White House correspondent tells Jews to go back to Germany

UPDATE June 07/10: Hamas Helen has ‘retired.’

UPDATE June 07/10: Rabbi Nesenoff, who filmed the shocking Helen Thomas comments discussed in this article is reporting that various individuals and groups have dropped their association with her and/or are calling for her resignation. See links below. Also, phone # & email for her employer available for those who want to encourage her to be sacked by Hearst Corp. 

UPDATED June 07/10 — My mouth was hanging open after watching this disgusting video of White House correspondent Helen Thomas telling Jews in Israel to go back to Germany and Poland – where 6,000,000 of them were murdered. A tip of the hat to Canadian Sentinel where I found the link and commentary:

The story was broken by Rabbi Nesenoff who interviewed Helen Thomas on the White House lawn on American Jewish Heritage Celebration Day(!) on May 27/10.

Nesenoff says the video has been viewed more than 500,000 times in the last 24 hrs, and promises he will be posting part 2 of the interview on his website:

Calls for Thomas’s firing

Rabbi Nesenoff is reporting that various individuals and groups have dropped their association with her and/or are calling for her resignation, including Thomas’s speaker’s agency and two former senior White House personnel.

Want to help get Thomas fired from the White House?

Since Helen Thomas has now announced her retirement, there’s no need to write to Hearst, but many thanks to Dan Cirucci for posting the phone # and email address for Hearst Corp’s corporate communications chief for those who did wish to encourage them to fire her, which I did. You can read my email to Hearst in Dan’s ‘Contact Hearst’ post below:

Helen could use a basic history lesson

Perhaps Hamas Helen should be reading VoC’s elementary history lesson about how the state of Israel came into being:

I shouldn’t be surprised at clueless, biased media…but I still am

How, in the name of God, does someone as clueless and hateful as Helen Thomas get a front row seat in the White House press gallery? Here’s the comment I posted to the Canadian Sentinel story:

My mouth is still hanging open from Hamas Helen’s comments.

Uh…what can you say to someone who sits in the front row of the White House correspondent’s room and doesn’t have the first bloody clue?!?

I don’t know why I’m so surprized by media ignorance, though, after 3.5 years working in Caledonia. Believe it or not, after Gary McHale was attacked by native extremists on Dec 01/06 and sent to hospital, the Brantford Expositor ran an editorial making fun of his injuries using lyrics from a Christmas Carol: “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.”


And these media outlets keep feeling sorry for themselves about how they’re losing readers. No bloody wonder!

Defending against the ignorance of people like Helen Thomas is the reason I started the Star of David Campaign for Bloggers.

Obama & Thomas – undated photo

I don’t know the original source or date of this photo, but I found it on the ‘Calgary Puck’ forum posted by ‘Hoz.’ I’m guessing – hoping, actually – that it was taken before Thomas’s comments.


Mark Vandermaas
Editor, VoiceofCanada.ca
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  1. I was horrified and disgusted by this. Glad she was moved to second chair, but would like to see her azz kicked to the Lawn.