Caledonia’s youngest hero: 14 year old Pam ‘Dancer’ Dudych

Thanks, in part, to Christie Blatchford of the Globe and Mail, I am now able to acknowledge openly a brave woman who deserves to be recognized as one of Caledonia’s true heroes. What makes her so remarkable is that she also happens to be the youngest, and her family among the town’s most traumatized.  

Just fourteen years old when she first insisted on speaking out on behalf of traumatized victims of landclaim lawlessness and racial policing on her street, this young lady’s courage serves as both an inspiration to those who stood beside her, and as a spotlight of shame on those who ignored her cries for help on behalf of her family and the other children living on the Sixth Line in Caledonia where Canadian citizens caught up in a violent insurrection were denied OPP policing after April 20/06.

We meet ‘Dancer’  

She came to our attention at our March 03/07 March for Freedom protest in support of Dave Hartless when Caledonia resident Doug Plank – a Chartered Accountant – handed me a copy of her heartbreaking, yet hopeful, school project by a 14 year old girl – a pamphlet called, ‘Road of Hope:Help the 6th Line!’

Read the rest of Dancer’s story here:

One response to “Caledonia’s youngest hero: 14 year old Pam ‘Dancer’ Dudych

  1. A seventeen year old should not be left to the exploitation efforts of this world with her parent’s blessing.

    That is simply wrong on more levels that any generation should support.

    I hope someone is looking you squarly in the eye M. Vandermaas when you answer ‘Why?’.


    VoC REPLY: Your lack of compassion for this victim of racial policing and native thuggery is what is truly sad. I would love to look in YOUR eyes when you try to answer why YOU didn’t speak out for her, and why you now try to misdirect attention from those who victimized her. I guess it’s easier to attack the messengers than to do anything yourself.

    If you were truly interested in addressing exploited children, why not speak out against these actual abuses instead of criticizing Pam’s parents and me for telling their story:

    1. What about CUPE using children to support the ‘right’ of scumbag smokeshack owners to sell contaminated tobacco to whomever they please — including children?

    2. What about Six Nations women using children to help cause chaos on major highways?

    3. What about natives loading children on a bus and having a 15 year old crash it through the gate of Camp Ipperwash as a diversion for the main attack?

    Ipperwash Inquiry 7.2, p130-132 Concrete Plans to Occupy the Army Barracks:

    Click to access vol-1-ch7-p130-132-only-children-used.pdf

    4. What about natives terrorizing 14 year old Pam Dudych whom you have already dismissed?

    No, I imagine you’re not at all interested in these actual abusers, I’m guessing because the abusers were all natives and you really would prefer not to have their crimes pointed out for some reason. You remind me of Holocaust deniers trying to deny victims their place in history. Please don’t write again. You make me feel the need to take a shower. Mark