The Harper-McGuinty ‘No-Money-Back HST Guarantee’: more native lawlessness coming to a town near you

Toll road threat by DCE occupiers in Caledonia. Photo taken April 21/10. Click to read 101 page CANACE report, 'The Human Costs of Illegal Occupations' detailing the crimes already committed by native extremists against Caledonia.

Toll road threat by DCE occupiers in Caledonia. Photo taken April 21/10. Click to read 101 page CANACE report, 'The Human Costs of Illegal Occupations' detailing the crimes already committed by native extremists against Caledonia.

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UPDATED June 24/10 1342 — You can’t blame native goons for thinking they could intimidate the feds and Ontario into exempting them from the HST. 

They got away with killing a Quebec police officer in Oka – among many other crimes.

They were rewarded with a provincial park they had no claim against for terrorizing residents and taking over a Canadian military base in Ipperwash with the help of children.

  • CANACE report/series, Feb 18-25/09: McGuinty’s Ipperwash Cover-up: the Caledonia Legacy [PDF, 10p]

We know that they’re going to be rewarded – sooner or later – for terrorizing the people of Caledonia when Ontario meekly hands over the Douglas Creek Estates which, not only do they not own but,  according to the courts, the recognized representatives of Six Nations haven’t even made a claim for possession of it in the courts and, even if they did, it wouldn’t succeed.

So, why shouldn’t native gangsters in Ontario try to intimidate both levels of government into exempting them from the HST for off-reserve purchases that natives in other provinces don’t have? After all, they’re only doing what our spineless, racist governments taught them to do: When you don’t get what you want legally just use threats: 

Batchewana First Nation pledged an indefinite blockade of Huron-Central Railway, the freight rail link between Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury, on Monday, June 21, National Aboriginal Day, should the matter not get resolved. Essar Steel Algoma transports more than a million tonnes of product to market via Huron-Central.

Garden River First Nation has been talking of establishing toll booths later this summer along the Trans-Canada Highway and Highway 17B, which both run through their territory, as their contribution to direct action.

That lesson wasn’t lost on a Nova Scotia chief who is rightly wondering why Ontario’s natives are getting a free ride while his people are obeying the law and not threatening anyone with criminal behaviour.

Native lawlessness: is it any wonder?

For nearly 4 years various people have tried to justify the attacks on Caledonia to me by pointing out that natives are over-represented in prison populations. Is it any wonder that this is so when our governments teach native thugs that they are immune from prosecution – at least until their actions are allowed to escalate into such extreme violence that even a racist police force can’t ignore.

Perhaps that’s why, according to a UofT study, when natives are involved in Ontario SIU (Special Investigations Unit) incidents they are twice as likely as whites to be carrying firearms: 

Weapon Use During the Incident (p28)

“…22% of Black civilians were in possession of a firearm at the time of the incident, compared to 14% of Aboriginals and 7% of Whites.”

As we have seen over and over again in Caledonia, the police and government have gone out of their way to ignore serious crimes by native protesters. No one should be suprised when future native protesters try to beat a man to death in his own home or run over a cop or threaten his family or burn down a bridge or destroy a power station or blockade a town as they did in Caledonia. Or try to intimidate governments into giving them tax exemptions.  

What are we teaching law abiding native people?

Who could blame anyone with a native card for not caring what the law says? What are we teaching honourable, law abiding native people with this acquiesence to intimidation? As I said in my ‘Natives Are Victims of Two Tier Justice’ speech of Oct 08/07:

OPP Two Tier Justice policies are based on the false premise that organized criminals speak for honourable native people and that native people are willing to live in a lawless world ruled by criminals who take what they want, when they want. For more than 15 years the OPP has been sacrificing the well-being of law-abiding people – both native and non-native – for the benefit of sociopaths and demagogues.

What does it say to honourable native parents who try to raise their children to have respect for the rights and property of other human beings when the OPP so eagerly reward the sociopaths in native communities for their violence and criminality? How many native youth have been turned away from productive lives by well-meaning, but destructive racial policing policies?

What are we teaching law-abiding non-natives?

Let’s forget all about racial policing and native lawlessness in Caledonia and Ipperwash for a moment – with this deal alone Canada and Ontario are absolutely guaranteeing that more innocent people will have to pay the terrible price – economically, physically and emotionally – of future lawlessness by native criminals and extremists because our governments have completely abdicated their authority and their responsibilities.

If you are a non-native you can be arrested and prosecuted for merely suggesting that someone block the road as was Gary McHale. If you are a non-native you can be arrested for merely sitting on the road for 5 seconds as I was on Dec 16/06. 

But, if you are a native gang who threatens a massive economic attack on the country by blocking roads and railways you will be rewarded with tax-exemptions.

