PREVIEW: 27 Questions re “White Privilege” doctrine in Caledonia

Background to ‘27 Questions re White Privilege in Caledonia’  

This article attempts to provide an answer to the bewildering question of why so many of Ontario’s politicians; intellectual elites; social activists; journalists; and advocacy groups (such as the Canadian Civil Liberties Association) turned a blind eye to the suffering of non-Native victims in Caledonia. 

I believe the answer lies, at least in part, in a repugnant, racially-based doctrine known within academic circles as ‘White Privilege’ which holds that people with white skin – because of their ‘power and privilege’ in society – can never be victims of racism, and that only people with white skin can be racists. 

A draft of this article was originally written for release back in July 2009 as part of my interaction with a reader named Christine who put forward the White Privilege argument in response to my argument for compassion on behalf of the Caledonia’s victims. You can read our inital interaction in the comments section of the following post:  

This is not the first time we have run up against White Privilege doctrine. An Ontario government lawyer once told Gary McHale, according to the training he had received on the subject, white people can NEVER be the victim of a hate crime. As you will later read, another Ontario lawyer, a law professor – author of a paper called ‘The Charter of Whiteness’ – refused to even consider receiving our extensive evidence of OPP racial policing for use in a project he was involved in related to racial profiling in police forces.

I believe that White Privilege doctrine may well lie at the bizarre determination by Liberal politicians in Ontario to pursue Race-Based Policing at any cost – even after testimony by senior officers at the Brown-Chatwell trial that police officers were, indeed, ordered not to protect the people of Caledonia, and even if it means standing by an OPP Commissioner who is now criminally charged for his conduct. 

Certainly there are political implications of suddenly admitting ‘it was all a big mistake’ but the government’s irrational determination to carry on with their disastrous course of action that has terrorized thousands of innocent victims belies something much deeper than the mere ‘policy implications’ cited by government lawyer David Feliciant in defending the government’s conduct during the Brown-Chatwell trial.

Race-Based Policing and the shocking attendant cost of making non-natives expendable to the agenda of native militancy is not, to them, like an E-Health scandal where resignations can be demanded. No, to this particular group of liberals Race-Based Policing goes straight to the very essence of their identity politics philosophy, the underlying ‘justification’ or ideology for which is ‘White Privilege’ doctrine – an ignominous ideology which is tearing apart the most valuable of all Canadian assets: our precious Rule of Law.

– to be continued –

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One response to “PREVIEW: 27 Questions re “White Privilege” doctrine in Caledonia

  1. Too bad you didn’t have time to get into the whole reverse discrimination and official racism of “white privilege” dogma. I think I know where tracing the origins of this will take you, but you have to do the research yourself to understand how all the blocks fall into place then realize the diabolical genius of it all.

    You are correct that this pathological obsession with race and identity group politics defines the very political and ideological essence of the postmodern western left (Fabian Lberals, socialists, transnational progressives, anarcho-collectivists etc.)

    It’s been a long obscured journey for politically correct racism from the minds of Frankfurt school Marxists in the 30s to the cultural fascism of the new left today. I’ll let you make your own conclusions as you trace the source ideology of “benevolent despotism or enlightened despotism” which spawned the many methods by which the cultural marxist patriachs used to pathologize the pillars of western culture. Originally multiculturalism was concieved as a tool to co-opt minorities into the task of socially destabilization of western culture and capitalist democracies.

    Just suffice to say that pre-WWII Marxists realized the middle class in Western democracies was free, affluent and content. Such a constituency cannot be radicalized into a class revolt by Revolutionary Marxist dogma. So these proto-Politically Correct leftists reinvented economic Marxism into cultural terms and took traditional Marxist class struggle dogma into a cultural struggle between minorities and the majority. As in Traditional Marxism there had to be an “oppressor” to victimize the oppressed. In cultural Marxism, economic class groups were swapped out for identity groups (race, ethnicity, cultural etc.) and old injustices or made up injustices were catalogued to create a grudge motive for a hierarchy of minority victimology. Of course all these victims groups were deemed to be oppressed by the resident majority identity group (in our case WASPs). Minority groups were radicalized with grudge agitprop by the usual suspects bearing the CM indoctrination. The rest is recorded in our stormy post WWII history. The names and groups change from decade to decade and jurisdiction to jurisdiction but essentially all are imbued with the CM dogma of minority group victimhood at the hands of a majority group oppressor (white privelege) scape goat who owes compensatory entitlements for alleged historic social injustice. In this way western culture can be pathologized so its majority culture can be said to be only capable of producing violence and injustice. – The way to social justice is by following the illuminated path of cultural Marxism.

    The fact the wild revisionism in CM dogma is a complete fraud is irrelevant as long as it evokes emotional reaction activism. Then the destabilizing agenda is served.

    Many on the partisan left these days , and that includes the cultural engineering fabian socialists who hide beneath the “liberal” brand name these days, probably never suspect that their slavish devotion to such socially destabilizing ideologies as revisionist multicultural utopianism (political racialism) or diversity quotas (institutionalized bureaucratic racism) or the administration of law based on the ‘white privilege” oppressor dogmas were seeded into their ideology decades ago by some of the brilliantly subversive cultural Marxists from the Frankfort School.

    I can’t wait to read your finished research on the white oppressor political mythos which manifests itself in civilly demoralizing policies like race-based policing. It’s a story that will reveal a very morbid destabilizing political undercurrent in western democracies that is hollowing out our social and cultural cohesiveness.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks so much for the comment, Winston. I’ve got most of it done and, believe me when I say that I understand just how dangerous and insidious the WP doctrine it, and I/we plan to write an entire report on it one day. In my opinion, WP has way too much in common with the Nuremberg Laws and other Nazi ideology.

    Unfortunately, we’re all just swamped with stuff right now, including working on our next report, ‘Crimes Against Democracy’ in which WP may make an appearance. But, as I told another commenter, I have to get going: some investigative journalists have a certain, corrupted police force in their crosshairs as we speak and they need our help. If you haven’t already done so, may I suggest you watch the video in this post, and check out this post, too, while you’re at it. Stay tuned, this is going to be fun. Regards, Mark