Native militants & CUPE try to intimidate Mount Royal University into silence re Caledonia

Nuremberg Laws - guide to determining racial purity. Click to enlarge.

Six Nations militants and their CUPE-organized supporters have begun yet another smear campaign against Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas – this time via an online petition directed at intimidating Mount Royal University into not allowing the voices of Caledonia victims to be heard at the upcoming ‘New Directions in Aboriginal Policy’ forum organized by Dr. Frances Widdowson on May 05/10 in Calgary.       

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2 responses to “Native militants & CUPE try to intimidate Mount Royal University into silence re Caledonia

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  2. These commie culture warriors keep skidding on their own feces.

    Intimidation is all they have because their puerile revisionist lies are obvious.

    Interesting to see some academics at Mount Royal accepted this commie crap at face value without taking the professional tack to investigate the claims first.

    Surprising, because the historic record tells us a communist agitator only uses words to lie with.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Winston. First, I am disappointed that some academics did buy into the smears so readily, the main thing is that Mount Royal, despite tremendous pressure (as was mentioned by Dr. Widdowson in her opening remarks) to exclude us, stood firm on the principle of academic freedom. In so doing, they helped expose the lies for all to see. One of the attendees actually said to me, “I can see you’re not the monsters I was led to believe you were.” I replied, “You just paid for my airfare.”

    Not only did what Gary calls ‘the Hate club’ dirty the floor in the their own house, the best part is that is was made possible by a Marxist professor named Frances Widdowson. So, I guess we can’t generalize about all ‘commies’ anymore! I don’t think I have ever witnessed a more practical defence of free speech in my life. Both Gary and I are rather bemused (and very happily so) that it was a Marxist who stood up for the right of two Conservatives to tell Caledonia’s story. You’ve just got to love the irony of that.

    Regards, Mark

    P.S. Copies of speeches + more to come here: