OPP helps CANACE & Deseronto residents expose Race-Based Policing

Walsh presentation Picton June25-09 11

Deseronto resident Cindy Welsh tries unsuccessfully to convince Shawn Brant supporters to give Gary McHale a chance to speak.

UPDATE: VoC, July 03/09: Caught on tape: McGuinty cabinet minister insults Deseronto resident

UPDATE JULY 03/09: Napanee Beaver, July 02/09: Raucus meeting defuses with talk  VoC download

UPDATE 2134 EST July 01/09: See, ‘Video of CANACE in Deseronto‘ by Jeff Parkinson for complete coverage in 7 clips. Note: the event was actually held in a Picton park because the town of Deseronto refused to rent resident Cindy Welsh a room where we could speak and the Elks reneged on their rental deal with her.

UPDATE: New story about our visit to Deseronton. See CANACE visits Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, by Jeff Parkinson.

UPDATE: Video added of Mohawks & supporters clapping when Gary McHale talks about attempted murder of police officer in Caledonia. More video clips to follow.

CANACE was invited to speak by Deseronto resident  Cindy Welsh who rented the Elks Hall in Picton for Thursday, June 25 at 6:30 because the Town of Deseronto refused – again – to allow non-natives access to their hall to discuss their rights during a land claim dispute.

Unfortunately, the OPP had earlier convinced the Elks manager to cancel the room rental which forced us to try to speak outside in a remote park with no police presence whatsoever while a large group of Shawn Brant supporters shouted us down and screamed hateful insults.

It seemed as though some – especially one woman in particular wearing a red shirt (photo, below) – were deliberately trying to provoke some kind of fight. Jeff Parkinson filmed the entire event, and clips will be posted when available.

Monsters in Deseronto-Picton?

At one point some of the group actually applauded when Gary McHale tried to talk about how a police officer was nearly murdered in Caledonia!

One resident later said, “Believe it or not, this is a GOOD day!”

CANACE meets with the nice officers of the OPP MELT

We met with 2 MELT (Major Events Liaison Team) members at Cindy’s home prior to the event. We tried to let them know that no one had anything to fear from us. Gary even explained how he was opposed by the Crown when he tried to lay charges for assaults against police officers in Caledonia. 

I almost gagged when one officer expressed her concern about why we were coming “at a time when the community is healing.” I explained what Dr. King said about the difference between an “obnoxious peace” and the presence of  justice.

Despite this, I told them that just meeting with us was an improvement over how we were treated (until very recently) by Haldimand OPP. One officer said that they had tried to undo the damage done by the OPP by attempting to convince the Elks to honour their agreement with Cindy Welsh. I actually began to believe that the OPP were going to do the right thing now that they had a chance to see that we didn’t have horns, tails or cloven hoofs.  Alas, my optimism was badly misplaced. 

OPP sets up CANACE and residents for a confrontation

Walsh presentation Picton June25-09 5When we arrived at the Elks Hall in Picton (right) there was a group of natives (most are not visible in photo) there including some involved in the illegal blockades (as we would later discover). Not only was the hall not going to honour its agreement with Cindy, the police told us to move down the road, around the corner, down a hill to a park.

Walsh presentation Picton June25-09 18The OPP deliberately sent us into a remote place without police protection even though they helped cancel the hall because they were so worried about a confrontation occurring inside there. As far as I’m concerned the OPP deliberately set us up for a confrontation so they could come down and blame us if it happened. It was a disgusting betrayal of everything I thought the police were supposed to be about.

“We were set up by the OPP … for a brawl here,” Welsh said. “There’s something going on here — more than what we’re seeing, because that’s how the OPP work.”

Belleville Intelligencer, June 26/09: Police deny having agenda at Picton meeting  REPRINT

For the record: CANACE has held numerous meetings during the past 3 years and no violence has ever occurred at any of them.

Walsh presentation Picton June25-09 2

Deseronto refused to rent hall to Cindy Walsh's community info meeting to which she had invited CANACE to speak.

Can you imagine…

Can you imagine what would be said if a town refused to rent a room to native people to educate the public about their grievances or their rights?

Walsh presentation Picton June25-09 19Can you imagine what would happen if the OPP actively worked to convince the Elks to cancel a room rented by law-abiding natives because white supremacists might come to cause trouble, then directed the peaceful natives to a remote park where they knew the racists were waiting, and then provided no police presence?