I am not advocating violence or lawlessness whatsoever, but no one should be surprised as respect for the law by non-natives slowly degrades in the coming years. Canada is going to become a very ugly and scary place to live as the rule of law is allowed to be destroyed by naive, simpering, politically-correct politicians. If this deal done under duress by thugs isn’t a ‘Crime Against Democracy’ I don’t know what would be.

The Harper-McGuinty ‘No-Money-Back HST Guarantee’

Even more native lawlessness and racial policing coming to a town near you. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

UPDATE: Several hours after posting this I discovered a Canadian Press story which quoted ‘Red Power United’ spokesman Harrison Friesen advising that they they plan to blockade either Highway 400 or 403 next Thursday. Gee, who could have known?

Red Power United’s website has some charming photos of masked protesters proudly carrying the flag of the Mohawk Warriors organized crime group.

The members of Red Power United (Ontario) will be setting up a Blockade on the 403 Hwy between Toronto and Hamilton on June 24th.

I wonder what action the police would take if some group calling itself ‘White Power United’ announced it was planning to blockade roads around a native reserve?

Mark Vandermaas, Editor



3 responses to “The Harper-McGuinty ‘No-Money-Back HST Guarantee’: more native lawlessness coming to a town near you

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  2. Easy enough solution – if you let the thugs off the hook for HST (obviously they have to pay tax and file an income tax return to get the “exemption”) you feed the beast through the front door and rob it through the back door – by billing band councils for any extra policing costs incurred in confronting their band members off-reserve illegal activities – like blockades and occupations. To ensure the policing bill is paid you simply deduct this balance from any government transfer funds to the band. Easy enough to fair.

    However, I won’t hold my breath waiting for the current crop of chickenshite cowards in political leadership to draw a line in the sand against aggressive neo marxist destabilization and public extortion when it wears a native rights disguise.

    The more I see of this abandonment of duty by elected regimes, who are willing to pay tax revenues into every extortion racket being run by minority NGOs rather than confront their bogus claims and criminality, the more I’m convinced that elections won’t rid us of gutless politicos who use the public purse to buy their way out of enforcing the law equally.

    There has to be a tax revolt.

    VoC REPLY: Hi Bill.

    1. Your idea re deducting occupation/lawlessness costs from transfers to reserves is something Gary McHale proposed in the last federal election. I think it is a great idea IF the reserve in any way sanctions the lawlessness or refuses to cooperate with law enforcement agencies to end it in a timely manner. I wouldn’t want to penalize a reserve that was doing its best to restrain the nuts; after all, there are criminals in all communities.

    2. Non-natives aren’t allowed to revolt ; we only get to pay the price of appeasement demanded of us by our government. We would end up in jail, not with tax exemptions.

    3. There is one way to convince politicos to act in the best interests of justice and equality: refuse to elect them. You’re going to think this is a crazy idea, but if the PCs continue to refuse to show real leadership then those of us who would normally vote Conservative might consider a grassroots campaign to convince other PC supporters to join us in a PC boycott enforced by voting Liberal.

    Here’s why:

    1. Hudak has NEVER visited Caledonia, even though it’s next door to his riding.

    2. Hudak didn’t call for an outside prosecutor for Fantino until AFTER McGuinty dropped the charge, and the party didn’t even issue a news release on the subject. MPP Toby Barrett did, but his release isn’t posted on the PC Party website.

    3. Going back to Jan 2009 there are NO news releases on the PC website regarding Caledonia or law and order. There is NOTHING at all on the PC website about law & order or Caledonia. You would never know that thousands of people in the Haldimand Tract have been traumatized, and that over $4.1 Billion in economic damage (Toby Barrett’s figure from one of his releases that’s not on the PC Party site) had occurred there because of native lawlessness.

    4. Hudak and his PC buddies – with the sole exception of Toby Barrett who did speak at the Oct 15/06 March for Freedom – have NEVER spoken at any Caledonia protest held there, although he did attend a rally at Queen’s Park on May 22/10 to “remind McGuinty that Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one of the fastest growing sports in North America and he shouldn’t ignore the positive impact the sport could have on the Ontario economy.”

    5. Toby Barrett has issued press releases, but these are mainly for local consumption of his constituents. The PC Party as a whole does not yet see this issue as a priority for them in the rest of Ontario. If they are elected they will do little to nothing differently than McGuinty so, unless they begin to take this seriously, we may have to teach them a hard lesson by voting against them.

    Yeah, I feel the same way, but in the long run, that’s the only way to teach PCs to protect ‘conservative’ values – deny them power. We have to take the ‘long’ view in order to make real change happen, even if it nauseates us in the short term. Mark

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