Sun reporter equates opposition of Caledonia ‘apartheid’ to anti-Israeli activities

If one wants to know why the public is turning their back on traditional media, one needs to look no further than SunMedia reporter Jonathan Jenkins’ article about the Legislature’s unanimous condemnation of the use of the word ‘apartheid’ in connection with anti-Israel campus activities.

Here are the final three paras from the London Free Press version of the article which can also be found on the Toronto Sun website (bolded passages by VoC):

But [MPP Peter] Shurman’s objection to the use of the word apartheid did not extend to condemning those who would use it in the context of the aboriginal land claim in Caledonia, which has led to a bitter standoff and the occupation of the Douglas Creek Estates.

Activist Gary McHale has used the term in his efforts to evict the native protesters from the land but Shurman said he saw nothing similar in the usage.

“For a variety of reasons, it’s not really comparable,” Shurman said.

London Free Press, Feb 26/10: House condemns campus use of ‘apartheid’ [PDF]

Toronto Sun, Feb 25/10: Bad word banned [PDF]

There are two issues here: first, Jenkins’ distortion of the truth and second, his apparent attempt to equate McHale’s activities to those of anti-Israel radicals. I sent the letter below to the editor of the London Free Press today in order to address issue #1: 


Feb 26/10

SUBJECT: ‘House condemns campus use of ‘apartheid’

I have read various laments from LFP contributors and editors regarding the move by readers away from so-called ‘mainstream media.’ The article, ‘House condemns campus use of ‘apartheid’ is a perfect example of why this move may be occurring. Reporter Jonathan Jenkins asserts that, “Activist Gary McHale has used the term [apartheid] in his efforts to evict the native protesters” from Caledonia’s Douglas Creek Estates (DCE). Mr. McHale subsequently contacted Mr. Jenkins who told him he read this in an article on a website belonging to Mr. McHale’s organization Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality (CANACE).

This article was written by me and can be found at this URL: ) It is about the successful certification of the Caledonia Class Action lawsuit against the Ontario Provincial Police for refusing to enforce the law while native extremists were terrorizing Caledonia. The evidence that they did so is now incontrovertible due to testimony by OPP officers under oath in various legal actions, including the recently-settled $7M Brown-Chatwell lawsuit. Nowhere in the CANACE article – or anywhere else on the website, for that matter – does CANACE claim to want natives evicted from the DCE, and it most certainly did not connect the word ‘Apartheid’ to any desire for such eviction.

Had Jenkins taken the trouble to click on the large link called ‘RACE-BASED POLICING’ at the top of the CANACE website ( he might have learned that Mr. McHale and CANACE are advocating for an end to two legal systems: one for native extremists, and the other for non-natives – a system of Apartheid that has victimized thousands of innocents while most of democracy’s ‘watchdogs’ have been asleep at the switch, or too biased and/or timid to report the truth. If you want to understand why you are losing readership, look in the mirror.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor


Here is the exact quote from the CANACE story I authored which, as stated above, was about the long-awaited certification of the Caledonia Class-Action lawsuit by lawyer John Findlay. As you can see, it had absolutely nothing to do with equating ‘apartheid’ to the eviction of natives from DCE or that such eviction was the goal of CANACE or Gary McHale. Even the dullest reporter should have been able to grasp the context of my apartheid reference:

The end of racial policing is inevitable

Certification means that the Ontario government and the OPP’s racial policing policies are now entangled in civil litigation, criminal prosecutions (by CANACE), and critical scrutiny by both media and members of the PC Party and NDP.

Race-based policing is going to end. Ordinary citizens are not going to stop until the Apartheid system of justice illegally foisted upon the innocent victims of Caledonia is stopped in its tracks. When we are finished no government in Canada will ever dare try to subvert the Charter again.

The only question Premier McGuinty and his MPPs need to consider is this: are they going to pronounce an end to their illegal ‘peacekeeping’ mission, or are they going to destroy the Liberal Party by fighting this to the bitter end?

Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality, Feb 09/10: Ontario judge rules Caledonia Class Action can proceed to trial

Canadian Taxpayers Federation paper: APARTHEID — Canada’s Ugly Secret

It wasn’t me (or Gary McHale) who first used the term ‘apartheid’ in connection with Caledonia – it was my readers who did so in order to describe the hopelessness they felt about OPP Race-Based Policing because of their belief that their children will not enjoy the right that Canadians have taken for granted – the right to be treated equally before the law.

As I later discovered, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation  was the first (to the best of my knowledge) to write a paper using the term ‘Apartheid’ to describe the relationship between Canada and native people:

For some reason Mr. Jenkins did not focus on the CTF’s use of the term ‘apartheid,’ only Gary McHale’s. Perhaps he didn’t know about the CTF paper – although it is also accessible through McHale’s website. 

Non-native activists are actually opposing anti-Semitic/anti-Israeli forces operating in Caledonia-Brantford

It is a shame that Jonathan Jenkins didn’t bother to contact McHale before writing his article: contrary to his clumsy attempt to try to equate Gary McHale’s opposition to racial policing in Caledonia to anti-Israel/anti-Semitic campus activities the surprising truth is that Gary McHale and other non-native activists like me are actually opposing anti-Semitic/anti-Israeli forces operating in support of native organized crime groups in Caledonia and Brantford.