It would be outrageous, just as it was when it was done to us, especially since a number of the natives present had participated in Shawn Brant’s blockades!!! So, the OPP knew they could be sending us into a dangerous situation.

Walsh presentation Picton June25-09 20After reading the silly denials from OPP contained in the article above, an obvious question is raised: if the police were so concerned about the meeting that they interfered with Cindy Welsh’s room rental and had officers on standby because of the dangers, why wouldn’t they want officers close enough to hear and/or video tape what was going on?

This isn’t the first time

It wouldn’t have been the first time that police brass have allowed dangerous confrontations to occur and then falsely blamed the non-natives. In my mind it had the exact same feel of the Dec 01/07 smokeshack protest in Caledonia where the OPP provided insufficient resources that resulted in us (and officers) being assaulted, and then being falsely blamed by Fantino for the violence.  It was the first time in Caledonia that no OPP officer was videotaping a protest. An ERT member later testified that the OPP violated their SOPs for the protest and that he was “alarmed” at the lack of police resources.

  • EXPOSED: How the McGuinty gov’t refused to investigate criminal allegations against Fantino  (see Part 1 of the actual complaint doc)
  • VoC, April 26/09: McHale hearing: ERT officer “alarmed” at lack of OPP resources for Dec 01/07 protest
  • If the OPP and politicians were so worried about what might happen why weren’t the police videotaping in Picton instead of staying so obviously out of sight?

    Confrontation is defused – but NOT by the OPP or politicians

    Fortunately, there were 2 reporters present, including one from the Belleville Intelligencer. Their presence, coupled with our quiet determination not to react to their insults and provocations, probably kept things from getting out of hand.

    Most of the native people present, while not especially kindly disposed towards us, were certainly not out for trouble although most did shout down Gary to make it impossible for him to speak.

    Once Cindy Welsh called off the meeting we stayed and talked to those who were willing. By that time it was clear even to the most obnoxious of the group that we were not going to react to any slurs or provocations –  and we were not about to run away.

    Walsh presentation Picton June25-09 17One of the most notable moments (aside from the monsters clapping because a police officer was nearly killed) was when a woman in a red shirt (right), clearly out of control in a blind rage, ran up to Gary and screamed disgusting insults at him – all the while Gary calmly looked at her in silence without the slightest reaction.

    Let’s not forget that even when Gary was bleeding and bruised after being assaulted by numerous native smokeshack supporters on Dec 01/07 he never once retaliated with fists or angry words. Even when he was set up by a native woman who started the worst of the violence by falsely accusing him of assaulting her, he did not retaliate. You can see the videos here:

    It is important for non-natives to realize that native extremists and their supporters deliberately try to provoke confrontations with their insults and movements in order to get a reaction that can be used against the victim of the insults. As shown in the material cited above regarding the Dec 01/07 attack on non-natives, if violence does break out, the non-natives will be blamed even if they did absolutely nothing to provoke it or defend against it.

    Indeed, the violence in Caledonia on Dec 01/07 was initated when a native woman falsely accused Gary McHale of assaulting her after assaulting HIM! (see video at link above) She was charged with Public Mischief for filing a false police report, but Fantino and the OPP never issued an apology to us for falsely accusing us.

    In fact, the OPP had already ordered Gary charged with Assault without even hearing his side, and the only reason he wasn’t was because Jeff Parkinson, CANACE’s videographer, caught the whole sickening  street theatre on film and messed up their plans.

    Julian Fantino actually wrote a character reference for the man who led the swarming assault that sent Gary McHale to the hospital, and effectively blamed McHale for the attack while praising the native man for whom he had already intervened to stop an Assault Police charge from being laid against him. Truth really is stranger than fiction!

    Deseronto residents are not ‘healing’

    One resident was present who used to live across from the quarry stolen by Shawn Brants marauders who threatened to kill his baby, rape his wife and burn down his house. The threats drove him and his family out of the house.

    But, according to the OPP, people are ‘healing’ now they’ve arrested Shawn Brant. Sure, and I bet Dancer’s healing too as she and her family live without OPP policing in Caledonia.

    Thank you!

    Walsh presentation Picton June25-09 4

    CANACE members/founders have lunch with Cindy Welsh.

    Thanks to Cindy Welsh for inviting us and taking the time to understand who we are and what we really believe. You were wonderful. You have a big heart and everyone, including your native neighbours, could see it.

    Thanks also for treating us to lunch! 

