VoC passes 300,000 ‘pages-viewed’ mark

champagne.jpgI am pleased to report that VoiceofCanada has had more than 300,000 pages viewed since its launch in October 2006.

The actual total of page views as of 1035 today is 302,328.

I have authored more than 300 articles documenting the struggle to end Race-Based Policing. VoiceofCanada is listed as an external reference on Wikipedia.org under ‘Caledonia Land Dispute,’ and also as a source on the Yahoo! CANADA News ‘In-Depth-First Nations’ feature.

What’s the difference between a ‘hit’ and a ‘page view’?

Technical definition of a hit

Each file sent to a browser by a web server is an individual hit.

Technical definition of a pageview

A pageview is each time a visitor views a page on your website, regardless of how many hits are generated. Pages are comprised of files. Every image in a page is a separate file. When a visitor looks at a page (a pageview), they may see numerous images, graphics, pictures etc. and generate multiple hits.

For example, if you have a page with 10 pictures, then a request to a server to view that page generates 11 hits (10 for the pictures, and one for the html file). A page view can contain hundreds of hits. This is the reason that we measure page views and not hits.

Conclusion: hits are not a reliable way to measure website traffic.

Open Tracker.net: The difference between hits, visitors, visits & page views

Thanks so much for reading VoiceofCanada. Your support is appreciated!

Mark Vandermaas, Editor


One response to “VoC passes 300,000 ‘pages-viewed’ mark

  1. Congrats Mark. I wonder if this is an indication of your popularity or your infamy with big brother’s minions.

    How many of the hits have government IP addresses? Shame on them for surfing on my dime 😉

    VoC REPLY: Thanks so much. Not sure about the infamy vs. popularity thing. 🙂 Mark