Crown drops OPP Obstructing Justice charges without consulting alleged victim

UPDATE: CHCH News, April 14/10: McHale v. OPP & Crown

Gary McHale advises that, as expected, the Crown today dropped the Obstructing Justice charges against Deputy Commissioner Lewis and Superintendent Gentle after fast-tracking the hearing from April 28th to today.

The Crown dropped the charge without even consulting the victim of the alleged obstruction of justice – McHale himself, and accused him of abusing the court system – a tired refrain that seems quite silly since McHale has now won 4 Superior Court decisions and three others before Justices of the Peace in the area of private prosecutions. If McHale is abusing the courts, the Crown must also believe the various judges who agree with him are doing so as well. This is an insult to the Court.

According to McHale the media present for the hearing were disgusted by the Crown’s actions. Al Sweeny of CHCH News  kept asking why the Crown just didn’t let the charges be heard by a judge, but neither the Crown nor the OPP lawyer would respond:

McHale plans to apply for a judicial review in Superior Court, just as he is currently doing in the case of Julian Fantino who was ordered to stand trial for Influencing Municipal Official – the crown dropped that charge as well.

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VoC Comment

It is sickening that instead of doing their jobs of acting in the best interests of the public the Crown would instead repeatedly cover up for what is clearly an utterly corrupted OPP leadership.

McHale is proving, time and time again, just how deep the rot and bias is within the Attorney General’s office, and he’s getting it on the record for the inevitable inquiry down the road that will benefit all of us.

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

5 responses to “Crown drops OPP Obstructing Justice charges without consulting alleged victim

  1. Brad Jackson

    For some reason the Crown’s office is not even answering the phones today. Corruption of the highest level, and most people are turning a blind eye! Wake up Caledonia indeed.

    VoC REPLY: The AG of Ontario’s office was distributing their long in-court diatribe vs. McHale to media. He found out because someone from the Spectator called him about it. This is a most extraordinary situation; a very experienced reporter told us they had never heard of the AG attacking a victim for the benefit of the media in such a way. This is sickening – the Crown prosecutes McHale for over two years on a silly charge that nobody has ever heard of (counselling mischief not committed), but they turn two blind eyes to the evidence that shows senior officers obstructed justice in the laying of that charge.

    How could we ever have let things get so corrupted in our province! As I said to McHale today, what is remarkable is that the AG isn’t even TRYING to pretend it’s operating with any integrity. This shows how desperate they are to stop McHale from exposing their lies and deception and racial policing. And…desperation leads people to make mistakes.

    Still you’ve almost got to feel sorry for all the high-priced government lawyers; it must be pretty frustrating to have your butts kicked over and over again by some poor schlub in running shoes without a law degree who has a reading/spelling disability. 😉 Thanks for writing, Brad. Mark

  2. Maybe I missed it, but a search of several area newspapers with wide circulation failed to locate any mention of this action by the Crown to again withdraw charges against the OPP. No doubt their reporters were advised. Does the print media believe this event is not important enough to be brought to the attention of the public?

    VoC REPLY: There were a few outlets who did report it (see links in story), but none – other than CH News – seemed to be overly bothered by the blatant covering-of-OPP’s-asses. Thanks for writing MervandBeryl! Mark

  3. You are requesting the Rule of Law be followed.

    Does Rule of Law require the person bring the charges be advised if there is merit in proceeding. I would expect that the prosecutor has more experience than you in deciding if there is merit in proceeding. Why waste yours and my taxpayers money if there is not?

    VoC REPLY: The person bringing the charges is required to present evidence before the Justice of the Peace, which McHale did. For the Crown to determine whether that evidence is sufficient for conviction, he/she has to talk to the victim and the informant about the evidence which he did not.

    Your money and the taxpayers’ money is being wasted by the OPP conspiring to bring a frivolous charge against an innocent man, and by the Crown persisting with the prosecution even though they knew that the Commissioner of the OPP ordered investigators to target McHale for charges at the outset of the investigation – the victim of multiple, unprovoked assaults.

    If you’re looking for someone to blame, look at the OPP and the Ontario government. Funny that you’re not at all concerned about the alleged obstruction of justice. Wonder why that is?


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  5. The Judicial System makes me sick to my stomach, the Crown does not care about the Victim of Crime. Under the Law, a Crime is a Offence Against Society, not against an Individual. So there is no Human Face to the Judical System. A Victim is just merely a Witness. DEMAND MORE CANADA, There needs to be a Human Element to Justice!!!!