    Thanks to Andy and Vicky and Kathy for sharing their thoughts and stories. Our hearts go out to you and all the other innocent victims in Deseronto and Picton.

    Thanks to all those who travelled with us: Jeff Parkinson, Merlyn Kinrade (who cancelled out on an important function to be with us); Jim Anderson (who rearranged his day on short notice); Christine McHale and of course, Gary McHale who once again proved how extraordinarily qualified he is to be leading the fight against racial policing.

    Gary’s leadership means that CANACE can stand quietly while we are smeared and provoked all the while capturing events on film to be used as evidence in the courts of justice and public opinion.

    Thanks finally to Luke Hendry for your balanced stories and attempts to hold the OPP accountable.

    Native extremists and OPP made it so easy for us – again.

    I tried talking to some of those present who shouted Gary down and clapped at the idea of a police officer being murdered, but their arrogant smugness accompanying their pathetic ignorance of the truth made it virtually impossible. Nothing I said was good enough for them – they had made up their minds and they weren’t going to let the facts get in the way. Several of them later tried to intimidate us by standing beside us as we sat at Tim Hortons, but when we openly talked about posting the video of the “monsters” clapping they seemed to realize just how badly they had shot themselves in the foot, and left.

    The OPP tell us there’s no such thing as racial policing, and the politicians tell us we are ‘unhelpful’ by protesting against it! Our trip to Deseronto-Picton proved –  once again – that racial policing is very much alive, and that it is just as disgusting there as it is in Caledonia-Haldimand. What happened is an insult to the Charter of Rights, the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Police Services Act. Shame on you, OPP! But, still, we have to thank you for your ham-fisted assistance in making it so darn easy for us to expose what is really going on in your twisted organization.

    To the innocent victims of native extremism and racial policing in Deseronto and Picton

    It was an honour to be invited to speak in your communities. I think there was a general agreement among us that Thursday was one of the most important days in CANACE’s history. Contrary to what you might think, Thursday evening was a very, very good day in that by working together we stripped away all the BS to expose the ugliness of racial policing. This was accomplished because Cindy Welsh was willing to take a stand to defend her rights against those who do not want her to exercise them, thereby creating tension within the community. In doing so she forced the OPP and others to openly violate her rights and, in the process, gather evidence to be used against them. This makes some people very uncomfortable, but it is a necessary step in achieving true justice for all people in Ontario.

    Actually, we who engage in nonviolent direct action are not the creators of tension. We merely bring to the surface the hidden tension that is already alive. We bring it out in the open, where it can be seen and dealt with. Like a boil that can never be cured so long as it is covered up but must be opened with all its ugliness to the natural medicines of air and light, injustice must be exposed, with all the tension its exposure creates, to the light of human conscience and the air of national opinion before it can be cured. 

    Martin Luther King Jr., April 16/63: Letter from Birmingham Jail

    We will be pleased to return and try again if you can find a location for us to meet. Please continue to pressure your politicians and police to stop interfering with your Charter rights. The one thing the politicians and police are deathly afraid of is that communities like Caledonia, Deseronto and Brantford will begin to unite against them.

    Let’s stay in touch: please, sign up for VoC news alerts by clicking on SUBSCRIBE in the top menu.

    Deseronto Facebook group

    One Deseronto resident has started a Facebook group called, ‘Keep Shawn Brant behind bars’ that has over 500 members. I’ve never used Facebook, and when I tried to sign up to check the group out I was told my email address was invalid. Those of you who are signed up should check it out. I’ll try again later.

    For more info on the dangers posed by Shawn Brant:

  • VoC, June 06/07: Canada at the crossroads: Rule of law or anarchy?
  • CaledoniaWakeUpCall movie, June 06/07: Canada at the Crossroads – about the chilling terrorist threats from Mohawk Warrior leader, Shawn Brant.  NOTE: 1.5 hours of raw footage used to produce this film have been supplied to CSIS by CWUC.   DIAL-UP
  • CaledoniaWakeUpCall feature: Shawn Brant & the direct terrorist threat to Canada 
  • McHale letter to federal Minister of Public Safety, June 08/07: Shawn Brant violates Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act  
  • To the people of Tyendinaga

    We are pleased that some of you took time to speak with us to hear what we had to say. I was hoping to tell you personally on Thursday that I do not believe that respecting the rights of non-natives diminishes you or your rights in any way, but I was not allowed the opportunity to do that by some of those who believe it is acceptable to be cruel to innocent people. I have always said that I do NOT believe they speak for all native people.

