Campaign against Vandermaas & McHale produces positive outcome

A storm of controversy that was ignited by an internet  petition aimed at intimidating Mount Royal University into revoking the invitation to speak has now, unexpectedly, brought about some very positive results for the people of Caledonia and Six Nations, and the future of debate in Canada:  

1. The petition was voluntarily taken down by the Australian host due to libelous statements against Mark Vandermaas & Gary McHale.

2. Christie Blatchford was drawn into the firestorm when a Mount Royal professor announced he planned to sign the petition, and then suggested that she be invited to speak instead Vandermaas & McHale.

Blatchford sent forum organizer Dr. Widdowson a lengthy email explaining that she was too busy to come because she was writing a book about Caledonia, and that the allegations against the two – based on her personal knowledge – were untrue. 

She also gave Dr. Widdowson permission to publish her email. Widdowson reports that the professor is now reconsidering his position.

3. For months Dr. Widdowson has attempted – without success – to find someone on the pro-aboriginal sovereignty side to challenge the non-native Caledonia perspective advanced by McHale & Vandermaas.

I am pleased to report that a resident from Six Nations – Wes Elliott has now agreed to participate. This will be the first time in nearly four years that a civil public debate will take place between those who support the actions of native protesters and those who have tried to speak out for their victims.

We look forward to Mr. Elliott’s presentation and his critique of ours.

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4 responses to “Campaign against Vandermaas & McHale produces positive outcome

  1. Respect for Christie Blatchford’s fearlessness and fair and balanced reporting can only continue to grow.

  2. Bonnie Stephens

    Hurray for the good guys!!

    VoC REPLY: Good to see you out at the townhall meeting w/Larry. Thanks for the support. Mark

  3. God Speed Mark! Tell the true story official thugs tried to repress.

    Fun to see the real destabilizing element in the Caledonia stand off has been outed. RCMP investigation for criminal conspiracy?

    VoC REPLY: Thanks, Bill. Re ‘criminal conspiracy’ – well, there is a section of the Criminal Code with respect to Defamatory Libel which has resulted in jail sentences. According to a Canadian Supreme Court decision (don’t have the citation handy, but Gary does) it’s used when civil lawsuits are not an effective remedy against the people behind the defamation like, for example, if they were exempt from civil defamation actions by law, such as, for example, the Ontario law that exempts unions.

    We’ve done the research, Wild Bill. It’s just a question of finding time. We have warned them about defaming us, we have sued the media outlets that published their rubbish, and they are fully aware of the truth about us, but they just can’t overcome their ideological obsession with suppressing free speech.

    Along the way they are supplying us with a mountain of evidence to be used against them, and their tactics are backfiring in their faces. They have now dirtied their own house of academia with their filth.

    BTW, you should see Gary’s revised article comparing native radicals to the KKK? It addresses head-on Tom Keefer’s argument that Gary attracted members of a racist organization to Caledonia. In fact, they arrived BEFORE Gary, at the same time as CUPE did, and they haven’t been seen for three years. Check out Gary’s explanation of why that is:, Jan 07/10: Native Protesters and KKK share ideology (updated April 29/10)

    Thanks for writing. Mark

  4. Gary seems to have attained a basic understanding of the ideo-political forces behind exploitive extremism and political radicalization of vulnerable minority groups and the hand which guides disruptive acts and civil disorder in our society.

    Socially disruptive destabilization in this nation has but one epicenter.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Wild Bill, thought you’d appreciate the reply to a reader named Winston who was talking about how the “commies” use lies to spread their “crap.” I know you’ll appreciate this:

    Hi Winston. First, I am disappointed that some academics did buy into the smears so readily, the main thing is that Mount Royal, despite tremendous pressure (as was mentioned by Dr. Widdowson in her opening remarks) to exclude us, stood firm on the principle of academic freedom. In so doing, they helped expose the lies for all to see. One of the attendees actually said to me, “I can see you’re not the monsters I was led to believe you were.” I replied, “You just paid for my airfare.”

    Not only did what Gary calls ‘the Hate club’ dirty the floor in the their own house, the best part is that is was made possible by a Marxist professor named Frances Widdowson. So, I guess we can’t generalize about all ‘commies’ anymore! I don’t think I have ever witnessed a more practical defence of free speech in my life. Both Gary and I are rather bemused (and very happily so) that it was a Marxist who stood up for the right of two Conservatives to tell Caledonia’s story. You’ve just got to love the irony of that.

    Regards, Mark

    P.S. Copies of speeches + more to come here: