Gary McHale to appear on Michael Coren Show

Michael Coren ShowUPDATE June 02/10: Gary McHale’s appearance went very well. He was only allotted a half hour instead of the hour expected because Coren wanted to devote time to the Israel/Gaza situation. He did promise to have McHale on again in the future. Video now available:


UPDATED May 31/10 — Gary McHale will appear on the Michael Coren show on Tuesday, June 01/10.

Coren had originally scheduled McHale for just a half-hour session, but after reviewing some of the documentation provided, he decided to devote the entire show to McHale and Caledonia.

My understanding is that one of the key topics to be discussed is the targeting of McHale for criminal charges by the OPP despite the lack of evidence. This will, of course, lead to a very interesting discussion about the racial policing practices used against Haldimand County residents.

The show will be aired Tuesday night at 6pm on CTS TV and again on Wednesday at 12:30 pm.

Tuning in across Canada

Gary McHale has sent out an email to his supporters – which live all across Canada – with this update:

The Michael Coren Show is on CTS Television – cable 19 with Mountain Cable, Cable 36 or 17 for Cogeco, cable 9 on Rogers in Toronto, ExpressVu – 651/Star Choice – 355/Look – 19.

For a full list of stations throughout Canada that will be airing the Michael Coren Show please see:

According to Coren’s website, his show has 250,000 viewers each night.

VoC Comment

Gary McHale’s appearance on the Michael Coren show is just the latest in good news for Caledonia’s quest for justice since November 2009:

  • The Ontario government settled the Brown-Chatwell suit after the media expressed its horror at the realities of racial policing.
  • CBC National News investigative reporter John Nicol published two in-depth articles about our work in Caledonia.
  • Governor General Literary Award winner (Fifteen Days) Christie Blatchford is writing a book about the Caledonia crisis.
  • OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino faced a criminal charge for Influencing Municipal Official for threatening Haldimand Council.
  • Fantino’s Deputy Commissioner Chris Lewis and Superintendent Ron Gentle have both faced charges for Obstructing Justice, which in turn made it necessary for the Crown to drop the silly Counselling Mischief Not Committed charge against McHale. (Must be difficult, one would expect, to get a conviction when two senior officers involved in the case agreed to charge McHale in order to appease native protesters after receiving orders from Fantino to get McHale charged and not to “get bogged down with legal nuances” while doing it.) 
  • The Caledonia Class Action lawsuit was certified, and can now proceed to trial.
  • Those who support the use of violence and vandalism in Caledonia were unable to stop McHale and me from sharing the realities of Caledonia from both the legal and victims’ perspectives, as well as our visions for the future at the 2010 ‘New Directions in Aboriginal Policy’ forum at Mount Royal University in Calgary. 
  • We did not know that the day before the Calgary forum the elected band council of Six Nations voted to take away negotiation responsibility [see also LINK] from the Confederacy.This remarkable development follows on the letter by Councillor Helen Miller back on July 14, 2009 saying people on Six Nations were fed up with the lawlessness and fed up with the various individuals and groups like the Men’s Fire (supported by CUPE) claiming to speak for them.A Turtle Island report says a survey shows 80% of Six Nations residents want the elected council and Confederacy to work together, something the Confederacy was refusing to do. Reading between the lines, it is probably fair to say that 80% (or more) of Six Nations residents do not appreciate the black eye their community was given by those who terrorized Caledonia’s innocent citizens and sold illegal tobacco to the town’s children. I have said all along that I never believed that the DCE thugs spoke for the good people of Six Nations, so this gives me hope for the future.
  • Gary McHale recently won a decision at the Court of Appeal for Ontario upholding his victory in McHale v. R., 2009 in the area of private prosecutions. This gives him 4 wins in Superior Court, 3 in Ontario Court before Justices of the Peace and one in Ontario’s highest court. And, let’s not forget his amazing success in forcing the Crown to stay the charge of Counselling Mischief Not Committed against him. All accomplished without a law degree and almost zero legal advice.
  • And now, nearly four years after first getting involved in Caledonia, McHale will appear on a national TV talk show on the Crossroads Television System with one of Canada’s most famous and respected hosts.

Things are looking up, Caledonia. Even Dalton and his cronies have to see the writing on the wall regarding the inevitable end of racial policing and their illegal ‘peacekeeping’ mission. Now, if we can just find some partners for peace on Six Nations who are willing to help us further a plan for healing and reconciliation based on truth, justice and a sincere apology to Caledonia…

Mark Vandermaas, Editor

P.S. Don’t miss Doug Fleming’s smokeshack protest in Caledonia tomorrow May 30/10 at 1pm at the Nay Tobacco shack on Highway #6 South near the Argyle Street turnoff. Here is Fleming’s announcement:


Smoke shack protest next Sunday

by Doug Fleming

Regional News – May 26, 2010

I used to think of an activist as someone who needs to get a job. Who has an excessive need for attention, along with a shortage of responsibilities.

Live and learn. While many activists fit that description, the fact remains that there are times when city hall needs a reminder that they work for their constituents. Working for a living makes it inconvenient but not impossible to publicly express that they aren’t making the grade. They can ignore letters and emails easier than someone pointing out their shortcomings on the evening news and in the paper.

Illegal smoke shacks are a highly visible symptom of a problem. Not the most serious symptom. Since they are the easiest symptom to remove, and the OPP refuses to do so, exposing that for all to see is rather embarrassing for city hall. Therefore we will continue to protest illegal smoke shacks until they are gone.

Sunday May 30, 1 PM, Nay Tobacco, Highway 6 South, 100 yards or so north of Argyle St. turn-off. Your participation is helpful and appreciated. I’m planning to attend the ceremony at the cemetery at 2 pm so this won’t drag on all afternoon.



One response to “Gary McHale to appear on Michael Coren Show

  1. Thanks Mark – I will look forward to watching the show. Relative to the copy of an email from Ted Chudleigh below, were you aware that he had introduced this Bill for debate? Click on Public Inquiry etc. and it should come up if you do not already have it.
    I was unable to pin Mr. Chudleigh down as to his position on the Attorney General withrawing private charges before they could be heard in a public court. Had many excuses for not doing so. No doubt you know the drill.

    Would you consider providing a personal
    e-mail address where I could contact you?

    On Fri, May 21, 2010 at 9:40 AM, Chudleigh, Ted wrote:


    Thank you for your follow-up email. You may be interested in reviewing the Bill I introduced this week, Public Inquiry into Caledonia Act, 2010. It is scheduled to be debated in the fall.

    Thank you again for sharing your concerns with me.

    Ted Chudleigh,
    M.P.P. Halton
    Critic to the Attorney General

    VoC REPLY: Thanks for writing and for trying to get some answers from the PC Party. They need the pressure from people like you. I’ve sent you an email w/phone #. Regards, Mark