McHale & Vandermaas to address ‘New Directions in Aboriginal Policy’ forum

Mark Vandermaas (VoiceofCanada editor and founder of the Caledonia Victims Project) and Gary McHale (Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality) have been invited to speak at the 2010 ‘New Directions in Aboriginal Policy’ forum at Mount Royal University in Calgary on May 05/10 by the co-author of Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry, Dr. Frances Widdowson.

Other speakers include Don Sandberg, Albert Howard, Tom Flanagan, David Newhouse, Joseph Quesnel, Ron Bourgeault, Andrew Hodgkins and Joseph Lane, a researcher from Australia.

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One response to “McHale & Vandermaas to address ‘New Directions in Aboriginal Policy’ forum

  1. Glad to see your opinion is valued by rational policy tanks. Kind of shows how vacant all the vitriol spewed at you from the fanatical degenerate left and their media enablers was/is.

    Mount Royal is a good venue, was a community college and most students there are focused on employment skills not wasting intellectual or physical effort on pursuing the elusive collectivist utopia. I wish you luck and hope it proves both a learning experience and a validation of your ideals.

    VoC REPLY: Thanks Bill. It should be interesting. If nothing else, it puts victims at the table as Dr. Widdowson tries to open up an honest debate about aboriginal policy. Regards, Mark