For example, one of the key organizers of non-native support for the Haudenosaunee Men’s’ Fire (which a Superior Court judge stated was involved in Extortion and Intimidation against non-natives) was once expelled from Concordia University in 2001 for anti-Jewish/anti-Israel vandalism. Concordia, which was known by frightened Jewish students as ‘Gaza ‘U’ has a documented history of intimidation and violence against Jews. In 2002 Jewish students and visitors – including a 73 year-old Holocaust survivor – were assaulted and intimidated during a riot protesting the visit of a former Israeli prime minister.

I will be exploring the involvement of anti-Israeli/anti-Semitic groups in Caledonia and Brantford in an upcoming article.

SunMedia – not a beacon of hope for Caledonia victims

I have been disappointed with the Toronto Sun/SunMedia coverage of the Caledonia crisis for a long time, so Jonathan Jenkins’ article doesn’t surprise me. There have been a couple of good – solitary – articles from reporters like Christina Blizzard and Joe Warmington, but little else. Jorge Barrera actually created a 3 part series about Caledonia without ever talking to us about our evidence or contact info for victims (including Sixth Line’s Dancer) despite offers to provide it. He promised to do more, but never did that I am aware of.  A well-known freelance journalist approached the Sun about doing a story, but was turned down.

I once contacted Lorrie Goldstein to ask if he was interested in receiving copies of the DCE/OPP radio transmission recordings that showed just how dangerous the occupiers were. After he expressed interest I gave him Gary McHale’s contact information but he never made contact.  (The CBC did create a documentary, but pulled it before airing at the last minute, claiming they were concerned about legal liability with respect to airing the recordings even though their lawyers had already approved the content.)

A few words about banning words like ‘apartheid’

Feb03-06 London9I am very wary of the idea of ‘banning’ words in a free society, but I certainly understand why MPP Peter Shurman hates the use of the word ‘apartheid’ by campus radicals to attack Israel’s self-defence measures made necessary by bloodthirsty criminals bent on exterminating Jews and their state from the face of the earth.

The events at Concordia University  show clearly that some campus leaders who claim to be simply opposing actions by the state of Israel are actually working hand in glove with those who wish to exterminate it. The references cited in my upcoming article will show this quite clearly. 

As for banning the “ugly” word ‘Apartheid,’ as shown above, MPP Peter Shurman is right when he says there is nothing similar in Gary McHale/CANACE’s usage of the term. I only wish that the Legislature would become just as united in banning the even uglier practice of racially-segregated justice in Caledonia. Until that happens, I will continue to use the word Apartheid to describe the ugly blot on Ontario and Canada that is Race-Based Policing.

Shame on the politicians who refuse to speak out, and shame on the watchdogs of democracy who sleep while Ontario smoulders. Thank you to Peter Shurman and the other PCs who are currently holding the government accountable.

NOTE: the photo above, right, was taken on Feb 03/06 in London, England. To see more images of the protesters’ expressing their hate see:

Disclosure: Mark was an original founding member of Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality. He left CANACE on Feb 22/10 to focus on research and educational activities in connection with the issue of racial policing during land claim disputes. 

Mark Vandermaas, Editor



One response to “Sun reporter equates opposition of Caledonia ‘apartheid’ to anti-Israeli activities

  1. I received the following comment from Gary McHale who asked that I post it:

    In mid 2006 most media outlets did their best not to report most of the violence that was occurring in Caledonia. If they did report it then they already found some way to show that the residents were somehow to be blamed or justified it because of so-called 200 years of abuse against native people.

    Prior to September 2006 the media painted the residents of Caledonia as equal partners in why there was violence in Caledonia which is why almost every resident refused to be interviewed by the media.

    In June 2006, I decided to get involved in Caledonia because the Toronto media failed to report the truth. At the time I reviewed the Toronto Sun’s coverage of Caledonia. In a four month period the only photo from Caledonia to be printed on the front page was one that greatly mislead the public – see

    There were no front-page photos of the tire fires, of the destroyed power station, of the burning of the Stirling bridge or of Native Protesters carried weapons etc. All of these photos were great news stories and certainly great photos for any newspaper to have on the front page.

    Can you imagine what the Toronto Sun would have published if it were white people who were masked and carried weapons and were setting things on fire on Six Nations? I doubt the only photo they would print would have been one showing a peaceful white person shaking hands with a native person who had just been victimized.

    It is almost impossible for someone to do an internet search on the word apartheid and find that CANACE is using this word to describe DCE.

    One wonders why the Toronto Sun fails to cover so much about Caledonia but whatever the reason is it did help me decide to get involved in Caledonia back in 2006.

    Gary McHale

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for the comment. If masked white criminals were attacking Six Nations with the full protection of the OPP, and the Attorney General was dropping charges against white thugs and against police officers aiding them or threatening the elected Band Council into silence, and the OPP were trumping up charges against peaceful native activists I have no doubt that we would be facing a civil war right now. That was the answer given to us by native people who visited your election booth in 2008 where we asked that very question.

    It is a testament to both the remarkable patience of the people of Caledonia, and to the willingness of people like you to stand and fight through peaceful means that they have not yet chosen to pick up arms to defend themselves. God help us all if the OPP and Ontario government ever manage to silence your voice.

    Readers may find this post of interest; I wrote it after we were attacked at the illegal smokeshack on Dec 01/07. It’s called Once upon a time on Six Nations…

    Regards, Mark