    If I/we didn’t get a chance to speak together and you would like to know the truth about us and our beliefs, please visit these two pages on our CANACE website:

    To the politicians in Deseronto-Picton who worked against Cindy Welsh’s goal of sharing information with her community

    Cindy played a message on her machine by her MPP for us. Unfortunately, for Ms. Dombrowsky (Prince Edward-Hastings) she forgot to hang up the phone, and so Cindy’s machine continued recording as Dombrowsky made derogatory remarks about the motivations of those involved. I’ll bet $20 that she has never even looked at the CANACE website let alone taken the time to understand who we are and why we fight against racial policing.

    As far as I’m concerned Dombrowsky, and the local pols who have worked to undermine Cindy Welsh’s right to speak are worse than those who screamed insults at us and the police who worked so hard to subvert our Charter rights – you’re being paid to protect our rights from abuses, not to help undermine them based on second-hand gossip and irrational statements. 

    May I suggest that every politician and cop in the Deseronto-Picton area take a deep breath, exhale and then take a few minutes to check the pages mentioned above on the CANACE website before you embarass yourselves further. 

    While you’re at it, check out something called the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; you may find it of some interest.

    And this is for the MELT officer who thinks the victims in Deseronto are ‘healing’ because Shawn Brant and his gang were only allowed to victimize them for 5 days – this time:

    I had hoped that the white moderate would understand that law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice and that when they fail in this purpose they become the dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress. I had hoped that the white moderate would understand that the present tension in the South is a necessary phase of the transition from an obnoxious negative peace, in which the Negro passively accepted his unjust plight, to a substantive and positive peace, in which all men will respect the dignity and worth of human personality.

    Martin Luther King Jr., April 16/63: Letter from Birmingham Jail

    Mark Vandermaas, Editor
    Co-founder, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality


    6 responses to “OPP helps CANACE & Deseronto residents expose Race-Based Policing

    1. Kathy Steacy wrote
      at 3:39pm
      The one thing l was disgusted with and appalled by on the night of June 25th at the meeting in Picton Ont in the park was when an individual from Canadian Advocates For Charter Equality spoke of a Police Officer almost being killed in Caledonia and the crowd cheered and clapped that is the most repulsive incident and lack of humanity l have ever witnessed!!!!!!

      VoC REPLY: Thanks for writing Kathy, it was so nice to meet you on Thursday.

      Whether it was I don’t think they realized just how badly they shot themselves in the foot by being so disgustingly revolting in their lack of respect, not only for Gary and a Caledonia police officer, but for Cindy’s right to bring us into the community to share our experience and knowledge. Yes, they were nice to her in the end, but only because they got what wanted, which was to deny her the right to share information.

      They had a perfect opportunity to ask us any questions they wanted, to challenge us respectfully, but instead they gave us all we needed to show the evils of native extremism and racial policing.

      Can you imagine what would happen if residents had crashed a meeting and shown such hateful disrespect? Can you imagine if non-natives clapped when a native presenter talked about Dudley George being killed?

      Can you imagine what would happen if non-natives told presenters at a native event who could speak and who couldn’t?

      It was all so disgusting, but it was all so necessary for us to expose the politically-correct racist attitudes behind such behaviour. No thinking person could fail to be shocked and repulsed by what went on both at the meeting and before hand by the police and politicians.

      Both Gary and I have given speeches on how native people have been victimized. You can read/see them listed here.

      I have never understood why people who claim to be victims at the top of their lungs are so eager to victimize and dehumanize other people. Very sad.

      Still, it was a very good day. No one can say ‘everything’s quiet’ – it is clear as a bell that the very best your community has is an ‘obnoxious peace.’ And that’s just not good enough.

      Thanks again, Kathy. Mark

      Basic Info
      Type: Common Interest – Beliefs & Causes
      Description: Get involved – it’s time to end the violence and keep the violent criminal where he belongs !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      VoC REPLY: Thanks for that Kathy re the Facebook group. Much appreciated. Anyone who wants to know part of the reasons why Brant deserves to be behind bars should check out the links on this page to videos of Brant threatening Canada. According to him, OCAP (Ontario Coalition on Poverty) paid him to go around Ontario to spread his hateful filth to reserves. Regards, Mark

    3. Any police function debased enough to corrupt the equitable unbiased enforcement of the rule of law is certainly corrupt enough to actively subvert the rights of citizens who dissent to the corruption.

