support the Peacemakers any way I can, and expose to the rest of the country who the REAL dangerous people are in all of this!!

    VoC REPLY: Thanks re the rant. (Don’t you know I never ‘rant,’ I only offer well-informed, well-documented arguments and opinions? :-)) Regards, Mark

  3. I’m glad you got it all on tape and video. Obviously a fringe left agitatort has weaseled his way into a Union organizing position, and it is to the union’s detriment they allow libeling revisionist dogmatists to meddle in non union affairs. But CUPE has deep pockets to pay for the foul ups it hires as civil disruption specialists. I’m sure your defamation suit will just come out of petty cash. I’m also sure your defamation suit will be a slam dunk with an ample award. I know CANACE will put the money to good use restoring equitable rule of law to Caladonia.

    I hope you get this story out to the wider media because it is another whacky union protest incident reaffirming the fact that some of the creepiest fringe left elements have parked themselves in union auxiliaries as professional civil disruptionists. These pro-Hamas, Tamil Tiger and HMF demonstrations have nothing to do with trade unionism. They are raw anarcho-communist agitprop street theater as far removed from trade union interests as can be.

    PS: you are correct that Mr. Keefer leaves a trail of organizing delusional anarchy.

    First, CUPE 3903 has a communist red star as a logo, gee how unexpected. Then they associate with the Anarchist Black Cross Federation in “solidarity” with SN law breakers. Another non surprise that anarchists would be opposed to re-establishing rule of law. I have to laugh at the idea of these anarcho-commie freaks organizing a union among the illegal occupiers. Are you a union native or a scab? LOL!

  4. James D. Lauckner

    Hmm… Why was my comment not allowed?

    VoC REPLY: I checked my comment list to see if I missed it, and I checked my spam list to see if it ended up in there, but I can’t find your comment. If you want to resubmit it I’ll consider publishing it. Just to be sure I get it, use the comment form, but also copy what you write and send it via email to Mark



    VoC REPLY: Thanks for writing. Can you send me any links you have re CUPE connections to extremist/terror groups, pls? I’m working on a detailed report on why Jews, especially, should care about Caledonia. Regards, Mark