Hamas Helen ‘retires’

Helen Thomas with President Obama (date unknown)

Helen Thomas with President Obama (date unknown)

UPDATE June 10/10: Poignant letter from advisor to Shimon Peres to Helen Thomas. Thanks to Stubble Jumping Redneck for the link.

Politico is reporting that Hamas Helen has ‘retired.’ Hat tip to Dan Cirrucci.

Rabbi Nesenoff, who filmed the shocking Helen Thomas comments discussed in my last article had earlier reported that various individuals and groups had dropped their association with her and/or were calling for her resignation, including two former senior White House staffers.

Kudos are likely due to Hearst Corp. for doing the right thing, even if it was under tremendous pressure. My guess is that Hamas Helen got a choice – retire or be retired.

Kudos especially to all those who spoke out against her shameful views.

Chalk one up for the good guys.


Mark Vandermaas, Editor

P.S. Shortly before hearing about Thomas’s ‘retirement’ I wrote to Hearst (see my comment here) and sent them a link to my feature page, ‘Israel’s fight for Survival: A Short History’ just in case Hamas Helen or any other Hearst employees needed a basic history lesson.


2 responses to “Hamas Helen ‘retires’

  1. Interesting no one in the liberal media had issues with her senility until it started spewing Jihadi antisemitism.

  2. Helen Thomas… The sole reason we should consider making the burqa mandatory.

    VoC REPLY: Ouch. Mark