      Your experiences are just the more disclosures of systemic misconduct in the body politic, police and prosecution functions. All of which has brought the OPP and provincial court system into broad public disrepute these last few years.

      I think the message has to be sent to the government in waiting that when the current malfeasant regime is turfed from office we need a massive clean up of the provincial police force and Crown Attorney’s Office to eliminate corruption, case fixing, political cronyism. The next government will have to renew trust in police and the justice system through identifying and prosecuting malfeasance and developing strict public accountability.

      The operational health of a free democratic state is measured by the integrity of its police and rule of law to deliver justice based in the timeless civil principles of universal equality, impartial due process and respect for civil rights. Ontario is now a jurisdiction where one cannot trust a cop or prosecutor to be impartial.

      It has been demonstrated that one cannot depend on receiving protection or justice unless one has the proper alignments to prevailing political prejudices.

      This civil abomination must change.

      VoC REPLY: Can’t add anything to that ‘Serf’! Regards, Mark

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    5. Great that Dombrowsky was caught with her guard down. Makes you wonder how many other politicians are making the same remarks rather than doing their jobs. That phone call should be published nationwide, as well as the clapping by the natives about the attempted murder of a cop. Who do these people really think they are?????

      VoC REPLY: Cindy played Dombrowski’s ‘message’ for me so I could hear it myself. It bugs me that politicians everywhere make such fools of themselves with their stupid comments without taking the time to talk to the people they’re yapping about or reading their material or attending a presentation to hear for themselves.

      The ones who clapped and shouted Gary down were so excited when Cindy called off the meeting because of their disgusting behaviour. They really thought they’d ‘won.’ If only they knew how much damage they did to their ’cause.’ The sheer, unadulterated ugliness of landclaim lawlessness and the useful idiots who support it got exposed in a 24 second clip. You’ve got to love their unmitigated stupidity if not their inhumanity. And these monsters are the ones who accused us of being racists. Thanks to all of them for – once again – helping us reveal the truth about who the supremacists are.

      Wait till you see the video of the woman in red screaming insults at Gary while he looks at her in silence. That’s precious, too. In that vein, you’re going to love Gary’s column in this week’s Regional News!

      Thanks, ML. Mark

    6. Andy Leversedge

      Though there were many disrespectful and racial comments made, I do belive that MAYBE some small amount of progress was made @ the meeting on thursday. It is clear that there is much work to be done. No one said this would be easy. I think that oppOrtunities like those presented in Picton will only help bridge the gap of opinions between local residents from either side of the bridge (native and non-native) and possibly at a future point offer a soultion where everyone can come away happy. This may be idealistic but who knows?

      Having heard Miss Dombrowski’s phone message, it is clear that not everyone is on the same page as us, her blunt negitivity towards this situation is slightly concerning. I would also like to thank the OPP for ALL of their help. ALL of their interference (I mean help) was GREAT!!

      Anyway, I do agree with many of Cindy Welsh’s opinions and values towards this situation and would like to thank everyone who attended the meeting. Hopefully everyone can continue working together for the benefit of us all.

      VoC REPLY: Andy, I wish I could say we (native and non-native) are closer after 3 years, but I just don’t know. I haven’t yet heard anyone on the native side really condemn the violence against you and the victims in Caledonia. Until we reach the point where native protesters 1. stop committing the crimes, 2. respect the rights of non-native people to live in peace and communicate their issues without being labelled as racists and white supremacists, and 3. native leaders from their communities apologize for what was done, there will be no healing, no reconciliation. Canada apologized for Residential Schools, native leaders need to apologize for the violence and crime against their innocent neighbours.

      I find it sad and puzzling that people who claim to have been victimized so badly hundreds of years ago could be so uncaring, so insensitive and so inhuman towards the victims they themselves have created yesterday.

      I do hope that a few of those present that night in Picton who were willing to speak to us one on one represent a beginning for your town. Perhaps they will encourage others to come and listen respectfully should we do another presentation.

      You might be interested in our presentation to the City of Brantford called, Reconciliation: the CANACE Path. Check out the diagram (#15) especially.

      I can tell you Andy that we have tried to ‘reach out’ to Six Nations people at various times only to have our hands slapped away every single time but I promise you this: when native communities are ready to take the first step we’ll be ready to welcome them and work with them to ensure this never happens again.

      Be well! Thanks for writing. Mark