CUPE now supporting illegal Caledonia smokeshacks



On Sunday April 11/10 Caledonia resident Doug Fleming held another protest against the blight of illegal smokeshacks in his town which sell unregulated tobacco products – sometimes contaminated with insect and rodent feces – to anyone willing to pay, including to children. The protest was held at the ‘Plank Road 1 Stop’ smoke shop located at the intersection of Argyle Street and the Highway #6 Caledonia by-pass.

The operator of the shack built it illegally on property belonging to Hydro One and the police have refused to shut it down.

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2 responses to “CUPE now supporting illegal Caledonia smokeshacks

  1. These aren’t trade unionists, they’re food court revolutionaries 😉

    More later

    VoC REPLY: Funny you should say that Bill; on June 23/09 Jeff Parkinson recorded one of CUPE/Keefer’s people saying something like, “I don’t know what’s going on, but I heard there was free food on the bus.” That wasn’t the only comical thing we heard that day. I recorded one of Keefer’s speakers – David Lauckner – imparting this pithy bit of wisdom to the crowd:

    “But I think what’s dividing us is a lot of oil here. This is a road made of oil and there’s a lot of machines lining the road too but, I don’t know, I don’t want to get too weird on you. But all I really want to do is let’s try and relate to each other because we’re here right now and there’s protection here of all sorts and that’s good because just in case anything happens, but I don’t think anything will happen. But let’s…something that should happen is, let’s get together and talk because they’re obviously doing that in a community hall – corporation – so let’s get together and talk.”

    Here’s a gem from another of his speakers named Curtis who made a special effort to welcome some of Keefer/CUPE’s special breed of supporters:

    “…one of the things we all should be talking about is solidarity. Solidarity amongst not only First Nations people but solidarity with every oppressed people here, over here, with Tamil Tigers T-shirt over there…”

    I told Keefer in an email that he really should be more careful about who he turns the microphone over to. After all, you just never know when some twit is going to use your mike to give a shout-out to terror group members/sympathizers while you’re trying to portray yourself as the good guys.

    Must go now, Wild Bill. Thanks for writing, Mark

  2. Yow! Conceptually disjointed incoherent rambling meets vacant international communist brotherhood bromides? LOL

    I take it back Mark, this is not as much ‘Keefer’ madness as it is ‘reefer madness’.


    VoC REPLY: Ya, like, you know, this is oil here…this road before us…with machines, like ya know – like the one I rode on to claim, like, ya know…my free lunch…like, dude!

    Could I make this stuff up, Wild Willy? Actually, it would be a whole lot funnier if these toked-up head cases and the native groups they’re taking advantage of weren’t being actively supported by McGuinty and the OPP. I was thinking, though, how it’s the natives who commit the crimes and get arrested while Keefer’s CUPE clowns egg them on from the sidelines in safety (Keefer bragged to me how he’s never been convicted of anything).

    I wonder how long it’s going to be until native gangsters figure out they’re being used – not by Canada, but by their CUPE mouthpieces (funny how it was Keefer who had to speak for the illegal smokeshackers, don’t you think? Wonder why the owner of the smarmy business didn’t come out to defend his ‘right’ to sell cigarettes to kids?) ? Mark