The racist speech native protesters, CUPE & OPP didn’t want Caledonia to hear

I have reprinted below the speech I wanted to give on March 21/10 and again on March 28, but was not allowed to because native protesters, CUPE members and the OPP – who have all made concerted efforts to smear Gary McHale as a racist –  ensured that CANACE’s second attempt to talk about real racism in Caledonia would not take place.

Perhaps CANACE will again invite me to give this speech sometime in the future when the police can be convinced to protect the right of non-natives to peacefully gather and protest without interference from those responsible for Caledonia’s misery.

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One response to “The racist speech native protesters, CUPE & OPP didn’t want Caledonia to hear

  1. Bill McIntyre

    The use of the term “healing” is one of those often used but seldom understood words designed to shift the focus of a debate or to pretend a given bad situation has come to an end and it is time to move on. A couple of other such terms are “racist” and “tragedy.” These are the darling words of media (every negative event is a tragedy) and of those who would attempt to shut the mouths of their critics.

    Islamist apologists are famous for this as are others of like mind. If you dare condemn the fact that all known suicide bombers came out of Islamic mosques you are condemend as a racist and religious bigot and are likely to hear the three litle words most commonly uttered by the real racists. They are “I kill you” or some variation of that.

    It is commendable that you are exposing the fact that the OPP are using the Propagandist Handbook of Public Relations in their attempts to absolve themselves of their cowardly behaviour in Caledonia. It does not, however, bode well for a resolution to your plight, since they obviously hold their union membership, generous salaries and pensions as more important than their sworn duties to uphold the law for everyone. In other words no matter how cowardly their deeds they will not go against orders emanating from Bunker Queen’s Park.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Bill, I appreciate you taking time from your duties with Canada Free Press to comment on this story and am very grateful for your focus on Caledonia. Your latest story, ‘Democracy Caledonia Style – Who will speak up?‘ was terrific.

    As far as the OPP thinking they can simply counting their money and benefits instead of honouring their oaths, I suggest you see these two items:

    1. VoiceofCanada, March 16/10: Senior OPP officers charged w/Obstructing Justice in McHale case

    2. CBC News, Feb 02/10: The 2 men who are putting a police chief on trial. [PDF]

    3. Officer Jeffrey Bird became the first OPP officer to testify about the existence of racial policing in Nov 2008. He was to be one of the defence witnesses for the Brown-Chatwell trial – right before it was settled. Bird hasn’t refused orders but he’s refused to stay quiet about it or falsify testimony as others have, and that makes him the OPP hero in Caledonia to me. Here’s a summary of OPP testimony related to the McHale case, including Officer Bird’s:

    a. CANACE Journalist’s Quick Reference Guide: [PDF], 9p

    b. Transcript, April 24/09: OPP Officer Jeffrey Bird [PDF, 99p]

    I can guarantee you Bill, morale in the OPP is degrading as this goes on – especially now that McHale has successfully convinced the courts there is enough evidence to charge their top 3 officers. Why would any officer have faith in such people?

    CANACE founders have now won 6 times in court, 4 of them in Superior Court vs. native protesters and OPP officers – all without legal assistance. The courts are absolutely NOT buying McGuinty/OPP or native extremist BS.

    The AG can continue to drop the charges all he wants. The more he drops the more the evidence of total corruption mounts. Sooner or later, the people and the media are going to get out the pitchforks and torches and hang out at Queen’s Park demanding an end to this. We may have to wait till another government, but justice WILL return to Ontario.

    Thanks so much for taking time to write, Bill. Regards, Mark